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Thank You For Helping Me Making Pre-Corpus Valkyr :) Now Modelling.


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Thanks for all the great feedback!

I am exploring the plated, scaled and Lotus versions now.

Whatever she will look like, it will be different from what we have now.


Thanks again!


I recently had a thought; is it a coincidence Lotus and Valkyrs helmets are so simular? The petals, overall shape and focus light in the forehead, suggest a connection.

Was there a bigger plan there that was never explored?

A wild notion then entred my mind. What if the Lotus wore a warframe at times when not hooked up to the Tenno Network? If she indeed have a body, this make sense.

What if Valkyr was that warframe?

I descided to put this theory to the test. I did not intend this to be a Prime, but based it's appearance on Lotus.

Love to get your thoughts on this!

Current model.



In order to progress with my current project of designing Valkyr before Corpus found her and ripped her warframe open, I need the oppinion of the Forum.







Looks looks like we might have to do 3 sets of armor depending on helm configuration.

1) Default "Leaf-plated" Lotus armor?

2) Kara. Occulus Rift. Borg style?

3) Bastet. People say cat. I say basilisk. Scales and spikes?

Please comment on what you would like me to add/change.

Areas of interest are:

1) Head obviously.

2) Shoulders.

3) Chest and back plating.

4) Thigh and kneepads

5) Gauntlets/ lower arm armour

6) Boots/ankles

One or more may apply.

The work will be updated in this thread:




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  It is save to assume the original Frame may have been heavier plated - as you'll notice the cut and scarred Valkyr Armor has taken the appearance of exposed muscle.


 Valkyr's original identity (Maybe originally actually named Valkyrie? Yuk yuk yuk.) could have been a Female heavy arms frame. 


 She may have also been clad in armor the color of the plating left on her head.

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She could of course be fitted with a plated armor, like the "leaves" on the helmet. This was me first thought.

But then I think the Bastet looks more natural to her style.

I recently had an oppinion that Kara should be her original helmet.

Hence this thread.

Why? I am curious, and need to know ;)

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Precorpus zanuka is just chunks of meat lol

No. The Lotus and Alad V are very clear in telling you that it's been built out of Warframe pieces. Alad V, with its Zanuka Hunter, hunts us down to kill the Tenno and use the Warframe.


Point being that Zanuka and Valkyr were built by the same person, in the same period, in the same lab, using the same technology. The idea of a "pre-corpus Valkyr" is as justified as the idea of a "pre-corpus Zanuka".

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Ahem. You probably know this but Bastet was an Egyptian God. It was a woman with a cat's head.


No basilisk or whatsoever. Cat. And only, Cat. 


Agreed. If it was intended to be similar to a Basilisk, it wouldn't at all have a name that references holy cats (Ceiling Cat, is that you?).

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Yeah, that should look about right. :D

And now, add in the details.

Do you think she'd have different abilities altogether? 

Maybe Ripline and Warcry was originally her skills and Paralysis and Hysteria just came when she was rescued? 


Pretty sure the laser claws and whip are coming from the bracers that Alad bolted to her wrists. The paralysis seems like her only original ability because it was clearly meant to be used by frame with much larger shield pool.

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No. The Lotus and Alad V are very clear in telling you that it's been built out of Warframe pieces.


Right, you agree with me then, not sure where the push-back is coming from. Its a frankensteined abomination that Alad then pimps out or whatever so it's less ugly. It's not a single warframe, it's many warframes stitched together.


Pre corpus Valk is fine, it just doesn't have to be as elaborate as you guys seem to want it to be. But for the sake of making it pretty and for DE to be able to sell it, elaborate is probably the better way to go.

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