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Tenno Reinforcements: “The Magnus”!

Warframe Armor Buff across the board: All Warframes have received a buff to their Armor stat.

Ash: Buffed to 65 (from 50).
Banshee: Buffed to 15 (from 10).
Ember: Buffed to 15, (from 10).
Excalibur: Buffed to 65 (from 50).
Frost: Buffed to 190, (from 150).
Loki: Buffed to 65 (from 50).
Mag: Buffed to 65 (from 50).
Nekros: Buffed to 65 (from 50).
Nova: Buffed to 65 (from 50).
Nyx: Buffed to 15 (from 10).
Rhino: Buffed to 190, (from 150).
Saryn: Buffed to 155, (from 125).
Trinity: Buffed to 15 (from 10).
Valkyr: Buffed to 300 (from 200).
Vauban: Buffed to 50, (from 40).
Volt: Buffed to 15 (from 10).

Incoming private messages will now also be shown in Clan chat when in-game.
Changed Banshee Alt Helmet Alerts to include style type, “Reverb” or “Chorus”.
We now display active Alerts whether or not the planet has been unlocked to improve awareness.
Changed mouse-scroll only occurring in the Social Menu if your mouse is hovering over said Menu.
Changes to Trading confirmation pop-ups:
- We now show rarity of Mods as well as Rank, to prevent “Fusion Core Fraud”.
- More visibility to the items involved in the trade to increase awareness at every step of the trade.
- Switched order of getting/giving for the trade accept confirmation, to be consistent with the new offer confirmation. What you are giving is always first, what you are getting is second (matches the slots as well, giving on top, getting on the bottom)
- Tweaked Radiation Proc to not last as long on players and is more obvious when active.

Fixed issues with End of Mission XP numbers in the UI showing a lower amount than what was being received. Players were seeing less XP in the UI than they were actually receiving in the Database! For example, you may have finished a mission with Nekros receiving 28,000 XP in the GAME UI, but in the Database you were actually getting 54,000 XP.
Fixed Tutorial not being replayable.
Fixed Captain Vor becoming unkillable and not doing anything when affected by his viral proc. His viral proc now does viral DOT instead of the default max health reduction effect.
Fixed issue that would visually skew Dojo Costs if you visited another clan’s Dojo in a higher tier.
Fixed selections made in Arsenal prior to missions starting not saving after the mission is complete and you return to your Arsenal.
Fixed bolt type projectiles not always causing enemies to ragdoll on death (and thus not pinning them).
Fixed Kick/Punch style weapons not ragdolling enemies with charge attacks.
Fixed Steam Acheivements for Play Time not being updated Retroactively – visit your Profile while playing through Steam to activate.
Fixed Desecrate not working on Crawlers. (Still having issues? See here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/143351-update-1120/?p=1700023)
Fixed script error in Trinity's Well of Life that would cause power-in-use bug.
Fixed script error in Valkyr's Rip Line ability that would cause power-in-use bug.
Fixed News & Alerts panel breaking when more than 3 news entries exist.
Fixed issues with dead Grineer’s helmets floating and staying around.
Fixed for being able to collect items multiple times from the Resource Drones/Extractors.
Fixed Zanuka trying to revive Alad V after he is truly dead and gone.
Fixed issue where Arsenal would become inaccessible at times (greyed out).
Fixed Valkyr's Rip Line being usable on downed players.
Fixed switching to main weapon when picking up a datamass with the codex scanner equipped.
Fixed Nyx and Valkyr being vulnerable to Procs from Disruptor and others when Absorb or Hysteria are active.
Fixed Nekros Shroud Helmet Alert giving Raknis, a 12 hour Shroud Alert is coming shortly.
Fixed issue with objective marker breaking in the Gas Cities tile set.
Fixed laser doors not knocking you down, potentially fixes inability to melee after knockdown.
Fixed Syandana’s PhysX not functioning properly when fighting Mine Ospreys.

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