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  1. I've recorded a quick clip (with just Point Strike fitted to crit for number visibility) to showcase the issue: Additionally, before HoD, the Arsenal UI displayed Battacor's alt fire damage at max charges (624 total, 208 per charge, 1040 for the duration of the 5 charges bug prior to HoD). At current it displays 208, which while it is technically correct, it's likely related to this bug. In a similar vein, the Trumna's alt fire has a listed value of 100 on impact and 1000 on the explosion, but in testing it unmodded against a Nullifier bubble (to test the raw base da
  2. Yeah, the invuln + reflect shield spam took the fight from 'pretty fun' to 'rage-quit' real fast, which is a shame because I've enjoyed most of the update so far.
  3. Yeah I've been getting this too. Tabbing through the pages fixes it sometimes.
  4. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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