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Cephalon Joke-a-Thon Contest [Winners Announced]

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Ordis blurts :Operator would you like to hear a joke?

                       Ten Corpus are transported for  

         an assault on a Grineer outpost, but only nine

         arrive. Why is that operator?


No 'MOA' was allowed!

                         Does that cause the operator to 

         experience what is called laughter?


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operator!!! why people are running after kuva???

a. if operator drank kuva blood (deranged...NO ITS BAD)

b. if operator gives it to Teshen ( WAS IT GOOD DECISION?)

c. if operator destroyed it ( just maniac laugh...FEELS GOOD Doesn't it?)

normal Ordis voice ...ITS BAD??

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Returning from a mission :

*Soft music is playing in the Orbiter (like the one in a quest I will not spoil)*
*Ordis hums, then starts to sing *
*The music suddenly stops*

Oh, you're back, Operator ? Um... (clears throat, then with an embarrassed voice) ... Hello !

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