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  1. DE is being very careful about these multi polarity forma. Many already are asking for it on stances slots. Soon players will demand it on every single thing they can get their hands on.
  2. Here's to all those that bought their daiyku riven at high prices only for it to go down in disposition. I'm still wondering if Rubico disposition can go any lower. And how long will that take.
  3. The last time I remember doing an excavation sortie was three months ago. Aside from that I'm getting cryotics from bounty here and there.
  4. Can we have different colors as well. Say the ones on all those color palettes we have? White just tend to blend to environment to well.
  5. I'm Mr27 and still don't have the sibear also. Only because I don't do at least one excavation a day to get 200 cryotics. If you want it you will reach for it.
  6. Yes why do we need to utilize stealth when we can just nuke everything on the map?
  7. I was thinking of something like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAe2DPizP38
  8. I don't use maining strike or rivens with that stats. But I do spin to win a lot. Because a lot of the stances don't have good enough combo to attack large cluster of enemies. Nor can you move forward while attacking without the lost of control. Now if DE gave spin attack a minimum slide distance while also make it very slow attack animation, it'll go away.
  9. Hmm... a stacking puncture proc. Does this mean enemies will do 0 damage eventually?
  10. There are times when trade chat is open and then I jump into a node for it to just give me three seconds until I load in the mission. While trade chat actually have something of value, I can't do anythng other than wait for the mission to finish loading then leave squad.
  11. Weapon slots, warframe slots, robot slots. Does any of these work with the discount?
  12. Running into objects make you lose control forcing the archwing to bounce all over the place causing a cascading effect where you can clearly see a disguise pinball trying to get through the corridor.
  13. So an innate stacking status immunity buff that last for 5 seconds. You can extend it to 10 seconds or even 20, still going to resume the same fight regardless. World of Warcraft CC DR is about eight seconds and that is not even long enough. Though that's only for those receiving the debuff. Those casting it seems to believe it's too long.
  14. Pull out a Trinity. Spam Energy Vampire and Blessing. Since we have DR everyone is immune to CC stuff just got to heal people. Team can ignore small frys and focus on Profit Taker.
  15. Most of the time if I can't kill an enmey while I'm zoomng by I just turn around circling the enemy till it dies. It's really funny to circle bosses like Sargas Ruk or the thumper while shooting at their weakspots. The other thing that annoys me is flying to the headshot height. Once you start to flying forward, Titania seems to go lower and lower. Then there are times you want to be above all the enemies but once you start to move, she pivots toward the direction of the camera which is facing to the ground.
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