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Update 10.2.0


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It’s Tenno Reinforcement Friday, so get ready to obliterate crowds with the Galatine—a massive two-handed great sword with the strength to carve through multiple opponents at once!


See it in action here:





  • Galatine, a Tenno-forged great sword has been added to the market!
  • Blueprints now show build requirements.
  • Hush and Suppress mods now lower the sound of weapons when equipped.
  • Mods available from the Referral Program can now be found in-game or through Mod packs in the Market.



  • Carrier would only suck up drops with Vacuum if the host has not picked them up already. Now he sucks up drops regardless of if the host has picked them up!
  • After greasing the gears of the prime boar it now moves when firing and reloading.
  • Fix for Ignis and other weapons causing Pickups to go crazy by flying off the map if they had not come to rest.
  • Fix for sounds/music not always playing when starting a mission.
  • Fix for some hit sound effects constantly playing and never dying out.
  • Fixed footstep and slide sound effects randomly not playing.
  • Fixed visual and sound effects looping endlessly when firing projectile weapons at certain surfaces (doors, railings, lights, etc).
  • Fixed Suppress/Hush mod to actually reduce sound effect volume of the weapon it’s attached to.
  • Rage mod no longer converts oxygen-depletion damage in Survival mode to energy and will not convert asphyxiation or vampire damage to energy


Drum contest is now live! Go here for the details: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/113786-drum-contest-is-now-live/

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