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  1. I'm still waiting for Orb sorties and Drift sorties. Plains already gotten it even if they sometimes bug out.
  2. Using Titania for Arbitration, I just switch to operator mode to deal with the drones. Way less hassle. Though that can also be said about nullifiers as well. One can just switch out, run into the bubble, kill the guy, and go back to the warframe.
  3. Seems DE have to give them this ability just so the Infested is more threatening. I prefer if the drain is lower. It's so much so fast. A little bit at a time would be ideal.
  4. I was in a Axi fissure survival mission. Host migration happen. Then I was in someone else survival with 40 minutes pass by. Crazy thing was I had the reactant buff stuck at 1.0 seconds left. Infinite ammo on my Soma Prime wasn't that fun. Wish I brought something else if I knew it last for 10 minutes. Sucks though I was in the Axi survival for 20 minutes before the host migration. Lost all the loot I had.
  5. Once a upon a time, Heavy Weapons had knockback and knockdown immunity. Then DE changed that. No idea why.
  6. I still hate Lua Rescue mission waypoint after saving the operative. Go through one door and the extract is behind you. Go back to the opposite side and the green marker is right where you just went. DE needs to make a Sortie modifier where the UI is disable with no waypoint. Let the players figure it out themselves.
  7. How often are you going to "future proof" you setup? One forma? Three? Make sure each and every mod slot is able to ultilize any polarity? I prefer if DE get rid of polarity altogether. Each time we forma, we get 10 more mod capacity (20 with a potato). The point of forma is to lessen the burden. How about we just increase the pool higher?
  8. It's like you just said. It is REQUIRED to forma every slot multiple times just in case DE decide to throw nerfs or buffs around. Least of all DE changing the polarity on certain mods. DE has been generous enough in a few rework to give out free forma in the past.
  9. This also means it's REQUIRED to forma every mod slot multiple times to get the most out of a build. 8 slots, 5 forma each, 41 times I need to get the thing to Rank 30. No thank you. Let's just keep it the way things are.
  10. It's been months since DE did a Resource Boost weekend. We need one now! I want to test if reuiem kuvival still gives out tons of kuva with stacking boosters.
  11. Who here still go mining or fishing for Orbs or PoE stuff? We have thumpers and Exploiter Orb for those now. Can't wait for Drift version of resource pinata.
  12. Seems DE still want us to keep rolling the dice for desirable RNG on cosmetics. I doubt we'll be getting anything to allow us customizable bliches/queenpins. Certain addon to bliches I won't mind. Like how each blich has it's own progenitor. Maybe we can put some progenitor's skins we own onto the bliches.
  13. If you're going for the Mastery XP, just get it to Rank 30 and sell it off. Don't even waste the forma. You can actually get to MR30 without max rank every single item in the game. Most of my weapon testing is to go into a Grendel mission and do what I can in there.
  14. Hmm... so the ironbride swing is consider an AOE explosion?
  15. Life support becomes an issue in the later rounds. Beginning with the fourth round. It runs out faster and there's less module drop. The final round has two Frost eximus whose aura stacks AND has infinite range for some odd reason. Rendering movement, attack speed, and cast speed to a crawl. The whole test is to like the Lotus just said, only Survive. But falling isn't a fail. Dying isn't a fail. The only way to fail is to run out of life suport. The way how I did the test after failing it 5 times is use a Mirage with a no riven Shedu. Then pull out every single specter I can get my hand
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