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  1. Still wishing the standing daily cap for legendary rank is 50,000. God having the cap at 31,500 is annoying to deal with. So easy to reach the cap in an hour.
  2. I ran the same mission 10 times. I got zero nidus relic. Anyone else have numbers to add?
  3. If the dargyn doesn't spawn, do a Bounty in the Plains that has the steal a drone. Lots of dargyn will then. Also, I hate the wording for the riven. It should state, "Kill X Dargyn Pilot while it is still in mid air."
  4. I'm guessing even if we get a Deadly Boss Mod version for warframe, people will still be ignorant about the bubble just because they're playing warframe, a mindless slaughter game.
  5. You can't really ask that question. Some people are scared of bugs and will run away hiding behind close doors from them. While I can just step on them. Though I don't think Wally was ment to be around for this long.
  6. Wally will be gone once we get to that part of the lore. It'll be SOON...
  7. So is she going to be a nuker frame? Caster? Utility? Crowd Control? Or support frame?
  8. I don't know. I can understand a 'desire sensor' effect. But the grind is just unreasnable. I starting to feel like we need to reach a certain threshold of attempts/hours invested before the item is even put into the drop table. Wow this thread is one year old...
  9. Stop asking why we got this particular test. Instead ask why we even have mastery test in the first place? DE could of just reward our effort each time we reach the threshold mastery points. But NO! We have to earn it somehow. Wait until you reach the Legendary Rank 1 test. It's just kill all these mobs under the timer with only a primary weapon. Doesn't that sound just like the Mastery Rank 1 test? Edit: damn just realize it's a necro thread...
  10. Then again, I'll just login when there's an affinity weekend boost or I get a booster from sortie or daily tribute. Any other time would be pointless to even care about playing.
  11. So in essence a focus tree for each weapon slot? Instead of Ranking up during missions, we collect affinity then use them in the Arsenal.
  12. If Abort is the issue, remove that option from the players. Now everyone is FORCED to stay in the mission with other players they may not like or enjoy playing with.
  13. So make it so missions don't have any fail conditions. Problem solved. Excavate doesn't have any fail conditions. you can take 1 hour to get one mining done. Though people will just abandon the mission before that happens all because it could of been done in 5 minutes. Tenno abort missions because of time investment needed. Not because the mission is going to fail.
  14. Which mission has the highest failure rate? Archwing intercept? Exterminate? Capture? Why bother have a system to reward failure when it can be done to fix said missions to stop failure altogether?
  15. We have the technology to teleport physical objects. Why haven't we weaponized it yet? Closes thing we got is Wisp Sun Beam.
  16. Public matchmaking for Spy Sortie. Mission fail after two minutes pass by. Public matchmaking for Mobile Defense Radiation Hazards. Two minutes goes by, Mission Fail Public matchmaking for Disruption Sortie. First round 3 conduits destroy, one successfully defended. Second round: one conduit successfully defended, three are blown. Conclusion 6 more rounds to go. If it's a fail group, it's a fail group. It doesn't take 2 minutes or 2 hours within the mission to figure that out. It isn't like Arbitration where we still get some rewards for failing but no resources. If a system is introduce that gave partial reward from fail mission, people are going to take advantage of it somehow. "Oh I max rank my gear on 11 wave in Hydron. Time to abort with all the stuff I have. Screw my team mates." Host Migration. Error connecting to host. You will be return to the Orbiter (with all progress lost).
  17. Should of been a set bonus arcane rather than being dependent of each other. Aside from that, I don't think there's even a playstyle that can take advantage of the arcane. Considering how enemy AI behave. The best choice is to go against the Infested letting them rush the tenno.
  18. Having the status symbol next to their name would be beneficial as well. Too many time, I look at an enemy health bar only to see come weird counter not knowing what each one stands for. Lease of all doing Profit Taker.
  19. Oh you know, you can just log off, wait a few days, then come back to play with a brand new weapon sitting in the foundry. Who actually have 10 hours of free time to play a game nowadays? Aside from that, who actually play only one game nowadays?
  20. I think the game is rigged for it to not drop once a player is at Vox Solaris. Took me about a month of doing it a few times a day to finally get enough.
  21. You can buy forma from the market if need be. So being able to skip 155 days of waiting on the foundry isn't a reasonable excuse. Nor is "I don't have plat" a good one either since a player an make plat trading stuff.
  22. There are a few things that affect that type of playstyle. Fire rate, attack speed, and casting speed. The animation lock isn't 'fluid' enough to allow switching between each weapon. Pull out a beam weapon and you'll understand.
  23. Just get rid of the forced slash proc on aquablade. Buff the damage on hit to compensate. Let Range mods effect the ability. Not by making the blades bigger. Nor how far they can extend from the warframe. But by how fast they spin. We need to be able to mod the orbital speed of aquablade so they can hit faster for higher damage per second.
  24. What do you mean? I'm pointing out that there are going to be 'droughts' in a mission that won't allow a player to rack up their potential. Let the issues run for a long time within the mission, then said player becomes dead weight and is essentially being carried.
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