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  1. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    Baruuk Exalted "Guns" Concept

    Agreed, like his 4th doesnt look satisfying enough to use over weapons lol. Like valk has an extremely satisfying 4th ability with claws to help give her this raging preadator like feeling which feels good. I gotta see how he is 1st though b4 judging cause i didnt like garuda at 1st but now shes kinda growin on me, i still wish she was more violently gory tho but i digress, i like your idea but i just gotta see how baruk is first know?
  2. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    ❄Atlas rumbler augment change?❄

    If anyone sees ideas they like from this, idc if you take em ^_^ I know his 4th ability has a augment, but i dont like it and im not sure if anyone else does as it makes the rumbler crazy slow and cannot do as much as 2 faster moving rumblers could. Looks cool but gets old quickly imo So i wanted to change it into something that i think is a bit more entertaining, which is making the rumblers elemental. Depending on what resistance mod you have on, it will change the rumblers into something else Heres some examples because i feel that was poorly worded: Ice resistance will coat the rumbles in snow. Theyll each have a 10m cold aura simular to the coolant leak mod that can be placed on sentils. Fire resistance will cause the rumbles to look like igneous and lava like a volcano. All attacks they perform will cause nearby enemies to be hit as well and set on fire. Toxin resistance will make the rumblers look like slime or maybe just have green crystals growing on them, when they throw a rock it will instead be a ball of acid, causing enemies to panic and have armor fully stripped when hit. They'll also occasionally drop pools of acid that last for 20secs, also capable of completely stripping enemy armor Electricity resistance will have a 25% chance to cause a rumblers attack to create an electricity bolt that will chain to other enemies infinitely, just as long as theyre close enough to each other. Once every enemy is hit it goes away. Enemies who attack the rumbler have a 50% chance to be electrocuted. Then the 3rd ability augment, i kind of thind of think it would be cool if he could coat him self in rock which will him like 90% dmg reduction that decays when he is damaged, and amplifies the strength of elemental dmg resistance mods by 50%. Maybe give him a visual effect too of element hes resistant to. What do you think?❄
  3. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    [Warframe concept]: Aesir , The Norse frame

    I like cause i like cold things literally "Its a yes from me"
  4. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    PS4 Fortuna: Update 24

    WOOT WOOT!!!
  5. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    Warframe Idea: The Coyote (Zanuka frame)

    Yea but none the less i like it ^_^
  6. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    - Carrion, Warframe idea discussion Thing.

    Sounds cool and disgusting. I like the fourth the most, that first and third ability tho upset my stomach just yuk. Idk how to feel about it, like the abilities are interesting but i dont think i could play it because of how uncomfortable it makes me. Its worst than chromas skin coming off his back leaving you feeling like u took all your clothes off
  7. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    I am Groot (plant Frame)

    I LOVE THISSSSSSS For the second ability id like for it to just be man eating plants that you can place anywhere. When an enemy gets withing 5 meters of it, it eats it and deals finisher damage. Kills will cause the plant to create a pick up like temporary infinite ammo or something. Other than that i have nothing else to say about this beautiful warframe, im in love with it! Like really i love it Or or or! Use vines like you said idk,i just really like it like, i can easily picture myself using it
  8. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    Leave your random Warframe ideas here to discuss!

    Lol smack, thats hilarious
  9. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    Magus a crack at a mechanically complex frame

    Im so confused, so much to read is it necessary i read all of this xD
  10. Yea i dont really want this, i really want to hear DE's current thoughts on a warframe like furion with the ability to move on all fours. I keep getting told how difficult it would be to make the animations. Looking at all the warframes i can probably understand as all the warframes have the exact same animation except for when standing still. Havent had a problem with it yet, but no doubt the game would be more entertaining than it already is. Like imagine have some grim reaper looking warframe that can flap his wings when youre in the air, flying around. Or simply rollerskating through a map kicking enemies in the face lol The reason why i think they ignore this is because i think they can make new animations BUT no 1 reallly cares about it enough so its not worth the time they'd have to put into it. Like my kubrow still fails to climb walls however it doesnt bother me cause it looks beautiful and i NEVER stop after jumping ir climbing a wall to watch my kubrow do it cause idc This is why i think it wouldnt be to hard for them to make furion i mean all you need is the kubrow or kavat animations for walking and running. And normal warframe animations for everything else. That shouldnt be to hard ;-; right? Anyway back to your warframe, just call it an alien themed warframe. No reason why it cant be more a freaky alien themed warframe, havent had one of those yet. Nidus is an zombie like alien imo, yours could be a new type of extraterrestrial if that makes sense. Give it big eyes and all
  11. (PS4)Ghost--00--


    Fortunately fortuna is not unfortunately starting after christmas 😄
  12. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    Leave your random Warframe ideas here to discuss!

    I await the day it comes into existence, i may cry of joy literally
  13. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    Volt Skin Concept. Reworked! (Looking for 3d artists)

    I like the 1 before, the lines on the face dont fit me
  14. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    Genbu - The Black Tortoise

    I like it and i dont like it. Its two of my favorite abilities put in one which is ice and water, however i dont really like the abilities and idk if DE would consider making a warframe that has the same theme as current warframes. Ive seen quite a few lava warframes tho, and it should fit your warframe real good so id say make it into a lava themed warframe.
  15. (PS4)Ghost--00--

    Volt Skin Concept. Reworked! (Looking for 3d artists)

    I like it, it looks like a person mortal kombat