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What if pets could age? Battle Scars, maybe more powerful when they get older?


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I saw this topic the other day...Age Pets or motivation not to remove them. by @INDOGEN

Anyways, I don't just wanna copy the topic, but I think people might've misunderstood the idea. I think I understand it, so I'll give my opinion and try to add some ideas myself. If this is wrong to do, I apologize in advance. I just think INDOGEN has a great idea and I want more people to see it and discuss.

I think a lot of us look at pets in a different way than other NPCs in Warframe. My kavat is just my cat. She's kinda stupid, but I love her. I was actually sad when my first cat died. Especially now that we have "Fetch", I take my Smeeta everywhere. She legit helps me out in missions and she's a KITTY! Of course I'm gonna love her.

I just think that makes pets a perfect place to add more depth. I would love to see pets age and get stronger/better over time. I think it's a harmless area of the game to add buffs from a balance perspective, but I also think it would be another cool way to reward players. What if our pets could get more health and armor? What if we could have an "option" to see battle scars? I think it would be cool if a player who's been playing for 5 years had a kavat or kubrow that looked tougher and like it been through some wars. Maybe even mods like Charm could improve as you play the game longer? I think this would just give a lot more value to pets. Your current year+ kavat or kubrow would mean something very different to you than a younger one. Idk, I just think it's a really cool idea.

Please discuss. I'm really curious if anybody else thinks this could be a good idea? Thanks for reading. 😉


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18 minutes ago, BL4CKN0ISE said:

Maybe even mods like Charm could improve as you play the game longer?

So, we then get all the complaints of "we are being penalised"?

  • How would you work this out? By the years played or the hours played? Obviously, it would be more logical to use hours played. Simply because years played just means "rough time since account creation" - there is no real correlation between years played and time spent in game.


Nothing ages in this game. Give one good reason why kavats/kubrows should.

  • They are clones, presumably based on a method similar to how the Grineer were made. None of this applies to Grineer. It is illogical for this to be implemented.


What about my frame I have been using for three years? Can I have battle scars and the like on that? It has been through plenty of battles. 


I do not think this system is a good idea.

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Has stated above, nothing in this game ages, and pets specially shouldnt, they are basically pets that we accelerated, they are born unnaturally and also matured unnaturally, which makes them similar to Grineer, has in they decay.

The idea this post seems to want it to make so that pets get stronger whit time, which is stupid in many levels, we already have MR which already makes the pet stronger whit each level it gets till MR 30, making the pet get stronger based on hours or time would be unfair for MOAs and Sentinels, since Kubrows and Kavats would basically overpower them whit time, plus, if this was implemented, what would be the limit ? would they keep getting stronger forever ? If not, whats the limit ? And having a limit wouldn't brake the idea of it getting stronger has time goes on?

People have an obsession whit ageing things in Warframe, wen they dont realize ageing just doesn't work in Warframe, the only thing that gets better whit time is you and nothing else, everything else is and will always be the same for everyone else, or else it would be unfair.

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