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Update 13.1.0: Amprex


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As much as I love to see Fixes.  I love it more to see I get new toys To play with.

And I am sure this will be a Shocking experience for the Corpus, Grineer and Infested.

Not to mention my widdle Deth Cube gets a face lift!!  Oh how happy he is.


Thanks for the New Toy and for keeping my Day Junk-Punch Free DE!

nice one.

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Wait, what happens to my 6 forma Synapse now?...




Anyways, I just hope this is a Corpus weapon worth getting now :P (Glad I decided to put the forma back into the energy lab the other day)

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Added in an option that allows permanent Melee trail visuals to be toggled on and off


??? What's this all about?

A graphical option for the focus mode?



And 3 DAYS OF PEACE!!!!????

That's waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long.

There are only 2 point to launch rails on every sector minus mercury....this sets up a tremendously long queeuueeueueuueueue for dropping rails.

You need to lower that, this looks like it might lock some rails for a seriously long time.

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