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  1. False, those who got one was because they needed one, Nidus doesn't need anything EDIT: btw, your ideas are completely unreasonable, I mean, create a second Nidus to fight with you & Umbra's sentience? What even?
  2. Like I said, I waited 5 minutes before hearing one of those sounds, but nothing after that My guess is that it's supposed to be an easter egg for TNW
  3. Just tried it, & it took me about 5 full minutes before I could indeed hear those same sounds; not as loud, but definitely not sounds that were here before Definitely Sentient-sounding too
  4. You're far from the first, & far from the last I'm afraid Like you said there are many problems with it; you know there will always be trolls & dumb*sses putting decos in the windshield, in front of the exits, turrets & all that So no, this will never happen, at least when it comes to free placements
  5. Two of the strongest weapons in the game in a lvl30 mission? Nah, too hard, lvl10 seems more feasible
  6. Grendel has been out for some time now, & Xaku is plenty strong
  7. Besides Yareli, all recent frames are very unique & powerful, so what do you mean "are they running out of ideas"?
  8. The Sentients have a whole star system under their control, I don't think throwing a planet at one spaceship is going to do much, we already know the infestation has no effect on them & that's without taking into account how dumb it would be to throw the Heart at them
  9. Sounds like a you problem if you can't use the parkour mechanic to your advantage
  10. That's something that will never happen & everyone knows it
  11. Regular frames are for easier production, requiring less resources & less time to make Primes, are the best of the best, needing rarer materials & more time to polish
  12. Most likely because the game considers them the same type of enemy
  13. If you want void traces do regular missions; they're faster to open relics anyway
  14. Ok, well thanks for the info I got scared for a second there
  15. I ended the contract with my best member to replace him with an elite one, just to find out that I won't even be keeping him in the end? What kind of bullsh*t is this?
  16. If you have problems with lags, disable everything, & if that doesn't work, lower your resolution to 720p You can keep trick trains by grinding on a pipe, railing or whatever & jump to do new tricks, then repeat, although, grinding doesn't seem to work properly anymore
  17. If your whole internet is like that there's nothing to do
  18. I was indifferent to k-drives before, now I hate them The controls are horrible, & even with the 66% chance mod to resist a fall, I still fall from the lightest touch against a leaf
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