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The Face Behind The Name! V2

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Picture sucks but it is just taken under bad conditions/light with a potato, and i look aloot darker than natural lol .

Makes sense that Rhino is my most played WF.

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And holy S#&$, Rad, is the honest to goodness Green Ranger?  That's awesome.

Yep, the one and only. :D


I think you need to explain this to me because I'm not sure I fully comprehend the implications of this picture.

JDF was in my country last august. That was also the last pic anyone took of me. |D


If we're talking about the green man, pretty sure he's the actor who played the Green Ranger. :B  He's now mostly know for martial arts and MMA fighting.

Dude's also on the Guiness Book. I'm seriously a fan.

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Well... I just noticed this thread. I don't have anything recent so here is a four year old pic of me. 



I continued to let my hair grow beyond that point, at its longest it went about half way down my back (so over two feet at its longest). I cut my hair a few months back and my hair is now about four inches long. Um... other than that I haven't changed much. 

i don't know why but i like people with fros :D

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This has me inspired to post mine but I would need to get a few fellow PS4 members to post theirs. Since I don't get to play with you guys. 



Me with a beard. 



Me without a beard.

If you convert hit me up. 

Beard was stolen by Corpus who desperately trying to recreate its greatness? We have to take it back for you.

Tenno, we just got a new mission.

Really, you look very good on this photo

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