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Operation: Scarlet Spear: Hotfix 27.3.2


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Ok, matchmaking is utter crap:

- ground mission I found myself solo or in 2 frame squads, at best

- railjack mission I found myself always playing solo due to lack of other players - kill codes dropping sporadically... to do 9/9 on the murex I was I wasted 45 minutes

If this again is the quality we can expect since 2019 year of quality... don't bother and don't waste customer's time

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This event is literally unplayable to the point that it's going to drive me away of this game.

Seriously i spend more time trying to find a instance where i can play than playing the game.

And forget bringing a squad before, I spend your time forging squad, then hoping into station, disbanding rince and repeat I played 2 mission today and Solo because forming a squad in advance is S#&$.

A full day lost, going on instances showing progress but in fact no there is nothing.
I can't join RJ party either because everytime I do I lost the connection to the squad.

I was eager for this update but it's going to make me quit if I can't play the game.


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Okay feedback on flotila level:

Did 3 ground mission in PUG got to wave 17/5/15 respectively, end of mission my flotilla rank is 1.

Check the ground leaderboard: I'm rank 4 @ 2715 point, number one @3870 point, he is flotila rank 2.

Check the space leaderboard : the top level is flotila rank 3 with 6620, the last one @ 3750 points.

Can someone @de_Absolutexplain this ranking system please ?

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On 2020-03-25 at 8:03 AM, Voltage said:

Nothing is worse in Warframe than being unable to go at your own pace. Slowing down in space because the random pub 4 squad on the ground is taking a while to produce codes is infuriating after the first few times.

Rewards really need to be addressed. 8 players across the squad link should share the same points income one way or another. There should not be a situation where someone has an incentive to invest in a specific side of this event and not the other as this will create imbalance in the matchmaking structure.

both points are the crux of why this event is annoying or disappointing.


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I ran 3 murrex raids today on 3 different timers over a period of 9 hours. Each different instance of the flotilla got stuck at 92/100 murrex driven away because codes were no longer being received in space even though there were 12 ground teams uploading and 5 space teams minimum. Our team even switched to a ground assault to just help and still the space teams were receiving any codes. For those 3 relays no one received any bonus because the relay capped itself at 92/100, for this to happen 3 days in 1 day is no coincidence and has completely put me off the game, it is horrible to spend so much time and effort with friends to only get the shaft because of a “bug” that only triggers when we’re getting close to 100/100 with over 1.2hours left on the timer, this isn’t a bug this is your code stopping or breaking down at such an amazing moment, I wonder why codes don’t get stuck at 10/100 so people just don’t bother wasting their time getting to 100/100

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