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Does trinity have other playstyles apart of being support? And is being a support player still useful?



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Trinity is my mostly used frame so I'd like to share a bit here.

Her position is clear - a support frame 90% of the time, you can see the reasons from herself. Despite Energy Siphon (EV), there isn't any other damaging abilities on her. This doesn't mean she can only be a support but rather a tanky powerhouse, you just have to rely on weapons now.

For the 'tanky' part, you'll mainly use 3 & 4 so you should focus on strength + duration. Reaching just 150% strength is enough for 3 & 4, but if you want more energy from 2 you can still go over the target. One [Stretch] is good already for range, [Adaptation] if you want extra damage reduction, other slots are down to personal favourite. Since 3 & 4 provide great amount of damage reduction and you can cast 4 to heal infinitely, you're far away from death.

If you think being 'tanky' isn't enough, what about adding an augment for her 3? [Abating Link] can help you completely rip off enemies' armour on exactly 223% strength, but it only works when 3 is active / enemies aren't unlinked. Grineers aren't a big threat now, are they?

EV is a great damaging ability though as it deals true damage based on enemies' health. True damage bypasses shield and ignores armour, with viral proc you can drain enemies quickly. Technically you can say she isn't just a support frame now.

Honestly, you can't go wrong with Trinity in any missions. Everyone loves energy and being healed, not to mention the [Abating Link] augment. IMO Arcane Energize just provides an alternative way to gain additional energy, there's no true or wrong between it and EV. (Although EV can drain energy & health from enemies at the same time)

Sorry for 'a bit' long text but I'm excited to share my thoughts.

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6 hours ago, (XBOX)BRUHck Obama said:

is a support like trinity still useful?

Personally, having a Trinity around doesn't really add anything special, I'm pretty self-sufficient (yay Operator / Arcanes),
and will usually pick a Frame that helps e.g. defend objectives so a Trin healing those doesn't come into play much, either.

(Also, all those pure leech Trins in ESO etc have left a bad taste, when I see a Trin nowadays I just kinda expect the worst, almost like with Limbo, which isn't fair and not how I wanna feel about her, at all.)

Thus, investing into Duration for a tank build would be my suggestion, not least for the Status immunity, lol Radiation Sorties / yay Launchers.

FWIW, on my "balanced" build I replaced her 1 (duh) with Radial Blind. Mass CC, Melee boost, Armor bypass via Finishers, neat.

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Tank Trinity is my favorite playstyle for her. Arcane Guardian, Link, Blessing, Adaptation, Subsumable Null Star, and Quick Thinking makes her a damage soaker and sustain her Health at any time. There were Nuke Trin but that got fixed, EV Trin which is probably still a thing, and Eidolon Support. But since Eidolons gets captured faster than you can catch yourself from a embarrassing mistake, It becomes more of a Volt/DPS Mission and Trin be more left behind.

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20 minutes ago, (XBOX)BRUHck Obama said:

Is she good to do anything else apart from healing and repleneshing energy? For example tank?

For the second question i was thinking about how at this point in most high level missions there's players with arcane energize or that simply kill everything too fast.

So is a support like trinity still useful?

Trinity's blessing and link both apply separately to all incoming damage,  for a total of  93.75DR  This makes her a strong tank if you build her for duration. 

As for support trinity,  blessing provides up to 75% DR to everyone in affinity range,  which is always good even if they don't need energy.  And more energy is usually good,  because Arcane Energize has a cooldown.    This is especially true in ESO. 


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Trinity with subsumed Smite and its augment is pretty strong. 

Adaptation combined with Link and Blessing can make Trinity pretty much impossible to kill.

She can be pushed to crazy tank levels with other subsume abilities as well.


But generally speaking Trinity is a support frame. Her innate abilities are all designed to mesh well with the team. She is certainly not designed to kill with her abilities (outside of Link). 

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mainly a Hyper Tank Support, but you could go for something else.

you could... throw away all of your other Abilities and just go for dealing Damage with Energy Vampire. Enemies have been nerfed enough that i can't really imagine ever needing this, but it's there.

Helminth can let you make your own Playstyle, ofcourse.

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