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  1. To preface, I've been running Ember with a Napalm Grenades modded Secura Penta, built around using the light damage self-damage heat proc of the Napalm Grenades Penta augment (for the passive 10 energy/s regen + str buff), and Accelerant to boost the heat damage of the Corrosive/Heat Penta. Passive I like the move from setting self on fire (limited to a select few weapons/requires getting shot at by enemies) to setting enemies on fire, but I don't think there was any mention of the energy regeneration component. Also the increase of the passive's range to affinity range (50m) as mentioned here is a great change: Some suggestions: Include energy regeneration alongside the strength buff, given how energy hungry Ember will be (if this is not already included - couldn't tell on the stream because infinite energy was turned on) Have the passive decay by an amount per second (e.g. 5%) when the number of enemies on fire in range decreases, instead of dropping instantly e.g. if 7 enemies are on fire (35%) and 4 of them die, the passive would decay down to 15% over 4 seconds, at 5% per second. Fireball Faster casting sounds good to me, and combined with the buffs to heat damage itself, it looks like it could do some solid damage now. A couple of suggestions: Buff the base charge rate, though Immolation is noted to increase charge speed, so this might not be needed Apply a heat damage multiplier debuff to enemies to replace the current Accelerant, though at a lower multiplier than Accelerant, due to the buffs/changes to heat procs, and the bonuses from Immolation Immolation I love the name chosen for this one! As for the mechanics of the ability, I am unsure. The addition of a DR skill is an absolute plus. The buffing of her other powers and the DR strength via the meter sounds good, but the punishment on overheating is (as noted on the stream) quite extreme. Ultimately this ability depends quite heavily on the numbers (How much does it buff the other abilities? Does it buff weapon heat damage as well? What is the maximum damage reduction? At what point on the meter is that damage reduction reached? How much damage does the overheat explosion deal?) A suggestion: Reduce drain to 50% of Ember's energy, 80% of the meter and reset the heat meter climb rate to base when triggering the overheat fire wave This turns it from a full energy and DR wipe to a large reduction, while keeping the risk/reward of letting it overheat for a damage burst, or keeping the heat at bay to maintain energy and the high DR. Fire Blast The cast speed buff and armor strip are great improvements here. Not much else to say about this one, other than the knockback strength, but that'll require hands-on testing in missions across the various tilesets. Inferno METEORS! As long as the damage is good and the targeting functions well, I can't see any problems with this one, other than it being potentially visually obnoxious for allies if spammed or used with bright energy colours. I am certainly looking forward to using this one myself! Augments Fireball Frenzy - This one is plenty good as is Flash Accelerant - One of the only abilities that can buff cast speed (for allies), so it would be nice if this could be moved to Fire Blast I don't have any thoughts or suggestions for Fire Fright or Firequake. Heat damage changes Stacking heat procs and melting armor is perfect!
  2. The Prisma Kubrow and Prisma Kavat glyphs also appear to be missing. Likely the Prisma Lotus one too.
  3. Scheduled disposition updates that now draw (at least partially) from weapon power rankings is brilliant news! An increase to the Riven slot capacity would greatly appreciated (and is clearly a common request going by the rest of this thread), but I understand that server/bandwidth limitations are an issue, especially if the number of hitches I see when opening the Arsenal/Mods Station are anything to go by. Regarding shotguns that require a riven to hit 100% and/or avoid needing 4 dual stats (forcing Corrosive/Blast, Radiation/Viral or Gas/Magnetic), would it be possible to increase the base status chance to compensate for disposition reductions? For example, lowering Kohm's disposition from 1.4 to 1.2, but increasing Kohm's status chance from 25% to 27%. This would shift the riven status chance threshold (with Riven + 3 dual stats) from 120% to 90.4%. Meanwhile, a Kohm Riven with 120% status chance at 1.4 dispo, would become 102.86% at 1.2 dispo. This would enable the reduction of riven disposition (the overall power), without the loss of 100% status. Another option is changing the pellet status calculation to follow the listed value per pellet, instead of the current probability-based calculation, but I don't even know if this would be possible to do, given just how much it could break mechanics-wise.
  4. Some very welcome cost reductions! I already play Harrow quite a bit, and these will definitely make keeping his kit running easier in squads. The 2.01% drop chance addition to rotation B is an improvement to his grind, but unfortunately not much. Then again, it has been a long time since I did his grind, so I can't remember exactly how it was. Good to know! Hopefully the damage reflection tribute gets a major buff or a complete rework - the % values of it and Unairu's Void Spines passive just don't work given the disparity between enemy damage and enemy health.
  5. Is there any chance for Zephyr's Tail Wind to get some changes? The removal of her high jump/ground launch has left me with an everlasting sour note since the rework earlier this year. It was so fun to use, and then glide around with Ogris/Angstrum/Kulstar/Staticor etc. The reworked dash goes way too far (or limits the duration of the entire kit), and has some peculiar issues when used with aim glide, while bullet jump lacks the launch speed/power and increased 'float time' that the high jump/ground launch had, even with bullet jump mods. The charged up cast -> hover is unfortunately too slow and restrictive to even compare to her pre-rework form.
  6. Even though they are lackluster, they still have uses. I've been using a +toxin/+multishot Deth Machine Rifle riven for a long time now - it's no powerhouse, but it has been a great assistant in standard missions (e.g. PoE Bounties, Void Fissures). If unveiling them is a problem, maybe another way to get them could be added? For example, mixing a Riven with Kuva/some other resources to "transmute" it into a Sentinel Riven, either of a chosen sentinel weapon, or unveiled into one of the sentinel rivens at random.
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