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Riven mods


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Access denied, reloading doesn't solve like it normally does.

Might want to paste the image url or use the provided BBcode address so that the image is posted properly.

There we go. Nice Riven, totally the games way of telling you the meta sucks. Should listen to it :wink:

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7 hours ago, JimRazak said:

Sometimes I feel like I`m being bullied by rivens LOL

Is there any real efficient form to farm kuva?

What is a interesting riven for atterax, this one have 

+42.1% critical

+45% status

+54% Reach

-33% crit to sliding attacks




Keep rolling, you may eventually get something that can replace a mod or two in your build. It takes more time/kuva with lower dispo weapons though

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The efficient way to farm Kuva is to always run the Flood then run every Siphon you can in under 5-6 minutes each, then run the Survival for 20-30 minutes and repeat.

Also always take a Smeeta Kavat with you for the chance of double Kuva.

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