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Warframe idle animations based off of non-Warframe characters?


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As you do, been thinking while playing and wondered why so far, Warframe Idle Animations are specific to Warframes and no one else. And thinking about it, it could both flesh out characters more in missions by adding more life to their movements and animations and in general while providing more options for players to customize their own fashionframe by adding more personality to certain frames. And I think there's absolutely a lot of examples ready and waiting for such things.

Clem idles: Clumsy playful movements, unique idle when using Grakata/Prisma Grakata/Twin Grakata

John Prodman: Stereotypically heroic poses with a unique idle for the Prova and its variants

Baro Ki'Teer (This guy literally sells random assortments and has already given us his emote.)

And all of the syndicates.

Red Veil, New Loka, Steel Meridian, Perrin Sequence, Arbiters, Cephalon Suda.

The syndicates already sell emotes.


Given all listed characters here do appear in game at some point or another, they could even be applied to the appropriate characters, such as Syndicate members using their own idles, Clem and Baro using theirs while playing with them in mission.

I just think the concept would be unique, providing players with more options and allowing the animators to have fun adding more emotion/character to the pre-existant characters through animation and body language alone.

EDIT: Noticing a bit of confusion so I'll just clarify.

I meant more of Agile/Noble idles, not actual emotes. Sorry for the confusion.

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Just now, (XBOX)C11H22O11 said:

Baro already has an emote but I wouldn't mind that emote pose and you just glide through the air with no animations just that pose all the time


Like the new T/A-Pose?

Speaking of, I actually encountered that really recently. It seems Harrow's 2nd ability causes the energy overlay on him to A-Pose when you're riding a K-Drive. 100% repeatable.

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29 minutes ago, (XBOX)TyeGoo said:

Please don't assume people use their brains while playing, thanks.

Jokes aside, I wouldn't mind more in-depth customization. 

But quite frankly, it doesn't look good. They already shied away from custom walking/dodging animations for everyone. I'm not sure they'd be in for that.

Probably won't happen, but I feel bad if I don't share ideas that I think have a bit of potential.

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not really a high priority, but I guess it would be neat.  there's only one Emote I really want in game though:

Gotta love RNG - General Discussion - Warframe Forums

I want the whole thing: animations, hat, and the RNG and fire, just like you see here. I will pay whatever it costs, I just need to do this at the end of every relic run waiting at extraction XD

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