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Hot take: The reason so many players are frustrated with nerfs and want to be unkillable demigods is because the base gameplay of Warframe isn't fun anymore.

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1 hour ago, Samhel said:

Roar even nerfed is still better than Rage, Decoy, Dessication, Molt, Firewalker, Eclipse, Fire Blast or almost half of the warframe abilities not only in the subsuming list but from all warframe abilities...

By useless I mean either really really weak dmg dealing abilities or things that literally would have no use other than for draining your energy... 

Nobody will use those abilities even if they nerfed the obvious choices. Technically roar gives you dmg / ability strength buff and that is why it's so good. Not because of the numbers but because of what it actually does. Changing the numbers won't stop people from using it. Useless abilities are useless no matter what you do to others. Even if these good abilities now going to run with low numbers they are still doing more then the ones we call useless, so the problem is not solved at all. They just triggered everyone with it...

Sorry. I agree with you. I was sarcastically repeating some of the pro-DE arguments that people are making. There are people who are saying that anyone who is critical of DE's Helminth nerfs is being childish and immature. I absolutely agree that nerfing these abilities won't make the other ones more compelling. Those abilities aren't appealing to a lot of people, and nerfing the few good ones doesn't make the rest better. DE doesn't understand that, and neither do the people who support DE's decision. Nerfing the few appealing abilities just makes the entire system unappealing. That's why there's such a big backlash to this decision. They're nerfing the only appealing thing about the system for a lot of people.

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This game just isn't any fun any more due to the fact that there's too many bugs too and many glitches. Your time is completely unimportant to the game creators who require you to overly grind in order to access the fun content and during the fun content and during the grind you are bound to have a lot of disconnections host migrations and other problems like that that take away from the experience of the players


 As for me personally my time is very valuable and precious to me and the amount of time required in order to make this game fun would almost be worth it if it wasn't for all of the bugs the glitches and the problems that the overweight lazy devs have not addressed since this game's launch. Instead of pushing new content down people's throat it would be a lot more fun to those of us that did enjoy playing this game if you could fix the problems that have forced a lot of the users to continually quit for a long stretches of time. We quit because the bugs in the glitches make the game unplayable and not fun so instead of fixing that the Devs will just produce more content which will produce more bugs and more glitches and more crashes. The devs need to pull their heads out of their butts and figure this out!

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On 2020-08-20 at 11:05 AM, -CdG-Zilchy said:

Sorry but I have to say the game has gotten much easier, not more annoying. Everything is easier to get, faster to get and the enemies are easier to kill.

Have to disagree, the game is either super easy or super annoying it depends on what you bring. Neither extreme is very appealing which is why I don't play much these days.

Solo vaults with my favorite frame and "fun" weapons = annoying. Solo vaults w/Octavia = snoozeville. etc.

Ugh, old thread... :(

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On 2020-08-20 at 10:32 AM, Kel_Silonius said:

The games turned out to be not hack and slash, superpowers and machineguns, but rather speed run to objective, extract asap and go do something else, which is not warframe. For example i only play sortie missions and only if i feel like playing them. I basically login for daily rewards.

*checks nightwave 'challenges'* "Complete a capture mission in 90 seconds"

Speed runs? Not true in Warframe! Never!


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On 2020-08-20 at 10:09 AM, Samhel said:

I don't care what people think our reason is to be mad about this, but here's the thing: NERFING GOOD ABILITIES WON'T MAKE USELESS ONES BETTER.

It just pisses us off really badly... Then there's the thing that they said, that they won't nerf abilities just because of the helminth system... AND HERE WE ARE TENNOS. Lies in front of our very eyes. Hundred-thousands of people watched tennocon, what did they think? We won't notice their lies, we don't understand english or what? What?! I was never so dissapointed with gamedevs in my life... Not because of the nerfs, but because of the lies... 

The only other person who spews more lies at this point is Mexico's current president, remember when one of them said they would never add cooldowns to abilities? and then we got Restore Shields.

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On 2020-08-20 at 8:15 AM, SparklyDrew said:

You're absolutely right. The reality is that most (I want to say over half) of all the abilities in the game are just realistically unusable - just completely ineffective. We used to joke about Excal's Super Jump but what about Valkyr's three?

Valkyr's 3 is a bit hilarious to me because it scales off shields for strength - shields, you know, the thing Valkyr has maybe 5 of. Of all the things...for the frame with the greatest amount of armor, but relatively very low shields...

It's just one of many abilities that could benefit from revamps, and I hope the message that I think OP is delivering here - that Warframe has so many abilities with very weak or even anti-synergy, like Paralysis, or that are just straight-up bugged in crippling ways - will come through on a broader scale eventually as well. I'd be happy to skip a big flashy new content update (not to say they aren't nice, or that I don't appreciate the massive effort that undoubtedly goes into them) for a series of much-needed adjustments, fixes, or out-and-out reworks of so many things in Warframe. (I wouldn't mind seeing the death aura on Hysteria disappear too, but that's beside the point.)

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On 2020-08-21 at 1:56 AM, Grey_Star_Rival_Defender said:

I can’t remember the last time I had fun in a regular mission in Warframe.

Arbitrations, maybe.

I probably haven't really had fun in a regular mission since legacy Warframe. Good old days of stamina bar, no bullet jump and Stalker actually being a threat (outside of obvious exploits like standing on top of crates within melee range). Of course legacy Warframe could use some of the QoL improvements we have now, but at least back then I felt like I was actually playing a game during missions.

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On 2020-08-20 at 11:01 AM, SparklyDrew said:

Obviously I can only speak for myself here, but since the launch of Fortuna I have found myself increasingly irritated by the enemies and missions in Warframe. Newer enemies tend to have inconsistent reactions to CC such as Stasis+Cataclysm, inflict too much CC of their own, and are accurate and damaging to a fault. I don't want to play the game when in the Orb Vallis i get one shot as Mesa even with a 95% damage reduction shield after being knocked down and slowed and nullified and magnetic'd by a horde of enemies that leap around like mad. In Scarlet Spear, Limbo's time stop works against all the sentients, until they just decide to ignore it randomly and one shot you through quick thinking. Forget strong warframes or weapons restricting choice, the newer missions and enemies are what's restricting choice. When you aren't having fun playing a mission but you still want to finish it because at the end of the day Warframe is a collectathon, the natural reaction is to spend as little time interacting with the unfun aspects as possible. 

It really feels like DE doesn't understand the majority of the playerbase (or at least what I think is the majority of the playerbase). When the Steel Path was first teased at in an interview, what we expected was a hard mode for the star chart, and an appropriate reward to do these missions instead of the base star chart missions. As it stands right now, the only reason to play the Steel Path is for completion. Once a player has finished the Steel Path, there is no reason to do any mission at +100 level because the rewards aren't there at all. When DE revealed Railjack, i was confused. It's completely unrelated to the rest of the game, the gameplay loop is the exact opposite of the rest of the game and there's no way it could've been polished on launch. If Warframe was a spaceship team based combat game I would've never played it in the first place, so why would I want to play railjack? Most veterans don't play the game for the gameplay anymore, if they did, they would go through each mission slowly shooting each enemy, which is what it feels like DE wants to reduce us to doing.

By making enemies that counter warframe abilities and slowing down the pace of the game as a result, it just feels like there isn't a cohesive direction that DE wants to bring the game in anymore. 

I still play warframe but honestly the only fun I have is getting new frames and weapons. Every new syndicate I have to slowly rank up in or daily standing cap I have to deal with or isolated bubbles with new resources to farm just eats away at the reason I play the game and erodes my fun.

Also Railjack was a massive girthy middle finger to solo players, as is the rest of the game and I'm sick of that.

IMO, Warframe's core gameplay has never been particularly exciting. What made it feel good, though, was the power fantasy. Take that away and the gameplay is boring. I'd be fine with nerfs if the game had more mechanics. That's why I'm ok with the idea of adding features like a cover system, or adding grenades and other tools, even making the melee combat a bit more involved than just hacking and slashing, etc. It's not that Warframe needs those things, but I find them fun, and with more gameplay mechanics, I don't need to rely on extreme power fantasy to have fun. Because of how basic Warframe's core gameplay is, the power fantasy is the only thing that makes it feel good.

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