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  1. One of my clan mates came up with the idea that DE knows how much resources each players has. Or at the very least the average of each resource by players. Surely they didn't just roll the dice and said, "Yep let's make it cost that much because of RNG." The cost is intentional base off of data. All we can do is wait a few months until their data suggest no one has any resource to feed the mouth.
  2. I got lucky one time as it spawn outside of that flesh mass. Then for some odd reason the infested flew up there and killed it before I can tranq my quarry.
  3. The problem is exchanging rare tags for just one token. We need to be able to exchange 20 common tags for one token since without using the lures it's just common animals that spawn. Even just going around the Drift mainly common animals spawn. Those conservation markers are just there so we CAN use lures.
  4. After using Hildryn Pilage to extract enemies armors, Hildryn gains overshields. But as soon as I gain overshield, it revert back to normal shields. I can see the jump in shield and has a purple color to it, for a second afterwards it goes back to blue. This occur often, sometimes it doesn't happen at all and I gain overshield. Then I use Pilage and it occur again.
  5. At the end of doing the Isolation Vault, there is a room with containers with resources. After breaking and collecting those resources then "Leave Group" a Host Migration will occur. Afterwards, the containers will respawn with all the resources inside them.
  6. The delay seems to sterm from console some how. PC can just get it because DE wants them to have it. It's a 5 GB download. which isn't that long. But PS4 owners all know too well of that (Copying Data %) is going to take 3 hours.
  7. No lifers are going to keep grinding out what's require regardless of burnout. It's those casual who don't have time that WANTS to do everything in a few days then ignore the game until the next big update hits. Only to complain the grind is too much to handle.
  8. The problem is by and large feeding the wall of doom, warframes. Get rid of that then holding onto warframe (even though new players don't have any slots to do so) won't be a burden. It's a New Player trap. You can't sell off warframes since you need it to be used for Helminth. You can't get new warframe because there's not enough slots. Would of been great if having a Rank 30 warframe just unlock the ability instead of feeding the whole unrank warframe to the wall.
  9. This new system isn't going away nor is it a timed locked event that comes once a year like Plague Star. There is until the server shut down to farm for the frames again. As well as getting the needed warframe slots to hold onto those frames to be fed. Remeber that we need to wait a whole 24 hours just to complete diguest the warframe to be able to use their respective ability. It's no long a questing of how much time is needed. It's now a question of having the WILLPOWER to keep grinding for the require parts. So who has that kind of willpower to play the game?
  10. You want more traveral in your missions? You want other tenno to appreciate the scenery? Well how about we just get rid of the waypoint system the game keeps telling us to go to? Then every player have to mindlessly stumble around in the dark until they reach the suppose objective.
  11. Roar giving a 20% damage increase with 200% power strength? Well.. people are still going to take it over decoy. Why? Because it does extra damage.
  12. How many warframes can a MR8 gather before jumping into Demios? Rather the better quest is: how many warframe slots does a MR8 have at that point? I wouldn't mind it being locked behind MR15 if we were to only toss in the warframe bluepirnts and the respective components blueprints. Getting to MR8 is relatively short. With only three warframe slots and saving those frames to feed to the room, it's going to take a lot longer. I'm expecting to see lots of Rhino roaming the Fleshscape.
  13. Gonna wait for Xaku's void damage buff. See what that does or how that effects the damage formula. I'm just hoping it's extra damage on top of what we're doing rather than converting all damage source from the weapon to complete void damage.
  14. A lot of games that does height radar use color codes to determine vertical distance. Though our radar is already clutter with other stuff.
  15. Reason why I just use Titania as my go to search tool. Any companion is usable since they dissappear anyways.
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