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Cephalon Joke-a-Thon Contest [Winners Announced]

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"operator i would like to inform you i had found another warm coat mod while you were last gone, i place it with the rest in the incinerator, as requested."

feel free to swap warm coat with whatever item every player has too many of, morphics, dread blueprints, emails from konzu telling you that the ghouls are back, whatever. 

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Operator...Cetus reports indicate a new Sentient variation that has been identified...It seems to employ demolitio-BLOWING UP- Grineer sites. They've dubbed it a...BOMBALYST! 

Did the Operator enjoy more witticism? 

Unrelated but thought I'd comment on this.


Operator, Ordis wonders...Why do you spend so much time upgrading your Warframe....s appearance? What do they call it? Frame Fashion?

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