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The Regular Days Of A Tenno [Comic Thread] [Last Update: 3/30/15]


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Original Content of #1 post (I'm sentimental and wasn't going to take it off, okay?)

Woke up this morning thinking of making this little comic here, even if it wouldn't work canonically...?

Point is that I always imagine Tenno living on their Liset (or the Dojo but there are Tenno with no Clan, so) and also always thought they have inteface suits under the warframe suit, so that would explain the outfit of the sleepy Tenno here.

Kubrow are just sleeping outside where they should because I can draw that(?. 

Also added some classy Ordis to this because it was the way I thought about it since the beginning.

Anyways, hope you enjoy.


First of all, I feel like this is completely unnecesary but since this is something that is still in development I will ask patience from all of you! Also, pardon my english, since it's not my first language, feel free to correct me but I will try my best.


However, a list of what's coming next on this topic ovo

-More comics! Short comic strips and one-page-long comics, not sure if I will end doing something longer than that

---Topics for them so far: Missions, Ordis' glitches, Lotus messages, Kubrow, Abandoned Orokin Apartments/Dojos, Asteroids, More Morning Issues with Ordis...   

-A Q&A (kinda unlikely these days but if you demand it?)

-More Concept Art for this thing, as it develops

-An update on the background of this, since some stuff have changed since I first did the comic. This is basically related to the fact that the room was supposed to be in the Liset, but after some info I've received and such it will no longer be there (kinda sorry about this but then the idea of a more larger space and "apartments" for Tenno appeared and this may go better in a larger environment, I will, however, find a twist to it and explain the first comic somehow)






Relevant content and comic issues:


#1 [finished]

here already!

#2 [finished] 



#3 [WIP]


=>Bonus Comics:

#1 Blanket Fort (canon-time: after comic #2)


#2 DROP IT (canon-time: before comic #1)



=>Concept Art:







=>Related artwork:




https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/338464-good-morning-tenno-updated/?p=4121823 (Merry Christmas!)

https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/338464-good-morning-tenno-on-holidays-break-for-now/?p=4188426 (WIP)

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That is EXACTLY how I feel in those blasted sunny mornings, even when it's 3 PM I often find myself saying: "It's too early in the day for it to be this bright"  +1'd.


Hope to see more!

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Am guessing Banshee? :)

But great comic

Yessss and no, she does have Banshee's suit if that's the point.

I'm literally taking Tenno as people who can have many Warframe suits to wear, like I said at the beginning of the thread. My headcanon is that Tenno have interface suits to connect with the Warframe ones and so acquire the powers these ones give them... at least that sounds logical to me?

After all we buy and find the Warframe's blueprints and quests; my best guess would be that what we recover is the blueprint not the Warframe itself. 


Great work, but one question, who is the character?

Unnamed OC #37? At least for now. I haven't named this fellow Tenno here. I have a bad habit of leaving my characters unnamed for some weeks till i think of something soon she'll have a name.


Agreed, it's funny with a great art style. Great job, Eliasdrid.

Thank you very much. This comment really made my day!

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Silly tiny pixels bc I got bored



Also, maybe not soon but there's a good chance I will upload this thread with more comics o<o





*coughs* i mean its good to see another sprite/pixel/bit artist ^O^

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