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  1. I just want DE to get rid of these multi functions on one button. I'm not talking about the tap or hold type. An example would be one button to croutch, roll, slide. Those needs to go away. Or at least let us decide which function goes on which button and how many of those function goes on there. Worst offender in my eyes is the context action/reload. We even have an option feature to disable it. Just let us sepertate it. Block/aim glide, secondary fire/heavy attack.
  2. It's not a problem at all. Just got to wait three months or so until the riven revision happens. The beginning of this year shows us that even very little used weapons can't reach 5 dot disposistion. It's not just popularity that determine riven stats, it's DE balance team also. If they want a riven to stay .5 for a year, it'll be that way for a year because "reasons."
  3. In railjack I'll just go solo forever since there's too many wannbe A******s. On the other hand, this could be a good Clan only activity within the Dojo. DE just need to make more mini games for the "Task" then disable bullet jumping, parkour, sprinting, wall jumping, double jumping, mods on frame, warframe powers, any and every movement capability we have in the game basically ecept walking. The reward would be whatever the Clan leader/officer decide or put up as offering.
  4. Escort is difficult in this game. Most of the AI just aggro the player instead of the target. Even when the AI actually goes for the target, they ignore the player leaving them vulnerable to attacks without retaliation. Even in Defection, you don't need to escort the survivors sine the enemy units spawn close to the player, attacks directly the player, easy to CC, and slow to attack.
  5. Beware we might just get a random chance to spawn John Prodman as a boss instead.
  6. It's just the nature of gamers nowadays. I blame CoD and other types of sessions style games for the behavior. In that, the player just want a quick rush of excitment, then goes to Regoin chat to brag about stuff.
  7. The spawn rate for solo is fine in my case. However those key carriers are non existence. I have never been able to get four different keys to drop even if I stay in the mission for 30 minutes without activating the conduits.
  8. Just let them be worthless like every other thingy in the game. Once you get your 97485th X part it still another item. Kinda like getting all those lovely Anasa Ayatan.
  9. "cough cough" console button input please "cough" Just imagine you're playing the entire game with just the mouse. Seriously, I want more buttons on the controller but that won't happen until a few console generation from now.
  10. Now if only DE tells us how big of a download it is as well. For other purposes of course.
  11. The best part about this is with abilities or AOE weapons that can put Gas on multiple enemies at once causing a S#&$ storm of damage to all the enemy units in range. Though it sucks for single targets.
  12. A long time ago, most AOE weapons did self damage that instantly kill the players. This was a major nuisense in Arbitration. All those stagger you're experiencing? Replace them wil instant death every time you fire a shot. Enemy too close, dead. Pet in front of you, dead. Sentienal hogging the screen, dead. Team mates bullet jump into line of fire, dead. Nullifer bubble, dead. Even with Cautious Shot I was still dying. I'll take this stagger system over instant death for using a weapon any day. Remember this affect Glaive weapon type explosions also. Throwing your glaive was never a good
  13. I think TC is dying too fast to even shoot the enemies. "har har I'm dead because trumma can't kill enemies fast enough."
  14. I find it annoying to use motion controls for BOTW aiming. This coming from a guy would owns a Wii with 300 hours on Metroid Prime Trilogy. It feels like I'm moving a mouse with two hands at the same time. I just can't get that kind of precision with two hands.
  15. For all we know DE actually ASKED for permission to use the likeliness of said character and name.
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