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  1. Looks like it's more than just bad RNG, if you've seen bad riven sliver drop rates on multiple runs :( Hopefully the issue can be seen and fixed Edit: I just quoted my own post when I thought I was editing it 🤦‍♂️
  2. The last run I did (on the 9th of March, according to my screenshots) had similar results (4 slivers in 1h) as well, though I just figured it was exceptionally bad RNG and didn't look into it. I was even trying out subsumed Petrify with the Ore Gaze augment, and had remembered to apply the 25% drop chance blessing as well. On the run I had done before that (on the 20th of January, according to my screenshots) I got 34 slivers in 1h 20m, and that was using subsumed Roar instead (which is probably why I had more kills - Petrify didn't help Kuva Ogris' damage as much as I thought it would),
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