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XB1 Chimera: Update 23.10.6 (Prime Vault + Hotfixes!)


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C̶̹̃h̴̊̍̐͜i̶͓̩͛̽m̸̨̈́͘e̴̤̒ŕ̸͉͋̕å̸̙̭͕: Update 23.10.6


The launch of The Sacrifice back in July 2018 was the last Mainline update to go out, and it was no doubt a hefty one. There was much for the entire DE team to comb through and we find this to be the case with all Mainlines. As we say with all Mainlines, we can’t catch everything that may fall through the cracks, and even with all of the PC hotfixes that went live prior to the release of this update, there is a possibility you may see some WIP or unintentional things that are not meant to be live.

C̶̹̃h̴̊̍̐͜i̶͓̩͛̽m̸̨̈́͘e̴̤̒ŕ̸͉͋̕å̸̙̭͕: has come.... 


Arbitrations: Lethal Alerts

A new type of challenge is available to players that have completed the entire Solar Map! If you have not completed the entire Solar Map, you can go to the Arbiters of Hexis Enclave in any Relay and talk to the NPC located at the front of the room. They will tell you what nodes in the Star Chart you must complete to unlock Arbitrations! 

ARBITRATIONS are here, read on to learn everything you need to know!

The Arbiters of Hexis are providing you with the chance to fight with something unknown to most Warframe missions: Mortality! Arbitrations are single-life missions that put you in a scenario where you have to make your only life count!

Every hour you'll be presented with a new Arbitration.

  • These missions are always Endless!
  • Rewards are earned at double-the-usual interval (every 10 Defense waves, every 10 Survival minutes), etc.
  • Rewards are on an ABCCCCCCCCCCC (repeat C to infinity) rotation.
  • Any A/B/C interval reward you receive is kept after you die or fail the mission (anything picked up off the ground is lost though)!
  • Missions feature a new Arbiter-themed drone enemy that effectively shields nearby enemies. A keen team will coordinate to take these protective units out!
  • Each successful interval will earn you a new "Vitus Essence" resource that can be used to build some new cosmetic items offered by an Abiters NPC in the their respective Arbiters Enclave in any Relay.
  • PER PLAYER BOONS! Every Arbitration features a custom boon to you! A given Warframe and Weapon will receive substantial bonuses if used.
    • 31e767a76d3789213733ebb3ea32415d.JPG&key

Endless Arbitration missions play out a little differently for an added challenge...

Survival: Life Support Capsules are worth 75% of what they're normally worth!
Interception: Towers controlled by enemies fill the "Opponent" progress bar at double the rate!
Defense: You're protecting an NPC and have much less downtime between waves!
Excavation: Increased Defense time to 3:00!
Defection: Rescue targets have no revive state!
Infested Salvage: Consoles have half their normal Health!

Unique Rewards can be found within Arbitrations, including:

  • 6 x Mods:
    • Sharpshooter (Sniper): +15 Energy on Headshot Kill
    • Cautious Shot (Unique): -90% Self Damage, -15% Total Damage
    • Power Donation (Aura): -30% Ability Strength, +30% Ability Strength for teammates
    • Vigorous Swap (Warframe): On Equip: +165% damage for 3s, +100% Holster Speed
      • Vigorous Swap will deactivate when an Ability weapon is active (Mesa’s Peacemaker, Valkyr’s Hysteria, etc).
    • Rolling Guard (Warframe): On Dodge: Become invulnerable for 3s and remove all Status Effects. 7s cooldown.
    • Adaptation (Warframe): When Damaged: +10% resistance to that Damage Type for 20s. Stacks up to 90%.
  • Arbitration exclusive Resource known as 'VITUS ESSENCE' used for crafting Arbitration Cosmetics!

Note: Failure is a rare thing in Warframe. Prepare yourself for a new reality where failure may become the norm for these missions - can you overcome the odds!?


Tennogen Bundle XXXIII

This bundle features creations from past PC releases! Find these new TennoGen gems for XB1 in the in-game Market:
Excalibur Apex Skin by A-p-o-l-l-y-o-n
Loki Rogue Helmet by artarrwen
Loki Ersatz Helmet by Rekkou
Nova Tachyon Helmet by Rekkou



A two-pronged attack; the bone-grafted cocoon at the tip of this staff rends flesh, while the viral mass living within spreads itself into the wounds of each new victim.

Carve through enemies with surgical precision using this Corpus-tech Glaive.

Find both these new weapons in the in-game Market or in your Clan Research!



Artistry meets lethality with this elegant Dagger Skin.

Bludgeon, hack, and maim with this improvised Machete skin fashioned out of broken Grineer weapons.

Find both these new weapon Skins in the in-game Market!



Plague Star is returning to XB1 on November 2nd at 2PM ET! A forum thread will be posted when the Operation goes live with all the information you need to burst that boil out in the Plains of Eidolon. 

General Additions:

  • Operators now have an A / B / C Customization config option for clothing and accessories! 
  • Added ability to swap your A B C Appearance loadout order in the Arsenal!
  • Added ability to swap your Mod loadout order in the Arsenal! This works the same way as dragging/dropping your A B C Appearance loadout order.
  • New Sentinel Precepts (available from Simaris’ offerings):
    • Dethcube - Energy Generator: Dethcube drops an Energy Orb after assisting in 10 kills.
    • Shade - Ambush: When Ghost invisibility is broken, Shade’s owner is granted 120% Damage for 3s.
  • New infinite Gear spiral! Is it truly infinite? No. BUT 99 Gear items is a lot and we challenge you to reach the limit.
  • The Gear Spiral restricts duplicate Gear items (Apothics, Stims), with the exception of Dragon Keys!
  • 7 new Syndicate Captura Scenes purchasable with respective Standing once Quest requirements are met (with the exception of Simaris’):
    • LUA CONTAINMENT SCENE (Arbiters of Hexis)
    • CHAMBER OF THE LOTUS SCENE (Cephalon Suda)
    • MYCONA COLONY SCENE (Perrin Sequence)
    • KUVA THRONE SCENE (Steel Meridian)
    • SANCTUARY CONDUIT SCENE (Cephalon Simaris)
  • We've added a library of new sounds for the general social experience. You will now hear new and custom sounds for:
    • DMs and Squad Chat
    • When someone joins your Squad (no longer just a visual bumper)
    • New drag/drop sounds!
  • Added an ‘Auto Install’ button to the Ayatan Sculptures screen for Mastery Rank 10+ Tenno! This long requested feature allows you to auto install Stars from your Inventory to your Ayatan Sculpture in a flash.
  • A ‘Relics' category has been added to the player Inventory menus.
  • Added objective marker pointing players to Konzu when entering Cetus for the first time.
  • Added new aiming in/out transition sounds for Archwing weapons. We added these for primaries and secondaries in 22.17.0, but now you get to hear them in SPACE!
  • Added the ability to purchase multiple Forma Bundles from the Market at once.
  • Added more Community Fan Art to the Codex for your Display decorating enjoyment!
  • Added a Decoration called the ‘Note Beacon’! A beacon capable of displaying custom messages that can be placed in both Orbiter and Dojo!
  • Added an FX to the Energy Orb dropped by Deth Cube with Energy Generator equipped.
  • Added Prime grip trail colour FXs.

Junction Changes:

  • Removed “Defeat 3 Eximus enemies on EARTH” requirement from Venus Junction.
  • Lowered “Defeat 10 Eximus enemies on Venus” requirement on Mercury Junction to 5 Eximus enemies in any region.
  • Lowered “Defeat 10 Sentient enemies on Lua” requirement to 5 Sentient enemies.
  • Lowered “Collect any 3 Mods from the Orokin Principle challenge rooms on Lua” to 1 Mod.


Daily Tribute Changes:

The much discussed changes have arrived - they are quite straight forward, but if you want to really dive deep into them please start with our Dev Workshops for history! 


On the major Milestone days (every 50 days between 0-1000) you will be presented with up to 3 Choices! These choices will still respect the original chronological release, and by the next time you reach a given category, you'll see a new item appear in place of what you've already chosen (if applicable).

1. Sigils and Resources. Days 50,150,250, etc.
2. Primed Mods. Days 200,400,600, etc.
3. Weapons. Days 100,300,500, etc.

Day 1000 and beyond!

Starting at Day 1050, Evergreen reward choices will be rotated every 50 Days though the following options:

Evergreen Choices A (choose one):
3 x Forma
3 x Exilus Adapter
4 x Weapon Slots

Evergreen Choices B (choose one):
50,000 Kuva
7-day Boosters (Affinity, Credits, Resource)
30,000 Endo

Evergreen Choices C (choose one):
3 x Rifle Riven
3 x Melee Riven
3 x Secondary Riven

Scaling Day-to-day: Scale all the things!

One important thing to clarify is that the in-game items received on the non-Milestone Days in Daily Tribute system now scale based on the amount of days you have logged on. Endo is an example well documented in the past Workshop, but this also applies to Credits, Booster Durations, Resources, Syndicate Medallions, Relics, and Forma Blueprints.

The way this Scaling works is that we have chosen a base amount of a given item and applied a multiplier that reflects your current amount of Days logged in - it does vary by item type!

For example, on Day 1 I get 1 x Tellurium, but on Day 1000 I get 6 x Tellurium!

Additional Information:

  • Our goal is to make it only slightly more flexible while still respecting the core need to login frequently. Personalization is a huge part of Warframe and we think that this changes the Daily Tribute system to better reflect that.
  • We have added custom lines and videos to each Daily Tribute which brings a Warframe NPC out to greet you on your new day.
  • There is a fixed Day 5 Reward of 25,000 Credits and 1000 Endo.
  • The Lodestar Syandana and the Lodestar Armor Set - they are staying at Day 800 / 1000 respectively.

Saryn Changes:

We recently made the surprising discovery that Miasma’s damage multiplier for targets affected by Spores never fully worked as intended. It has been fixed and will now work as we’ve intended it to originally. That said, seeing as it has been absent until now, we have increased the damage multiplier from 2x to 4x to encourage use of the synergy between the two abilities.

By increasing the damage multiplier we have reduced the following to compensate for the change:

  • Miasma base Damage has been halved.
  • Spores scaling Damage cap per second has been reduced from 10 to 7.

As always, we watch for your feedback and encourage you thoroughly test out the changes first before leaving your thoughts on the official Warframe forums. Thank you!

Revenant Changes & Fixes:

  • Revenant’s Reave now follows the direction of your reticle as opposed to always in a straight line. This allows you to steer it freely. You can of course maintain the original behaviour of a straight line by simply not aiming your reticle, but for those of you wanting better control over where Reave goes are now able to freely steer!
  • Revenant’s Reave wall width is now affected by Range Mods.
  • Revenant’s Reave now also sheds Status Effects on cast and applies them to targets it hits.
  • Fixed Revenant's Thralls not granting Affinity when killed.
  • Fixed Revenant’s Danse Macabre being able to damage Nullifier bubbles (and then killing the Nullifier).
  • Fixed enemies affected by Revenant’s Enthrall and then a Radiation Status Effect being able to enthrall the Defense target, preventing the wave from ever ending.
  • Fixed Revenant Reave not using Modded Health/Shield steal values.
  • Fixed Revenant’s Reave Abilities page not properly showing the Modded Health/Shield steal values.
  • Fixed Revenant’s Thrall death pillars blocking projectiles.
  • Fixed getting one-shotted through Revenant’s Mesmer Skin by a single very powerful hit.
  • Fixed Ability immune enemies not decreasing the Mesmer Skin count when hitting Revenant.
  • Fixed Revenant’s Thrall FX not attaching properly to Vomvalysts.
  • Fixed various Syandana clipping issues with Revenant.

Phantasma Alt Fire Changes:

  • Phantasma’s Alt Fire homing projectile amount is no longer based on charge time. Alt Fire now releases 5 total homing projectiles.
  • Phantasma’s Alt Fire damage per projectile now scales based on charge time.

Dojo Additions & Changes:

  • Over 40 FX Decorations and 7 structural Decorations have been added for your decorating enjoyment!
  • A brand new Sandbox room has been added! Check your Dojo Room Building options for the 'INSPIRATION HALL'! This empty great hall is a blank slate awaiting inspired designers!
  • All Display Decorations are now usable in Dojos, as well as a 'Text' Decoration!
  • The Clan Chat tab now displays the following Clan activity in green:
    • Player left Clan
    • Player invited
    • Player joined
    • Color Research started or unpaused
    • Player Hierarchy change
    • Clan Tier change
  • A confirmation prompt now appears when a Clan Chat Moderator attempts to kick/ban a player.
  • Added a toggle to ‘Show All’ or ‘Hide Owned Blueprints’ in the Energy, Bio, Orokin, and Chem Labs.
  • Added 3 more options in the Contribution screen under Alliance header for donating Credits, Decorations, and Resources to other Allied Clans.
  • You can now toggle ‘Disable Operator’ on/off from the Dojo Obstacle Course console at the entrance of the room!
  • The Clan screen now displays the remaining time to those who have not yet participated in the Ascension Ceremony (if one is active).
  • Ammo is now successfully restored when a Dojo Duel is over.
  • Improved visibility of the room rotate button in the Dojo Architect menu, and added shortcut indicators.
  • Added “Duplicate” button to Dojo (and Orbiter) Decoration modes. Pressing it duplicates the aimed at Decoration, including its scale (where applicable) and rotation.

UI Changes:

Numerous UI screens have received updated Theme revisions, such as various Zaw weapon screens (Hok), Daily Tribute, generic menu screens, and more.This is our continued UI rollout as noted here:

Melee Sound Additions & Changes:

Melee 3.0 continues in development, but the Sound Team has gone above and beyond to bring hot fresh sounds for all Melee weapons!

From the desk of Audio Director George:
“We started working on Melee 3.0 sounds and made so many cool improvements to low-level things like hit effects, Foley, field-of-view, and general sound cleanup that we wanted to get it out ASAP.  We still have a bunch of new sounds that will be releasing with the full Melee 3.0 overhaul as well.”

  • New impact sounds for all Melee weapons.
  • New slam sounds for all Melee weapons.
  • New heavy attack sounds for all Melee weapons.
  • New slide attack sounds for all Melee weapons.
  • Added Melee sounds to Valkyr’s Hysteria ability.
  • Cleaned up Melee weapon sounds when hitting floors and walls during combat.
  • Removed music occlusion when bullet jumping.

Incubator Changes:

  • Shortened default Stasis Recovery time from 3 hours to 30 minutes.
  • Changed cost of Stasis Rush cost from 10 Platinum to 10,000 Credits.
  • Tenno with the Nutrio Incubator Segment installed now have instant recovery from Stasis at no cost!
  • Reduced Platinum cost of Companion Name Change from 25 to 15 Platinum to match weapon entitlement costs.
  • Removed pickup limit on Kubrow Eggs!

Weapon Aiming Changes:

While this is largely under the hood, we want to detail out some changes we made to how Weapons are fired, particularly projectile weapons. We've added some new behavior that makes it easier to hit targets very close to the camera, eliminates strange sideways flying projectile and can be applied to any projectile (projectiles with gravity were previously excluded from the coolness. The basic idea now is: if you're aiming at it, you'll hit it.

Forest Sabotage Changes/Fixes:

  • Added a progress wheel to UI to show Antitoxin Strength.
  • Antitoxin console disables when strength is at 100% to avoid wasting Antitoxins.
  • Slightly increased strength score of common and uncommon Antitoxins.
  • Fixed incorrect Affinity reward scaling for Antitoxins.
  • Fixed broken materials on the Antitoxin console.

Status on Operator Suit Mesh Changes:

Since we reverted the Operator Suit Mesh Changes introduced in PC Update 23.10.0 to restore Operator Suit Meshes to their pre-Update 23.10 state, they will not be coming in this update. A more careful re-release of the Operator Suit Mesh Changes will come at a later date.

Virtual Cursor Changes/Fixes:
Expand spoilers below for list! 

  • Disabled the “Change Loadout” button from appearing when an invite is up on screen. Additionally disabled the “Invite” button from appearing at the same time. The invite must now be dismissed before trying to invite someone to your game. This fixes the issue of being unable to accept invites while on Navigation using a controller since X opened the “Change Loadout” screen.
  • We no longer force double-selection to equip Arcanes.
  • Changed D-Pad icons to a solid button shape.
  • Added quick button for the Invite Button on the Invite Player screen. Option can still be selected with the virtual cursor if desired.
  • Icon callouts will now be displayed for currently bound actions when changing bindings.
  • Fixed missing button callouts when placing decorations in the Dojo.
  • Fixed attempting to place decorations in Dojo by selecting the “Decorate” option doing nothing.
  • Fixed virtual cursor not highlighting options in the Dojo Room Options window, making it unselectable.
  • Fixed terms and policies text and Start button under the Warframe logo on login screen being incorrectly positioned.
  • Fixed being unable to select Warframes after purchasing a few Warframes consecutively.
  • Fixed being unable to move virtual cursor with the D-Pad or use most quick buttons while searching for an item in your inventory using the on screen keyboard.
  • Fixed D-Pad navigation going to the category tabs when attempting to modify some options near the top of the screen.
  • Fixed the Clan search screen not having D-pad functionality.
  • Fixed an issue with D-pad functionality not working on Polychrome in the Dojo.
  • Fixed an issue where a list would 'snap back to top' when scrolling.
  • Fixed using the tutorial button in the Upgrade menu in the Arsenal incorrectly showing combos instead of the Modding tutorial.
  • Fixed being unable to back out of the Market after opening chat and selecting an item.
  • Fixed customizing your Operator causing them to spin.
  • Fixed being unable to select the Taveuni node on the Kuva Fortress if highlighting the text with the virtual cursor.
  • Fixed issue where two virtual cursors appeared when players selected their first Warframe.

General Changes:
Expand spoilers below for list! 

  • Introduced ‘BEAST’ category for Kubrows, Kavats (instead of COMPANIONS) and the Helminth Charger, and added ‘ROBOTIC’ category for Sentinels. Remaining Mods that indicate ‘COMPANION’ are useable across all Companion types.
  • Mask of the Revenant quest has been added to the Codex.
  • Archwing Launchers are now infinite use! It will also auto-equip instead of having to locate/pickup the Launcher spawn.
  • Primed Quickdraw is now tradable!
  • Removed Titania’s Razorwing collision damage. 
  • Made several TAA improvements: fixed blurring under motion, much higher quality, and much sharper results!
  • The Klebrik Scaffold now resets Sentient resistance as it was intentionally meant to.
  • Increased Staticor's charged shot AoE size from 2m to 8m and is no longer affected by charge level.
  • Energy, Health, Shield and Ammo restores have a new look! Their refreshed look helps them visually indicate what they restore, with an added range ring to indicate if you’re in close enough proximity to the Restore. 
  • Ammo Stations in the Plains now only generate Ammo used by the weapon of the player who activated it. Also lowered the Ammo Station cooldown by half.
  • Adjusted chances for Kavats to use the Pet Bed to prevent unrealistic bed usage. 
  • Players with an active Radiation Status Effect can no longer trigger Radiation on other players.
  • We now show un-owned 'bundle-only' skins in the Arsenal where appropriate (i.e viewing a single Sword Appearance options). The Price tag will reflect these are 'bundle only'.
  • Simulacrum enemy level selection popup now defaults to currently selected enemy level.
  • Improvements towards Vomvalysts spawning underground while fighting the Teralyst and Hydrolyst.
  • Removed unnecessary error prompt when canceling a Catalyst/Reactor installment.
  • Removed Platinum price being listed in the weapon selection screen when crafting a weapon that requires another weapon.
  • Removed outdated Design Council Tips from loading screens.
  • Changed the Archwing max height in The Plains of Eidolon to 100 meters (previous intentions were a max height of 50 meter).
  • Updated Melee slam and elemental FX!
  • Cleaned up Melee FX when hitting an enemy.
  • Reduced some distortion on Radiation Status FX.
  • Updated weapon FX for the Arca Plasmor, Castanas, and Sancti Castanas.
  • Corpus enemies now have a consistent FX color (common blue/teal) instead of various shades.
  • Improved Emblem visibility on Kubrows when equipped with Armor.
  • Improved ability to parkour your way across a sloped wall.
  • Fishing Hotspots should now be identical between all players (Host & Client)!
  • We refactored the Locomotion system (which is the code that controls how AI find their way around the level) - primarily to allow us to have AI switch between different movement modes (eg walking & flying). 
    • We continue to improve on issues of AI behavior struggling in certain scenarios since this was first noticed on PC in Update 23.10.0. Investigations continue into other reports and will be addressed overtime. 
  • Improved AI pathing logic in the Lua tileset.
  • Changed Ambulas’ dropship emissive to have distance fade.
  • Shortened mission titles for The Archwing Quest to fit better on star chart.
  • Updated windows in some of the Grineer Spy mission vaults to prevent NPCs from spotting players through the glass.
  • Made some aperture improvements to the Plains of Eidolon.
  • Improved the Grineer Courier’s flight navigation in Archwing Pursuit missions.
  • Operators no longer play their Idle Animations when customizing them - similar to Warframes.
  • Corrected Infested Charger jump-down animations so they land at the correct height.
  • Updated the header art and simplified the description for Hunter Set Mods!
  • Promo codes are no longer case-sensitive when entered in-game or on the Warframe website!
  • Polished and fixed various Plains of Eidolon objective UI.
  • Nightwatch Napalm's napalm fireball origin no longer block projectiles.
  • Corrected the Gram Prime’s Melee Combo Counter values to be the same as other Melee weapons (excluding Venka Prime).
  • Smoothed out some stuttering when holding Volt’s Electric Shield.
  • Linked items in Chat that can’t be purchased with Platinum now have a Build tab which explains where to build the item.
  • Made Sentinel movement smoother by basing Sentinel rotation and position on the player’s movement primarily.
  • Made minor improvements to the Moa Noggle animations.
  • Lowered the brightness of Amphis’ Energy lighting.
  • Improved Melee weapon swap and block hints for Vor’s push beam in the Vor’s Prize quest.
  • Changed how Noggles scale to improve the quality of detail.
  • Improved the Loki Kodama Skin brightness and clarity.
  • Valkyr’s Warcry buff indicator now displays the buff value in addition to the duration.
  • Improved the way players perceive gun fire and explosion sounds at long distances in the Plains of Eidolon. The sounds are now more believable at long distances and give players a more accurate perception of enemy distance.
  • Tweaked the Convectrix and the Attica to have better combat sounds.
  • Increased the odds of Bounty objectives spawning in caves in the Plains of Eidolon.
  • Increased Capture end timer during Void Fissure missions from 3 minutes to 5 minutes. Players now have more time to collect Reactant when cracking Relics in these missions.
  • Tweaked the Incubus Syandana to rest in the mouth on the back of the Nezha Empyrean Skin.
  • Improved text spacing in the Squad Panel UI by auto scaling the list.
  • Removed the unnecessary ‘RELIC’ text from the Squad Panel UI. Localized languages will see improved text spacing with this removal.
  • Adjusted Daily Tribute Transmission text scale and aspect ratio.
  • Repositioned camera placement for Zaw and Amp screens.
  • Reorganized Aura Mods to display in order of lowest to highest given Mod capacity
  • Updated the Exilus Adapter Inventory description to ‘Fuses with a Warframe to unlock the Exilus Mod Slot’ to reduce confusion.
  • Changed Coupon wording from ‘-50%’ to ‘50% OFF’ for clarity.
  • Changed the color of the Health Restore Gear Wheel item to green.
  • Updated Arcane Rank Icon colors so they will be easier to read on light backgrounds.
  • Darkened the Captura Play button in the advanced camera controls to improve visibility.
  • Darkened yellow in the Orokin Theme for the floating content highlight text to improve visibility.
  • Made shade adjustment to the Equinox UI theme so that the highlight color on select content matches the background better.
  • Updated theme texture icons for all Warframe Skins/Helmets for Ash, Atlas, Banshee, Chroma, Ember and Equinox.
  • Made slight animation polishes to Isaah in The Sacrifice Quest.
  • Tweaked audio on Khora's Accumulating Whipclaw Augment.
  • Tweaked start times of dynamic music in The Void.
  • Tweaked random encounter position selection to increase enemy activity in the Plains of Eidolon.
  • Lowered brightness on key skylights to mitigate incredible blowout on white walls in the Orokin Moon tileset.
  • Slightly tweaked the direction of ejected weapon clips during reload animation.
  • Improvements to performance when streaming into the Plains of Eidolon.
  • Made various optimizations to NPC path-finding.
  • Optimized away more shader memory.
  • Optimized loading into well-decorated Dojos and fixed memory-limit crashes caused by the unoptimized code.
  • Optimized the Clem Noggle to not load up erroneous content that impacted performance.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to the HUD code.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to the Infested Salvage code.
  • Made a micro-optimization to casting Nidus' Ravenous, Oberon's Hallowed Ground, or Octavia's Amp.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to numerous beam effects (weapons, Shield Auras, etc).
  • Made a micro-optimization to drawing certain types of lights.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to particle systems and cloth simulation.

Expand spoilers below for list! 



  • Fixed Sentient Cores disappearing after a Host migration occurred.
  • Fixed Stalker and Zanuka unable to target players after being Enthralled by Revenant or Chaos'd by Nyx, even after Ability expires.
  • Fixed the Obsidian Corvus Sigil appearing much lighter in colour than other Obsidian items. 
  • Fixed ability to damage allies upon firing the Lenz and having Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors expire before it explodes.
  • Fixed certain wave projectiles (e.g. Arca Plasmor) bouncing off hit proxy shields (e.g. Volt’s Electric Shield, Gara’s Mass Vitrify).
  • Fixed Void Strike (Madurai) not affecting the damage output of Flame Blast (Madurai).
  • Fixed Transferring into Operator causing hold Abilities to continue holding until you Transfer back into your Warframe (e.g. Ember Fireball charge).
  • Fixed Nezha’s Blazing Chakram stuttering for some Clients.
  • Fixed Nezha’s Blazing Chakram flight path getting blocked by Swarm Mutalist MOA’s spores.
  • Fixed blinding/deafening effects on NPCs clearing if their perceiver is unregistered and re-registered (e.g. stunned).
  • Fixed Nyx’s Chaos Sphere Augment being removed when another cast occurs.
  • Fixed Clem Clones being infinitely spawnable in the Simulacrum.
  • Fixed the Mote Amp having Arsenal stats for a secondary fire, even though it only has a primary fire.
  • Fixed Zenith alt-fire projectile showing enemies with the Warframe Energy color. It now uses the Zenith Energy color.
  • Fixed Tennogen Skins not applying the base Chroma mesh when toggle Prime details is flagged off.
  • Fixed marker icons potentially having inconsistent scaling.
  • Fixed overlapping screens when opening Navigation right before getting an Apothic transmission during The Silver Grove quest.
  • Fixed seeing numerous copies of owned Syandanas. This cluttered up the Syandana Arsenal screen, so you will now only see 1 even if you own/are Gifted multiple.
  • Fixed the mission timer stopping if the Host enters Navigation while it is counting down.
  • Fixed blinding Eidolon fights among other things by making sure adaptive exposure was working on all FX in dark settings.
  • Toned down the FX for Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones when firing the Phantasma.
  • Fixed several weapons appearing to have misaligned firing VFX.
  • Fixed Blast Status FX showing on invisible weapons. 
  • Fixed an issue where certain elemental FX would appear behind the player in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed some weapons (Dakra Prime, Deimos Claw Skin, etc) having an incredibly long weapon trail FX.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't bullet jump off of a zipline.
  • Fixes towards inability to match-make when selecting a Ghoul Bounty.
  • Fixed shields (Sigma & Octantis, etc) equipping oddly on Chroma Prime’s arm.
  • Fixed Operator Arcane customization screen not actually saving Arcane changes.
  • Fixed inability to use the Zanuka Beacon if Zanuka had captured you in the past.
  • Fixed enemies being able to detect you through the glass in Grineer Galleon Spy Vaults.
  • Fixed scrolling to the bottom of the Syndicate Tab in the World State Window and switching to the Fissure Tab sometimes resulting in no fissure missions being displayed.
  • Fixed equipping weapons on your Operator when recovered during Operator form in Zanuka recovery missions.
  • Fixed bright flickering on Rell's Donda market diorama in Iron Wake.
  • Fixed Silva and Aegis custom hoster positioning issues during certain attacks and when capturing targets.
  • Fixed Sentinel "Sacrifice" mod sometimes failing to activate if a teammate tries to revive you and then fails at the last second.
  • Fixed Operators walking funny on ziplines after aiming down sights
  • Fixed buffs/debuffs permanently stacking on Zaws after activating and deactivating Titania's Archwing. A common result was melee speed getting slower and slower.
  • Fixed a problem where some characters' knees and elbows would move the wrong way.
  • Fixed Limbo’s silhouette missing his hat when viewed through terrain or other obstructions.
  • Fixed being teleported to the entrance of the (non-custom) Dojo Obstacle Course room when falling off the edge in Operator mode, instead of being teleported to the beginning of the Course as intended.
  • Fixed some decos in the Plains of Eidolon and Cetus remaining dark while everything else brightened during the Night to Day transition. Also fixed an issue with some decos suddenly popping to bright day colors.
  • Fixed flicker in the sky during Day/Night transition in the Plains of Eidolon and Cetus.
  • Fixed players being able to progress in Vor’s Prize even if they have not crafted the Ascaris Negator and completed the tutorial.
  • Fixed Eximus units sometimes not having their red aura.
  • Fixed an issue with the platforms being far too bright white in Mastery Rank 10 making it hard to see.
  • Fixed Mastery Rank 23 test failing causing the game to lock up if completed with very little time remaining.
  • Fixed issues where the Mastery Rank 13 test could become uncompletable.
  • Fixed Corpus Outpost skybox fog issues causing there to be floating terrain in the distance.
  • Fixed other players being capable of activating vanishing platforms in Dojo custom obstacle courses while another player is running the course.
  • Fixed an issue where using the Codex, Mod screen, Foundry or Incubator would leave your head tracking stuck at whatever the last "diegetic position" was.
  • Fixed blowout on foliage from spotlights in Cetus.
  • Fixed rare case where player could get stuck in falling boulder while playing the Apostasy Prologue.
  • Fixed the Treasure Hunter challenge not working for Clients.
  • Fixed hostage standing in the rescue room with all of the portal panels instead of hiding in one of the portals on Zeipel, Lua.
  • Fixed Gems mined in the Plains of Eidolon not showing up in the Mining tab in the Foundry after they’ve been refined.
  • Fixed map remaining on screen in decoration mode in the Dojo.
  • Fixed invited guests in Orbiter seeing Warframe Statue stuttering in Personal Quarters.
  • Fixes towards Ambulas dropship material issues.
  • Fixed bugs related to previewing UI themes.
  • Fixed an issue where Warframe hands and Melee weapons would jitter when rotated.
  • Fixed an issue where opening the Starchart would hang if a player has an overabundance of ship decorations.
  • Fixed an issue where guns that appear to fire from both barrels on every shot would only play the recoil animation on the right hand.
  • Fixed a number of issues with AI animations when deciding to switch between cover, shooting, running, and flanking.
  • Fixed reload animation issues with the Rubico Prime.
  • Fixed a missing idle animation for the Gammacor.
  • Fixed the Tigris firing when doing a roll animation.
  • Fixed Bombard animation freezing while changing weapons in the Plains of Eidolon
  • Fixed all variants of the Strun playing animation and sound FX on reload but not adding ammo to magazine, causing it to get stuck in a reloading loop. 
  • Fixed Grineer Flameblades freezing up in animations when dropping from the Dropship in the Plains.
  • Fixed an issue where using Arching Launchers in the Plains of Eidolon and a Remote Observer would permanently detach a player's camera.
  • Fixed Mods not displaying on pickup when driving a Dargyn.
  • Fixed issues with Vauban's Citadel Axe Skin now showing proper open/closed states when browsing. This also fixes a similar problem with the Silva and Aegis.
  • Fixed an issue with missing Affinity when destroying an Eidolon Synova while not in Operator mode.
  • Fixed an issue with missing 'Zenurik' Mod filtering options when Modding Archwing.
  • Fixed an issue that would occur with Squad markers turning into a green circle in some transitions.
  • Fixed issues with Articula not playing nicely with nun-chuck style weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where getting stuck in a forward-walking position could occur if activating a context action while moving.
  • Fixed issues in Europa tiles where players could escape the map.
  • Fixed issues with the Kronen Prime not behaving nicely in the Foundry and Arsenal.
  • Fixed issues with armor and Emblems not playing nice with the Oberon Blade of the Lotus Skin.
  • Fixed gravity not affecting certain Warframe abilities at all when aim-glide was held.
  • Fixed some gear items not being consumed as Operator (i.e Scanners).
  • Fixed Steel Meridian Allies not reloading correctly.
  • Fixed health bars over enemies and decorations remaining visible when they are no longer on the screen.
  • Fix an issue where switching from Sentinel to Kavat/Kubrow in the Simulacrum Arsenal would lead to heavy spot-loading.
  • Fixed see-through platform on the Grineer Shipyards tile set.
  • Fixed Grineer patrollers standing around when night falls on the Plains of Eidolon if they were too far from base. Now they will continue their patrols when the sun sets instead of taking an extended break.
  • Fixed bushes getting a little too excited in medium/high wind on the Plains of Eidolon. They should sway more realistically now.
  • Fixed Plains of Eidolon capture objective failing if no players could be found near the Capture Target.
  • Fixed some enemies changing color upon death.
  • Fixed erroneous Bounty matchmaking cases. This was triggered by selecting a Bounty, cancelling said Bounty and then selecting a different Bounty, upon which you would matchmake with the cancelled Bounty.
  • Fixed cases of Bounties failing when trying to start a Cave Encounter in the Plains.
  • Fixed Mesa’s Shatter Shield and Chroma’s Cold Elemental Ward not damaging certain enemies.
  • Fixed Inaros’ Sandstorm radius stat showing diameter.
  • Fixed the Ammo Case Mod not functioning for Clients after going in and out and then back in to the Plains from Cetus.
  • Fixed the Sentinel Burst Rifle muzzle showing all 4 frames of the texture.
  • Fixed squadmate riding a Dargyn not being teleported to Cetus doors when the extraction timer hits 0:00, resulting in them having to walk/fly to extraction themselves before the team can extract.
  • Fixed issue where the Arsenal would freeze when loading a large number of Melee weapons.
  • Fixed issue where Landing Craft cutscene didn’t play when entering a Relay and Landing Craft didn’t appear at the Hangar.
  • Fixed some Refined Relics not appearing as owned in the Codex.
  • Fixed Cold Status Effect icons not appearing on certain Mods.
  • Fixed Khora Accumulating Whipclaw Augment success sound playing even when you don't have the Augment equipped.
  • Fixed the Arca Plasmor's projectiles bouncing off walls instead of exploding on impact.
  • Fixed an issue where Adaptive Exposure would randomly turn everything black.
  • Fixed the Kunshu Syandana having invisible collision on Saryn Skins.
  • Fixed the Sildarg Syandana clipping through Saryn Skins.
  • Fixed the Nidus Phryke Skin appearing to slightly shake when viewing the Star Chart.
  • Fixed some enemies (e.g. MOA's) getting permanently stuck in looping reaction animations in Void Fissure missions.
  • Fixes towards Scanners not functioning for Clients. This also fixes cases where Helios would not scan new entries.
  • Fixed Volt’s Discharge not hitting any enemies after reaching Zone 2 in an Sanctuary Onslaught mission.
  • Fixed inability to Channel your Melee weapon while sprinting.
  • Fixed Gifting of Warframes showing "item already owned" error.
  • Fixed changing the color of a Cernos weapon resulting in the bow string to be loose and then pulled back.
  • Fixed issue where players were forced to wait for the countdown timer to finish in Endless Void Fissure missions if the “Sort by” menu was active when the timer began.
  • Fixed Clients sometimes seeing a broken 'progress' bar throughout a Interception mission when joining a game-in-progress.
  • Fixed Clients being unable to see the portal VFX in Lua Rescue missions.
  • Fixed a progress stopper in The War Within’s "Infiltrate the Grineer Asteroid Fortress" mission.
  • Fixed duplicate "distance to target" labels in Archwing Exterminate missions.
  • Fixed black and untextured wreckage pieces in the Archwing Interception mission.
  • Fixed enemies getting stuck in ice walls in Stöfler Defense mission on Lua.
  • Fix Umbra being equipped if you fail/abort the "Confront Umbra" mission and then inventory sync fails.
  • Fixed enemies getting stuck climbing boxes on loop in Earth Defense missions.
  • Fixed door at the base of the elevator appearing black in Corpus Outpost Defense missions.
  • Fixed steam clouds in Grineer Settlement missions appearing much more intense then they once were.
  • Fixed issues with enemy AI in Grineer Shipyards Defense missions.
  • Fixed electric water in the second mission of Vor’s Prize not dealing damage to players.
  • Fixed issues with AI getting stuck in spawn areas on Lua Defense missions.
  • Fixed minimap border being visible in full map in Corpus Ice Planet missions.
  • Fixed an issue where Clients joining in progress missions may not be able to find the player who picked up a pickup, resulting in the pickup becoming available again if that client then became the Host after a host migration.
  • More fixes towards Grineer Couriers flight navigation in Archwing Pursuit missions.
  • Fixed Defectors falling through the floor in the Corship Ship Defection tileset, resulting in inability to extract.
  • Fixed Defection missions not spawning the correct number of Colonists, and therefore not counting rescued squads correctly.
  • Fixed inability to collect a Mandachord part in Octavia’s Anthem quest which halted progression.
  • Fixed the musical note trail moving erratically during Octavia’s Anthem Quest.
  • Fixed final door not opening in the first mission of the Glast Gambit Quest.
  • Fixes towards fly in cinematic showing Galleon ship instead of Planet Earth during The Silver Grove Quest.
  • Fixed death cam appearing out of the level when killed by Umbra during the “Confront Umbra” mission in The Sacrifice Quest.
  • Fixed Umbra running around in circles lost looking for player if the player is standing on a specific ledge during the “Confront Umbra” mission in The Sacrifice Quest.
  • Fixed issue where Umbra would stand still if the Operator jumped onto a certain platform during The Sacrifice Quest.
  • Fixed flickering FX during certain moments in The Sacrifice quest.
  • Fixed transference prompt not appearing during The War Within Quest, halting progress.
  • Fixed issue where some large fish would clip through the Warframe’s head when the fish was being held.
  • Fixed issue where a hacked door panel would not open until the player had moved away from the door.
  • Fixed deselecting an Arcane not removing the complete Credit value in the Inventory sell screen.
  • Fixed issue where, when players reviewed their Profiles while in the trade item selection window at Maroo’s Bazaar, their information would appear behind items.
  • Fixed rocks in Cetus and on the Plains of Eidolon appearing shiny and damp even when it was not raining.
  • Fixed missing textures on the Xiphos Landing Craft.
  • Fixed issue in Landing Craft Decoration mode where fast camera movement would clip out of the Landing Craft.
  • Fixed issue in the Plains of Eidolon where fishing Bait and Dyes did not float after a Host migration occurred.
  • Fixed issue in Stolen Dreams where Maroo would stand still instead of dropping to the ground when the player would take her down to Capture her.
  • Fixed Rescue Target AI breaking if players hacked the rescue cell with their Operators then switched back to their Warframes.
  • Fixed issue where the Index would get stuck if there was a Host migration during the rewards screen between rounds.
  • Fixed issue where there was a large hitch when a player clicked Randomize under the loadout button.
  • Fixed Noggles appearing excessively large for a frame or two when first logging in.
  • Fixed the Revenant Warframe Blueprint not appearing in the Codex as a reward under any Eidolon variant.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors with very low Duration on laggy Clients possibly causing perpetual ‘ABILITY IN USE’.
  • Fixed Nyx’s Chaos Sphere Augment not always grabbing every enemy in its radius.
  • Fixed ranking up Octavia's Conductor Augment not actually increasing the speed of Resonator.
  • Fixed seeing 2 different Energy colors when casting Chroma’s Spectral Scream.
  • Fixed Warframe Abilities affecting Dargyns (Chroma’s Elemental Ward) when an ally has mounted it.
  • Fixed casting Mesa's Peacemaker Ability unintentionally refreshing the Arca Scisco buff, but not actually increasing the Critical Chance. Casting Mesa's Peacemaker Ability should not activate/refresh the Arca Scisco buff .
  • Fixed Gara’s Splinter Storm ability breaking Corpus reinforced glass.
  • Fixed Archwing being deployable in the Simulacrum.
  • Fixed enemies frequently spawning behind walls on the Mars tileset.
  • Fixed misaligned Interception points in the Corpus Ship tileset.
  • Fixed a pillar with no collision in the Corpus Outpost tileset.
  • Fixed player shadow flickering caused by welding lights in the Grineer Shipyard tileset.
  • Fixed Maroo’s Bazaar minimap being disconnected.
  • Fixed Players not appearing online when you’re waiting for them in the Friends or Clan lists.
  • Fixed cave doors not opening when playing a Sortie mission in the Plains.
  • Fixed Gram Prime not using correct sound FX.
  • Fixed being unable to preview Instrument Pack sounds when clicking on them via the “Swap Melody/Bass/Percussion” menus.
  • Fixed the Lex and Lex Prime having no revolver magazine or fire sounds with the Perla Pistol Skin.
  • Fixed an issue where Archwing Launcher would not play proper sounds when unequipping.
  • Fixed the Attica playing sounds at a lowered pitch.
  • Fixed Nikana Zaw unsheath and spin sounds not playing on idle animation.
  • Fixed issue where weapons held by Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones made a firing sound. Now, only Mirage’s weapon can be heard.
  • Fixed rare case of hearing random jumbled dialog when loading into Maroo’s Bazaar.
  • Fixed various audio issues with Chroma’s Spectral Scream ability.
  • Fixed cases of audio being muffled during Void Defence missions.
  • Fixed an issue with the Music Volume slider not affecting Mandachord songs in the Somachord.
  • Fixed nav issue in the Grineer Shipyard Defense tileset.
  • Fixed a level hole on Lua.
  • Fixed a level hole in the Grineer Settlements on Mars.
  • Fixed a level hole in the Grineer Forests on Earth as well as improved navigation for AI.
  • Fixed a level hole in the Cambria tileset on Earth.
  • Fixed level holes in Lua Extermination tilesets.
  • Fixed level holes in the Grineer Asteroid tilesets.
  • Fixed level hole that would allow players to leave the map in the Grineer Fortress tileset.
  • Fixed holes in the vents on Laomedeia Spy on Neptune.
  • Fixed being able to bullet jump out of the elevator and out of the map in the Infested Ship Tileset.
  • Fixed Dojo MOTD not indicating that a Herald Role is required to edit.
  • Fixed the Grineer Exhaust Fan Decoration having an incorrect description.
  • Fixed the True Punishment Mod missing its description.
  • Fixed roman numerals in titles using both capital and lowercase characters. They now appear as all capitals.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect text descriptions for Ruk's Claw.
  • Fixed Trinity Prime’s skirt appearing wonky.
  • Fixed the Eos Shoulder Plates causing Emblems to be different sizes on Deluxe Warframe Skins.
  • Fixed clipping issues with Umbra’s loin cloth.
  • Fixed issues with Excalibur's Pendragon helmet cloth lagging at lower framerates.
  • Fixed issues with Excalibur Umbra's scarf disconnecting at times.
  • Fixed Sildarg Syandana clipping with a few Warfame Skins.
  • Fixed Nyx's Chaos illusions' Syandanas not applying the chosen Energy colour.
  • Fixed the Kunshu Syandana clipping with the back spine of Hydroid Prime with the Graxx Skin equipped.
  • Fixed numerous clipping issues Syandanas on Ash Prime, Hydroid, Trinity Prime, and Frost TennoGen Skins.
  • Fixed missing Syandana offsets on Nezha Empyrean skin.
  • Fixed many Syandanas’ clipping with Nezha's Empyrean Skin
  • Fixed numerous Syandana placements when equipped on Rhino/Rhino Prime.
  • Fixed the Syrinx Leg Plates partially clipping into the Banshee's leg.
  • Fixed Vauban Citadel Skin and some Syandanas having invisible collision which caused them to float or get twisted when equipped.
  • Fixed Sugatras clipping through the Warframe’s hands when equipped on the Orthos.
  • Fixed several Syandanas clipping through Trinity Primes skirt.
  • Fixed certain Syandanas clipping through Chroma’s Dynasty Skin.
  • Fixed the Ba'Geth TennoGen Tonfa Skin clipping through the Warframe's arm when equipped.
  • Fixed the Nosos Syandana clipping when equipped on the Banshee Soprana Skin.
  • Fixes towards the Icarius Syandana clipping with several Warframes.
  • Fixed some TennoGen Helmet’s missing their Icons in the Inventory screen.
  • Fixed a crash in the Sacrifice that occurred if an Operator hadn’t been upgraded.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after a Host migration if you had an active Specter.
  • Fixed a crash when joining a Lunaro match.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to Grab in Frame Fighter.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when in the Plains of Eidolon due to the Fishing Gear.
  • Fixed Frost’s Ice Wave ability causing performance problems/crashes when cast into a wall/above a large pit right when choosing a reward in a Void Fissure mission.
  • Fixed crash that would occur on the first mission on Earth during The Sacrifice Quest.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Nova’s Null Star ability.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Revenant’s Mesmer Skin ability.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Nezha’s Warding Halo ability.
  • Fixed Nyx’s Chaos Sphere Augment script error.
  • Fixed script error that appeared when selecting an incubating Kubrow from the Arsenal.
  • Fixed a script error when switching loadouts in the Arsenal > Upgrade screen.
  • Fixed script error that could make it impossible to use Transference with Umbra during the Chase Umbra mission in The Sacrifice Quest.
  • Fixed script error occurring when interacting with Polychrome in the Dojo.
  • Fixes towards a script error upon entering/leaving the Plains of Eidolon.
  • Fixed a script error when Upgrading Mods at the Mod Station.
  • Fixed a script error in certain Grineer Sealab Defense missions.
  • Fixed a rare case of Plains session timing out.

Conclave Changes Fixes:

  • Fixed kills achieved by Warframe Abilities that summon AI (Rumblers, Shadows, etc) not counting towards Conclave Challenges.
  • Fixed an issue where ending a Conclave match with a Radiation Status Effect would treat you as if you were on the opposing team.
  • Fixed not being able to pick up the Cephalon if it was dropped in the air in Conclave.
  • Fixed Cephalon Carrier time not resetting upon getting a kill in any Dedicated Server matches.
  • Fixed Lunaro lobby lighting being too bright to show team flag designs in Conclave.
  • Fixed several Conclave Mods missing descriptions.



Oct 30 Hotfix #1:

*Behind the scenes fixes - nothing to note!

Oct 30 Hotfix #2:

  • Fixed an issue with being unable to place multiple Decorations in the Dojo. 

Oct 31 Hotfix #3:

  • Fixed an issue with keybindings.

Nov 7 Hotfix #4:

  • Fixed towards matchmaking issues.

Nov 8 Hotfix #5:

We have tweaked Dispositions across the board (on all platforms!), to better uphold the delicate balance of power that Rivens represent (excluding Melee Rivens until Melee 3.0).

Please read our Developer Workshop for more information and direct your feedback/comments: 

Sentinel weapon Rivens have been removed from the Riven generation pool. Those who own Sentinel weapon Rivens will still have them in their Inventories. Obtaining a Sentinel weapon Riven was simply lackluster compared to more applicable weapons.

We also want to take this moment to let you know that the console team is already deep in the process of working on a build candidate for Fortuna to send to cert. As usual, status threads will be posted once we have successfully done so! We all lift together, Tenno!


Nov 9 Hotfix #6:

Riven Disposition Changes:

  • Reverted Staticor Riven Disposition change - it now matches the Dev Workshop values.
  • Vaykor Hek now has 0.7 Disposition as intended with the Riven Disposition Changes from Update 24. When tweaking Riven Dispositions we missed the Vaykor Hek when changing the normal Hek - they now have matching Dispositions.

Please see the full Dev Workshop for full info on recent Riven Disposition Changes:

Nov 13 Hotfix #7:



For the first time ever, the volatile Nova Prime is back from the Vault. Along with this master of antimatter is the energetic Mag Prime, high-demand Vaulted Prime Accessories, Prime Weapons and discounted Platinum.


Magnetic Mayhem Dual Pack Features:

  • 1200 Platinum
  • Nova Prime
  • Mag Prime
  • Soma Prime
  • Boar Prime
  • Dakra Prime
  • Vasto Prime
  • Edo Prime Armor Set
  • Yamako Prime Syandana
  • Distilling Extractor Prime + Blueprint
  • Velorum Prime Sigil
  • Prime Glyphs


Nova Prime Pack Features:

  • 400 Platinum
  • Nova Prime
  • Soma Prime
  • Vasto Prime
  • Edo Prime Armor Set
  • Velorum Prime Sigil
  • Prime Glyphs/Profile Icons


Mag Prime Pack Features:

  • 400 Platinum
  • Mag Prime
  • Boar Prime
  • Dakra Prime
  • Yamako Prime Syandana
  • Distilling Extractor Prime + BP
  • Prime Glyphs/Profile Icons


Nova Accessory Pack Features:

  • 200 Platinum
  • Edo Prime Armor Set
  • Velorum Prime Sigil


Mag Prime Accessory Pack Features:

  • 200 Platinum
  • Yamako Prime Syandana
  • Distilling Extractor Prime + Blueprint

Nova Prime, Mag Prime, Soma Prime, Boar Prime, Dakra Prime, and Vasto Prime Relics have been added to Plains of Eidolon Bounties, and in the Void drop table.

Contained within some of these newly released Prime Vault Relics, is a brand new Prime weapon - Akvasto Prime; Orokin craftsmanship married with superior firepower. Dual Vastos, primed and ready to strike!

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Every addition to the Dojo is apprecciated, but i wonder if it is possible to increase the dojo's rooms maximum capacity? (now we can only create 100 rooms, increasing the limit to 150 or even 200 would be awesome).

Oh and what about a "Standard (or maybe -Coprus-Grineer-Tenno-Infested- if it's not too much on the screen)/Prime/Tennogen" filters or category for the cosmetics? They're starting to be a lot!

Good job, keep it up, you're doing great! 😄

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5 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:


  • Operators now have an A / B / C Customization config option for clothing and accessories! 
  • Added ability to swap your A B C Appearance loadout order in the Arsenal!
  • Added ability to swap your Mod loadout order in the Arsenal! This works the same way as dragging/dropping your A B C Appearance loadout order.

That's nice and all, very much requested and needed, but how come we still can't rearrange the actual loadouts? Some of us put things in alphabetical order, some by use, some of us have four Saryn Primes and want each loadout right next to each other.https://i.imgur.com/78UlaD7.png

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6 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

C̶̹̃h̴̊̍̐͜i̶͓̩͛̽m̸̨̈́͘e̴̤̒ŕ̸͉͋̕å̸̙̭͕: Update 23.10.6

UI Changes:Numerous UI screens have received updated Theme revisions, such as various Zaw weapon screens (Hok), Daily Tribute, generic menu screens, and more.This is our continued UI rollout as noted here:

And yet still no fix for having to mash the (fragile) right bumper button two hundred and sixty times to donate sentient cores to the quills.  How long ago did PoE come out? because that's how long I've been pointing this out.  The garbage XBOX bumper buttons are their weak spot - no need to force us to break them and get carpal tunnel syndrome in the process with an equally garbage interface for donating cores.  The changes to the selection method for multiple mods should be used as a baseline for this.


Also, since we have this fancy-pantsy cursor, why can't we cursor over usernames in the mission summary screen and see their loadouts like we can on PC?



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So if I'm at day 650, I'm no longer guaranteed to get Sigma and Octantis in 50 logins?  Now I just get a CHANCE to receive it, with 200 days until my next chance?  It's the only piece of MR gear I have left, so that would completely suck.  I guess someone thought this was a good idea.  Probably the same genius that changed the use button on the gear wheel.

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30 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Oct 31 Hotfix #3 is live!

  • Fixed an issue with keybindings.

Not sure if anyone else is having issues but we were having problems since the chimera update (not this hotfix) with energy pads not providing energy (with no toggled abilities on).

Happened to both myself and a friend in multiple missions.  Randomly spamming abilities (transference, turning on/off toggled abilities etc) would occasionally get them to start working but sometimes they just would pulse but not provide energy.


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1 hour ago, (XB1)Vindicator30 said:

Is it just me or is it harder to tell what you're trying to hit with the Arca Plasmor, like by a lot!!?

Yes - in my opinion the new visuals for the Arca are horrible.  I really preferred the old visual but I guess when all  you have is a hammer, all the world is a nail. and in this case, DE's hammer is their new particle engine.

The same goes for Nova's antimatter ball - I could see it much more easily before it got the PBR treatment (in this case, PBR=Particle Bad Rework)


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