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  1. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    Wisp ability ideas

    I see, thank you! This is nothing more but a fan concept. Abilities can change a little bit know? Still would like to see a little bit of feed back
  2. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    Wisp ability ideas

    The type of warframe im going for is sort of a mix between support, crowd control, and damage. If anyone sees any ideas they like here feel free to take them, you do not have to mention me if you take an idea from me ever!! 💙💙 The theme is a wisp of course. Ghost like creature Passive idea #1: holding the jump button while aim gliding causes wisp to increase her air height Passive idea #2: when enemies target wisp for the 1st time they run in fear for 5 seconds Ability 1: wisp dashs forward, passing through locked doors while also instantly unlocking the door for her allies. Ability 2: wisp latches on to an enemy or ally. (Idk if de could give us full control over an enemy so i tried to come up with something that just controls their movement) -When attached to an enemy, wisp will be seen coming out the back of the enemy and hovering over their head with her primary weapon in her hand. The enemy's movement will be controlled by wisp but its attacks will be automatic and will only start attacking once wisp fires her weapon. Enemies cannot see wisp but the player and wisp's allies will. When she detaches herself from the enemy, all nearby enemies will run in fear at the sight of wisp. -When attached to an ally the ally becomes transparent, reducing enemy detection of the player to 20m, and healing the player over time (wisp cannot be seen, damaged, and is unable to attack). When wisp detaches herself from the ally, she'll horrify nearby enemies possibly causing some to instantly die from heart attacks depending on how much health wisp restored to her ally. This is an energy drain ability that will force wisp to detach from her ally when all her energy is drained. Ability 3: wisp unleashes a 20m cold aura (cause ghost usually causes cold spots). Enemies in the aura are slowed and will take twice as much damage from attacks when theyre under a panic/fear proc. (Explanation: The cold gave them a feeling something was near them simular to how the mod "coolant leak" alerts enemies when youre invisible. So if theyve already been scared by something and theyre in this aura, an attack will scare them even more to the point were its fatal.) Ability 4: (id like to call this ability lure) Enemies who are running in fear or are panicking from any source will run towards wisp quickly seeing her as someone they trust when this ability is active. After a few seconds, wisp's arms will turn into large scythes which the player can use to violently attack the nearby enemies. (Can combo this with her 2nd and 3rd ability. Explanation: I decided to make this 4th ability like this because, according to Wikipedia's definition of a wisp creature, it said a wisp often misleads travelers to an impossible goal or something that someone would find to be sinister. I think being lead to a deadly wraith like creature is pretty sinister! Do look up "wraith creature" if youre unfamiliar with what it is, its basically a ghost and is pretty cool in my opinion.) hmm.. that last idea oddly reminded me of a good movie called "bird box". Tell me what you think and/or your ideas for abilities youd want wisp to have! I feel like this frame ive created has a lot going on, is it too much? Do they seem un fun? Etc
  3. (PS4)Ghost--00--


    Keep at an alternative because i think hades would be a great darkness or summoner warframe and i feel it would be awesome if these two warframes could synergize with each other
  4. (PS4)Ghost--00--


    Ehh its a decent warframe however someone brought to my attention that warframe like this would need to be able to stand at some point for animations. Thats all i really want to say, and maybe change his 3rd ability to something that makes him feel more beastly as i feel a totem would be something only his master hades would summon. His third, id make the snake thats usually apart of cerberus tail join cerberus on the battlefield. Slithering around and gulping down enemies before going underground and disappearing Also hope this warframe moves like a qualdruped xD say this often its my one of my favorite video gane fantasies that only smite has currently on ps4 (Fenrir) goddddddd i lovvveeee playing fenrir xD
  5. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    crystal frame

    Whooaa i like this!! I was just thinking that i want a warframe that reflects damage but does it better than any current warframe or ability that we have right now Like when i walk on the battlefield id love to see some enemies attack me and kill themselves before i even lift a finger lol!
  6. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    [Warframe Concept] Commissar, Veteran of the Old War.

    The passive, 1st ability, and 2nd im fine with however the 3rd and 4th ability i cant see them bringing something fun to play with. Damage and attack speed buff are on some warframes already you know? Not saying your warframe is bad, just saying that i think it needs something more new to the game to me. Maybe for the 4th ability especially.
  7. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    Special Color Palettes.

    Not color packs, this would probably be something new and id prefer the different textures to be seperate. But yea this sounds pretty cool, id so make all of my warframes transparent then more of a shiny metal. Imagine an all gold warframe!! Mmmm You have my upvote
  8. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    A very small frost change

    Yea i suppose : /
  9. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    A very small frost change

    There are warframes begining to steal frost defense ability so Can his bubble or abilities not be completely destroyed by nullifiers? Like instead it takes off health from his globe rather than completely remove it. Ice wave gets through the nullifiers bubble with reduced damage Freeze destroys nullifer bubbles Avalanche cause null bubbles to explode dealing blast damage Cold damage shrinks nullifer bubbles quicker than other damage types Idk the bubbles seem like theyd give off a little heat and i just thought it would be cool if cold things melted when hit by their null bubbles rather than being completely removed
  10. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    What i want more in warframe

    I think youre wrong. Have you played the boss mission with flying osprey? There is a bomb you have to pick up when the osprey is taken out that will have a very short lifespan. If you dont place the bomb in the hole before the timer runs out, you have to start over. This is in warframe already.... there are other versions of timed attacks too Lech krill for example, you have to take take out a tube on his back and wait for him to freeze himself. In the time that he is frozen you have to shoot him up so that you can proceed to the next part. Oh yes, theres more examples if thought that was it Ambulas, this boss fight can get intense if youre not using op warframes like mesa. You got enemies coming to repair the ambulas, enemies taking your energy, a ship coming to take the ambulas if you havent hacked it it within a certain amount causing you to receive a fail strike, you got a ship firing a lazer beem and missles at you i mean this is like exactly what im asking for. I want more of that. AND THE SORTIE ambulas mission!!!! Round of applause Yea this is so very true. Very true I agree with this, thanks for your reply! Its got me to consider some things i havent
  11. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    What i want more in warframe

    • I want a qualdruped warframe. And a few other warframes that have been made in the fourms • The RIGHT type of difficulty (Currently in warframe, all you do is run, shoot, and leave. It would be nice to have more missions having a lot of enemies, but to get through it you have to shoot, melee attack, backflip at just the right time no sooner or later, attack when this has happened, hack this in 5 seconds instead of 20, spam this button to deal damage so the faster u press the button the more dmg you deal, cary a bomb and blow it up when its near a heavily armored enemy, dont get seen until this has happened etc.) Please DE, continue pushing our limits. Make me want to quit a mission before i fail it not because its becoming impossible, but because i can do better. • Another fourm idea is giving us more more characters in the open worlds that allow us to make choices with the characters that change something about us or our environment. Sounds like a customization for our tenno except its on the inside. • Some sort of weekly boss raid mission thats in a different map with a different boss every week, repeating its cycle every month • Some sort of monthly pvp tournament (yes i still play pvp, and ITS BECAUSE its realllyyy challenging! Sure there are very op weapons and warframes in pvp but once you get them too its a little fun at least it is for. My heart be racing after conclave matches!) • More rewards for clan activity and interaction • And lastly, i just hope for more things to be released quicker if its possible doing it without things becoming more buggy than updates usually are (the buggy updates i usually 100% dont mind as theyre usually not tht bad for me) How i feel about the open worlds: Not really into open the worlds. When i 1st heard of open worlds i thought they were gonna be structured to where i can use a lot of different parkor moves. Thought there would be a lot of interactives like elevators, ziplines, turrets, and characters that give you quest. Thought there would be a lot of animals running around, and i thought we'd be given a longish quest with quite a few cutscenes as they breathe some life into whatever it is im doing. But we got a beautiful floor and sky and bounties. The quests just had you do bounties as well. The other things that were given to us im only not mentioning because, yes its new but, it didnt make me feel like i was playing a space ninja game at all.. Being a "Space Ninja" is the thing i enjoy most about warframe. Taking down large groups of enemies nearly effortlessly with sharp blades, alienish abilities, and quick movements. Being a sxy looking beast that just cannot be stopped! That is ALL that i want to be focused on here, adding to the space ninja feeling. For difficulty, focus on what makes a ninja in a movie difficult to do in real life excluding the part about us not being bullet proof in real life. Some of those difficulties would be speed, timed attacks, and timed dodges. I think warframe needs a better reward and punnishment system based on players performance on those 3 things i mentioned for difficulty AND satisfaction for overcoming those difficulties. Thts all i wanted to say.
  12. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    Limbo Skin Idea

    That sounds pretty nice actually
  13. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    Malice the Dark Sorcerer Warframe

    Pretty neat pretty neat. I wouodnt mind having a dark magic like warframe added to the game. Gg
  14. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    Some rework ideas (Mirage, Nyx, Ember)

    I dont want most the big changes as they seem unnecessary. Rather save these ideas for new warframes rather than basically deleting the current warframes and makin a new one out of them.
  15. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    New mission type called favors

    Huh... how interesting!! Like really, so interactive and it sort of allows me to shape my character/tenno. Like make my own story. I sort of love this idea. I gotta think about it more because its pretty good! *thought about it more* Yea this great, i gave it a like. Its like getting cosmetics except these cosmetics are not on the outside, theyre on the inside!