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PlayStation Heart of Deimos: Nezha Prime: Hotfix #2 + 2.1


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Every time I do either of the two endless Deimos bounties I get gold during the bounty and as I proceed it becomes silver never getting the bonus completed. I have tried this many times strip mining both excavators will survive yet no bonus is ever rewarded. ALSO Nekro shadows causes you to fail the Hold Area Bounty at 100%, if you cast your shadows you fail.

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12 hours ago, (PSN)Jetz_Andy said:

Game breaking bug:

Is there any fix for the bug that makes you unable to attack at all anymore after going operator and then back into your warframe? It's been happening alot lately. 

You either get killed or jump out of the map but that seems to work only for the next 2-3 ability casts before bugging again

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PS4 regular - cant use invites.  LOTS of people affected. (have this update/fix)


Feels like u told ps4's they r actually ps5's and they wont interact with other ps4's (The majority)


Found a BIGGER more IMPORTANT bug....  Graphics update has screwed over sawgaw floofs!!!!  I have 1 of every floof in my operator room.   The 3 different sawgaws all appear white w/  yellow/orange beak.

The first ensmalling ruined deimos fish trophies to.  They looked really bad ass and glowy.  Now they are dull and flat.  Is that every getting fixed??  Thats how i discovered sawgaw bug,  i wanted to check on deimos fish trophies :(

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14 hours ago, [DE]Danielle said:

Heart of Deimos: Nezha Prime: Hotfix #2.1


  • Fixed issues related to News panel soft locking the game. 

We are aware that there are issues with invites being received and are investigating. If you have any additional information on the matter please share with us! 

We believe the invite issues are related to version mismatch! If you had downloaded the update and your friend didn't and was still sitting in the game pre-update, invites would not be received as you are not playing on the same version. So be sure that everyone has downlaoded the update to invite!

In case word hasn't reached your shores yet, and I appreciate you may be just waking up, invites etc still seem broke. Have a nice day.

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13 hours ago, (PSN)ImpiusNex said:

Can't send or receive invites, message is always "Could not deliver invitation"

9 hours ago, (PSN)rookie81pwnz said:

same here. i am not able to group with other players. 

6 hours ago, (PSN)GateNomez said:

Still cannot group with other players unless you add them to your friends list.  This is as of almost 3AM EST, Nov. 17.

We have continued our investigations into invites not getting sent. 



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