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  1. I can't see what I'm typing in text chat now
  2. Game crashed while doing K-Drive races alone running in DirectX 12. WAR-2975493 Until that it was running great, I think I had increase FPS then before.
  3. Did the mission twice on PC and it was only acting as a regular steel path survival
  4. Or at the very least, swap Void Radiance and Void Strike. I think I understand the stealth nature of Void Radiance, but not all enemies can be blinded. Having/Maxing Void Radiance unnecessarily adds to the difficultly of Eidolon hunts.
  5. I do miss some of the details from the "old" end of mission screen. I also wish the "new" end of mission screen had the option to disable some of the special effects so it would load faster.
  6. I'm now noticing this bug, I think I have enough standing to progress but when I go into Fortuna I find I'm still lacking.
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