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I still want to level all Synicates


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So.. Im big into roleplay and story stuffs. I would still like to be able to rank all 6 synicates up. I don't need the items, Its all about honor and idels for me. While factions maybe opposed a tenno is not apart of any one faction even if agreeing to help them. My teeno has assisted all 6 Synicates in their time and now I would like to request an new path for those who wish to walk forward as friend to all those who wish for a free system.

Given the rewards exclusive to each faction I do believe that access to this new way to level up should be somewhat restricted to still give incenstives for siding with 1 or 2 factions, additionally the over all gain should be limited also. this is not meant to be an easier path to walk down.

So thats what i'd like a way to level all 6 synicates here are a few suggested ways to do so and suggested requirements to take the path.

Way 1; kinda OP but unlocked late in the game.
Requirement; Finished at least 1 steel path misson solo, the war within, Octavia's Anthem, The silver grove, Chains of harrow, 1 arbitration, Killed the ambulas, A Man of Few Words
this one has the highest requirements proving you can aid all the factions and have the force to back yourself up. with the requirements fullfilled tenshin aids the tenno in calming the animosity between factions. this unlocks 2 pledges at a time, If the 2 pledges are on Enemy factions (For example Steel Meridian and Perrin sequence) the rep lost is reduced by 25% for opposed and enemy factions. to use my example this would make it so supporting both Steel and Perrin would get you;  +50% Red veil +25% Steel meridian, perrin sequence, New loka -25% Arbiters of hexis. Of course this system can be gamed to get +150% to one faction. (supporting it and its ally) however at the point in the game where you have finished the starchart and can solo steel path this minor buff isn't important.

Way 2; Show your intent way.
Requirement; Hit rank 5 with every synicate at least once.
Having hit rank 5 with all synicates at least once the leaders are confused at where the tennos loyalities truely lie, they invite the tenno to a station to discuss this. during the talk you get dialogue options to explain your thinking one will indicate you wish to aid all of them and don't like their fudes, another indicates you wish to bring balance to their ranks until they can find harmony choosing either of these will unlock a 7th pledge choice with the symbol of yourself giving +2% rep to all synicates equally the third choice would indicate you switch factions to gain power

Way 3; Mix
Requirement Hit rank 5 with a Synicate and its rival.
Upon doing so you'd be called to a meeting between both leaders. they will indicate that they have noticed you have been helping them and their enemy and ask why. the player can then indicate that they believe both of thier ways have value and although they can only help one at a time they don't wish to sour the other. On hearing this the faction with the lower standing will sigh and say something along the lines of "if thats the way you feel we'll not view your actions as harshly in the future and then the synicate your allied with most strongly will likewise say "and we'll also keep that in mind" after doing this your rep lost for enemy will drop to 75% on both of them. to rank all 6 to 5 will take a bunch of swaping about pledges but as each of the 6 gets an agreement eventually you'll be able to slowly gain 25% towards your goal.

Though these are my idea's you can also rearrange things. for example you could have the 2% rep thing instead of double pledges but unlocked with the quests and achivements of way 1. I would just like anyway to do this.

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I've got 4 maxed, having ranked all 6 and claimed everything I could (annoyingly missing a few bits due to later armor adds).  So I'd be fully up for being able to fully max all 6, I don't even mind if there's a restriction of needing to max them all once first or something.

It's been made a lot more annoying to do now with the 'one syndicate at a time' instead of sigils (I've got a feeling this is to encourage trade sales as much as 'fashion frame'.)

If they do this they also need to allow us to assign a syndicate to a frame/build (would be nice for focus school too) because the new system is imo 1 step forwards 2 steps backwards.

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Something like this could be a New War or Narmer quest/mission incentive. It gives you another reason to progress the quest line, and it fits the spirit of the factions setting their differences aside.

I could imagine playing a Narmer syndicate mission and hunting for narmer-themed medallions on the way. You could probably exchange them to reduce the amount of reputation loss if you switch to a rival syndicate. Then you would eventually reach zero loss after trading enough, but still have a reason to re-align with them to gain rep.

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I've been thinking about this a lot more recently, since they removed the necessity of wearing sigils to gain influence with different syndicates. That it would be nice for the syndicates to go further. Quests to unite them. Tragedies that befall them that get them to come together and change. Giving those factions a facelift once you complete those quests. So they actually have interesting and unique units and weapons that you will see and assist in missions. Perrin providing new gear to everyone. Suda designing new mods. Steel Meridian providing soldiers and so on.

Rather than having the syndicates upset with you sending groups of enemies at you randomly. Have the enemies of those factions come hunting you for helping them. Helped the Perrin Sequence? Expect Granum to send a special hunter unit to assault you randomly in missions. Or even have missions specifically to help that faction against that enemy.

Further than that, something for late gamers reward wise.

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