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  1. I'm still waiting for those melee disposition changes. RIP Twin Khonkur.
  2. We console players barely have enough buttons to engage in combat. It's bad enough DE put multiple function onto a single button which by the way causes problems with human errors. But having a dedicated controller mapping for melee isn't going to happen. Even if it did happen, bugs ensure. Causing way more problem than it should solve.
  3. I don't mind the lift status, good type of crowd control. I do hate the fact that a little nudge will make the enemies out of reach of melee attacks though. Combo attacks are better now. We can do a slide attack mid combo for gap closers if enemies are dead before the combo string ends. We can also roll out of attacks thus cancelling out of attack animation locks. Super high attack speed is no longer an issue. Combo strings doesn't launch the player at different distances for each attack. Nor are they long drawn out attack animations anymore. I melee a lot but I hardly ever use full melee mode. I still want to use my guns if need be.
  4. I'm still waiting for a resource booster weekend like last year. Stacks with the resource booster from the market. Add a kavat double buff and I was getting 40k kuva from the flood missions.
  5. I'm still baffle why we need to even buy a drone to rush production. Why can't we just press that button and then pay the plat? No skipping cost requirements though.
  6. Does it have to be a radial ground slam? I want valkyr to do wolverine's berserker claw attack from marvel fighting games. Wukong thrust his iron staff in front of him.
  7. So something like Monster Hunter World's radial menu?
  8. I actually use them a lot. ember for vapor, trinity for phase, rhino for force, vauban for cosmic. The vauban is funny, throws out lots of bastile but very little tesla balls. Gonna swap him out for wisp. Had an arbi survival with someone's wisp spectre. It was very helpful. Just got to set her in one place, that spectre loves to throw those motes all over the place.
  9. Personally, I see it as a slot for those mods no one wants to waste a slot for because there are other better mods to put in.
  10. The switch should be instantaneous. That when when primary kitguns comes out, I can use Pax Charger on a rattleguts chamber for both primary and secondary and never run out of ammo while having a continueous stream of death flying across the screen.
  11. It's not the railjack part that I'm worry about. It's the other team that I'm 'Link" to. It's bad enough public randoms are chaotic, going to be worse with another full team in the mix.
  12. You're implying there's no difference between a life support capsole in kuva survival oppose to arbitration survival. They are exactly the same thing. Yet you clearly avoid the ones in kuva. It's not muscle memory or auto pilot. It'ts the fact that "I have to do this before my other team mates does it or I gett nothing."
  13. More staticor style?? I want a secondary that's alway attach to the hip. So the tenno 'hip fire' it with the arms raise. Or maybe a shoulder mounted weapon? Or prehaps this thing... https://armoredcore.fandom.com/wiki/WA-FINGER
  14. The 'hold for heavy attack' doesn't work for air attacks. So you can't hold melee to do ground slams. Nor does it work mid combo for certain combo strings. Doesn't even work for certain slide attacks either. But for some odd reason it randomly works when spamming the melee button. You can't use at various times and it works at unwanted times. I'm glad DE finally got rid of it.
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