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  1. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    Some ideas

    I see what youre saying but in all honesty i think fissure missions do a fantastic job of doing that. I've been in the game for almost 5yrs now playing once at least, everyday for a few hours. Fissure missions keep me coming back to old planets to get prime parts for the void trader who brings lovely things, even skins. On ps4 its also a nice way of making plat 🙂
  2. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    Some ideas for more interesting Peculiar mods

    I think a awesome mod to equpi if you want to show off how good you are is a mod that increases your melee attack speed and damage or something BUT you recieve +100% damage taken from all sources >:) That was a little off topic.... Nice ideas btw!
  3. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    Some ideas

    Im actually really interested in this because i would really like to have a warframe with some large wings but the 3rd person view would sort of causes the wings to block my view. But this, this could help. Hm, idk. Its nice but i think id rather spend money on these things. Warframe is too free in my opinion lol Id like some new conclave game modes like this. Would hope to increse the current pvp game modes popularity 1st tho I like the ideas overall tho, small but kool things to see in warframe
  4. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    [Enemy Concept] Sentient Corrulyst [Art included]

    Interesting, i want more scary looking enemies tho. But for a sentient it is alright. Will it be big?
  5. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    [Warframe Concept] Vorvo, Ninja Vampire

    Oh me oh my! I do like it a lot! Idk about that 3rd ability tho, wukong. But im okay with 1 ability being simular to another frame as long as it has its differences 🙂
  6. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    Equinox Rework Concept

    I dont like this i mean, its not even equinox anymore
  7. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    Solo play spawns are to low.

    I so agree with this. I kill 1 enemy and then have to wait an hour or so (exaggerating) for another to spawn. It kills me
  8. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    Build-a-frame the infested room workshop!

    I also agree with this, tho the room would be pretty cool if it had more uses im not down to mix limbs of warframes. I dont see that being to cool though you may. It would just look like a bunch of bugged frames to me
  9. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    Build-a-frame the infested room workshop!

    Is it worth it? Or could they make it to be worth the effort?
  10. Am with you on that, its just gotta happen its so kool
  11. I believe it was said in a dev stream some years ago. Still hope they consider
  12. Havent experienced the update yet but yea that sounds annoying
  13. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    Some Inhuman looking warframes after casting an ability

    I pray
  14. Cause people like it, and why not? @HugintheCrow