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Hotfix 15.0.4


- Fixed Controller bindings to allow ability cast binds/pre U15 behaviour. Still defaults to U15 'power menu' however.

- Fixed an issue where players using a Controller and who have chosen to make Sprint toggleable found that after performing any action that forced their Warframe to walk (such as aiming), they had to toggle Sprint twice to see any change. 

- Fixed Opticor's Color customization corrupting memory and causing crashes (and other similar cases).

- Fixed issues on new Profile UI: equipment tab was not showing up some times, weapon usage was often incorrect

- Fixed motion blur in several elevators (particularly obvious on Europa).

- Fixed equipment tab not showing up sometimes. 

- Fixed most used weapon always showing a 0% usage. 

- Fixed the completion of Archwing missions not 'unlocking' the node. This was preventing Extractors from being deployed. 

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But what about Archwing missions and getting stuck?

I'm scared to do anything but Archwing Exterminates right now because of getting stuck in the Interception ships all the time. Mobs that were on me when I got stuck seem to go invisible for the rest of the team too and we can't extract :(

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