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"Disable sniper scope" option should make you aim in third person

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Right now all the option is pretty pointless as it only removes the transparent scope texture on your screen - you still switch to a first person view while aiming. I propose the that this option should also make you aim in third person like on any non-sniper rifle.

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1 hour ago, Miser_able said:

or just add a new option "toggle third person sniper"
the whole reason the disable scope texture exists is because some people found the textures to be too distracting, but they still wanted to use the scope itself.


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Am 27.11.2020 um 23:09 schrieb MacIntoc:

How do you make a difference between first-person and third personne pov when the zoom is to high to see your warframe ?

Im pretty sure the "like any other non-sniper weapon"-bit meant that zoom is also disabled. Basically as if you played a sniper in a shooter but removed the scope.
As a iron sight sniper since Battlefield 3 i second this motion.

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They just need to add a non-scoped zoom level. No zoom, no zoom bonus, just an over-the-shoulder aim like any other gun. No extra settings, no new keybindings, just cycle around to unscoped if you don't want to scope in. It's the simplest thing and it's been requested forever.

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