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Thanks for Watching Devstream #122!


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That new frame (Hildryn?) is so gorgeous O.O I have to get my grind on to prepare for her arrival so eveything is nice and set for her instead of the messy backlog of unranked frames and weapons I have now... Btw is it just me or does everyone have backlogs of books, games, movies, tv shows?.. I think I actually have a backlog of backlogs XD

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2 hours ago, Raphaello said:

Can we get the Official spelling, for the names of the two new Warframes that were showcased?

It was pretty hard to hear one name to begin with... and the other has a few spellings that I can imagine being used.



The names are somewhere in this article. 

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13 hours ago, (NSW)SayZer0 said:

All i wanted to know was when mesa prime access is coming on switch 😞


All these delays, while understandable, are actually very disappointing. I appreciate wanting to prioritize quality updates but when the hype and expectations of time has been triggered, it's hard to swallow a news of delay, twice. 


Since the relics for the mesa prime access pack are already on switch for some reason, is it possible that we could just get a server update and have the Mesa Prime access available on the market? 

I wasn't able to watch the devstream but I'm really disappointed to find out that the update got delayed again. I just wish they didn't announce it, it would've been better if they waited until the update has been submitted to Nintendo before announcing something like that. Also, why not give us the the color bug fix now? We've been waiting exactly one month for that fix. Instead of including the fix for that bug in Thursday's hotfix they've instead decided to include it with the Fortuna update even though it's ready. Why? We need to wait until they submit the update and then for Nintendo to approve it which could take a month. And when are we going to get Mesa Prime? All these delays and lack of information for the Switch version is really disappointing. I really hope they don't delay the update for a third time.

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Just now, (PS4)Draxwen said:

You're both wrong 

Since the releases of warframes goes female male female male 

Muscle lady is a girl 

And wisp is a boy

Space mom referred to wisp as a "her" in the official stream overview at wf official site mon ami.

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