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Update 13.1.0: Amprex


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  • New Amprex Rifle A Corpus Chain Lightning Rifle!

The Amprex Rifle fires a continuous beam of high voltage electricity that arcs among nearby enemies. This weapon excels at crowd control.

  • New Carabus Skin for the Dethcube Sentinel - walk like a Grustrag Three!
  • New Sprite Skin for the Shade Sentinel!
  • Added in an option that allows permanent Melee trail visuals to be toggled on and off
  • Added ability to remove waypoint markers - aim and hit Waypoint at any active marker to remove it. Coming next Hotfix.

Dark Sector Changes:

  • Added in Armistices to Dark Sector conflicts. These Peace Time Bonuses will provide a guaranteed 24 hours of peace to the node before it can be attacked again, plus additional time based on the winning teams Solar Rail health and existing deploy time for a maximum of 3 days worth of Peace on the specific node.
  • Dark Sector conflict now have a max duration of 12 hours
  • Added a Mod drop table for Tenno Specters.
  • Note: After asking Dev for clarification, the new times aren't 'instant', any Rail deploys that took place prior to this Update will have the older/incorrect values. Any rails deployed today/after the update will observe the new and intended conflict times. The old data needs to be phased out.


  • Added in more spawn points to the Orokin Survival Objective room
  • Increased the difficulty of Void Survival T3 missions by increasing the number of enemies that spawn during the mission.
  • Tweaked the animations for Staff slide attacks
  • Tweaked the animations for Tenno side rolls
  • Region, Recruiting, and Trade channels will now automatically join/leave the proper channels after the Region is changed in the Settings tab
  • A popup will now appear when players attempt to view the Dark Sector tutorial while in game informing them that this not possible. Implemented in an effort to block potential UI lock ups
  • Removed collision on a number of art assets that were not reachable by players in the Grineer Shipyards tileset in an effort to improve level performance
  • Tweaked the ambient sound effects in the Shipyards tileset
  • Players under Mastery Rank 2 will no longer be marked by the Grustrag Three.
  • Players will now be automatically logged out of the game if idle on the Star Map for 15 minutes after an update has been deployed.
  • Loki's invisibility will now be canceled when the player is downed.
  • Tweaked a number of Warframe Ability sound effects.
  • Updated the Spare Parts description to better describe the mod's functionality (Now says: "(%) Rare Item Drop Chance On Sentinel Death")


  • Fixed Rhino Tenno Specter's Rhino Charge dealing no damage.
  • Fixed an issue with localized text not properly fitting properly within button borders.
  • Fixed issues where Lotus subtitles incorrectly referred to trams when talking about Prosecutors.
  • Fixed an issue with placeholder text and images appearing when determining a Dark Sector winner.
  • Fixed a number of crashes.
  • Fixed an issue with mouse input being lost when quickly opening and closing the Rail Management UI.
  • Fixed an issue with the Excalibur Helmet appearing on the Proto-Armor skin.
  • Fixed an issue with players not being properly added to a clan if sent multiple Clan Invitations.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect values being displayed for Clan Vaults with large amounts of credits.
  • Fixed an issue with players being unable to invite other players who have an underscore in their name.
  • Fixed an issue with the Glaive and other weapons not properly scaling when viewed in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in one of the Dark Sector Warlord Taunts.
  • Fixed an issue with clients seeing incorrect textures on mobile defense terminals after they have been defended.
  • Fixed Hydroid's default helmet option being set as "None".
  • Fixed an issue with Hydroid Undertow remaining in game for other players if a client disconnects while the ability is in use.
  • Fixed an issue with Melee accessories not being properly connected to the Glaive while it is collapsed.
  • Fixed an issue with cosmetic weapon dangles not being properly attached to the Kestrel.
  • Fixed an issue with Melee trail visual effects unintentionally remaining on screen after being activated.
  • Fixed an issue with players other than the owner of the weapon not properly hearing partially charged Stug shots.
  • Fixed the Tetra having an incorrect Conclave rating.
  • Fixed an issue with the UI breaking after re-entering a match that you left while dead.
  • Fixed a number of localization issues.
  • Fixed an issue with the Mastery Rank level 3 to 4 test not working properly in conjunction with Melee 2.0
  • Fixed issue with Update 12 bundle description.
  • Fixed an issue with Laser Terminals in Tower Defense missions not functioning correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with Non-Tactician clans in an Alliance being able to edit deployed Alliance Solar Rails.
  • Fixed collision on a number of Dojo Garden assets.
  • Fixed an issue with the Aklex not properly dropping a spent magazine during reload animations.
  • Fixed an issue with Clients not properly seeing Ember's Accelerant visual effects.
  • Fixed an instance by which Client's could ragdoll Capture targets locally on their own screens (the Capture target would appear normally on other player's screens).
  • Fixed missing Defense rewards on Sedna - Hydron.


Hotfix 13.1.1

  • Fixed gameplay crashes.
  • Fixed enemies not being dismembered by ranged weapons with high Slash-damage.
  • Fixed Sentinels losing XP accumulated during mission after being revived.
  • HUD: manually-placed waypoint markers can now be cleared by aiming at them and pressing G.
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As much as I love to see Fixes.  I love it more to see I get new toys To play with.

And I am sure this will be a Shocking experience for the Corpus, Grineer and Infested.

Not to mention my widdle Deth Cube gets a face lift!!  Oh how happy he is.


Thanks for the New Toy and for keeping my Day Junk-Punch Free DE!

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