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Vote on the name for the Wolf-inspired Warframe!


Vote on the name for the Wolf-inspired Warframe!   

22,862 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your vote for the name of the Wolf-inspired Warframe?

    • Raksha
    • Dynara
    • Lycath
    • Disa
    • Ylva
    • Ulfra
    • Voruna (Žvorūna)
    • Ghella
    • Fengarou
    • Nashoba

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  • Poll closed on 2022-10-28 at 03:59 AM

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Fenrir isn't a option cuz Fenrir was Loki's son not a female as it seems this frame will be..

Even thou Fenrir plays a important role in my culture (dad is norse) and would love a warframe with a norse feel(would settle for even fashion),,I would be insulted 2 hear or read how lame or boring a norse name is so going with a made up name was a correct choice by DE

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Lycath is the weakest choice by far. Too on the nose.

Fengarou is too on the nose, but in France.

Ulfra makes me think of Elder Scrolls Online... It's a werewolf.

Voruna and Ylva are both solid.

Raksha is a good one, protect or guard.

But Nashoba... IT'S TOP TIER.

There are already some games with European origin. Hildryn. Grendel. We don't need more.

Can you tell me which frame is using a Native American name right now?

Nashoba is masterful.

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Every single time I think on a wolf-like Warframe, all that comes to my mind is Transformers: Beast Machine's Noble, the wolf samurai from Cybertron! Hahaha.. I'll certainly paint him the same colors of Noble, no matter the name!



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23 minutes ago, [DE]Marcus said:

Tenno of the Warframe Community!

Now that we have hit the $70,000 donation tier in our Quest to Conquer Cancer, it is now up to YOU, the Warframe Community, to vote for the final name for our Wolf-inspired Warfarme! 

  • Please select 1 name for the Wolf-inspired Warframe from the Poll 
  • Voting will end at October 27th at midnight (11:59pm EST
  • Voting is available to anyone with an account on the Warframe Forums

We took our favorite submissions from the esteemed Design Council, and selected our top 10 names internally. Now the final choice is in the hands of the Warframe Community! 

Choose wisely Tenno, a wolf howls in the night.

Pog dog :)

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There is no female frame starting with L. I voted Lycath since it fits the frame theme. I really think names like Luna or Ravena would have been much better options than Nashoba or Fengarou. Those are not only weird, but also don't sound good. 

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