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2 часа назад, Agarav сказал:

Been using my mom's wifi and it worked, but it was super fast. 


Seems like the internet connection wont let me play Fortuna unless the internet speed was fast, unlike the other wifi I had. My normal speed is typical. I have no clue as to why it aint enough to be 8.9mbps and it has to connect when it is 12.5 mbps?


It make sense if your internet connections have different external IP addresses.

It seems that DE intoduced some automatic system that bans user's IP when it sees suspicious activity. But system is not working as intended :)


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Ok here it is.

I have this problem a few times (it fixed and re-appear).

i used my mobile data as an hotspot (dont have wifi) with 2 different ISP.

But what weird is that yesterday my first ISP wont work and my second ones can. The problem is, today my second ones wont work and my first ones can. And now im in my usual Wifi hotspot, i cant play, but usually i can play here.

Well i did use VPN in my phone, but if that the reason i cant login, then why my friends and other player NEED to use VPN to play.

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