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Baruuk needs a buff

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His 3 interrupts his 2.
And they share a common (range) stat.

If 3s damage didn't interrupt his 2... 
Perhaps have it raise alert level by 1 stage, instead of fully..
and have sleep not be undone by this.
(would make it risky but functional in stealth)

Building for his 3 is range based, and his 2 is range based.
..even if you drop range for the 3, it still messes up your 2
when you get close enough for finishers.

If his 2's distance were Duration based (like Nova),
You could build low range toward sleepy finisher kills..
greater risk to self with 1, but sleep mitigates that.
..more efficient 1/2/4 abilities, less Str dependent..
Build high aggro toward Str and range,
less duration, but greater focus on 3 and 4,
with a full range 1, brief but huge sleep,
and faster energy spending.

Right now because of the interaction between his 2nd and 3rd ability,
he steps on his own toes, with no good option to build away from it.

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