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Psa: Eyes Of Blight Leaderboards.


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The Eyes of Blight point Leaderboards are currently impacted by an exploit that Hotfix 15.8.1 will repair. We have agonized and deliberated over what to do about the scores because we’ve all invested time and effort into them -- it’s a tricky situation because we couldn’t find a way to remove just the tainted scores in a way that would be fair.


If you are interested in competing in the point Leaderboards, read on: 


The event is just pushing the 24 hour window of being live, and we have decided to reset the damage point Leaderboards to remove the exploit scores. The event has 2 weeks remaining and having tainted leaderboards from day one would discourage too many Tenno. 


We have heard that Vay Hek may have special Fomorians guarded by his best troops -- it’s likely that the Lotus will award more points to those who attempt these special challenges so watch out for opportunities to get even better scores.


We will preserve the current boards as honorary winners, but immediately following the 15.8.1 Hotfix they will be reset to make sure the competition is fair. 


To sum up: 15.8.1 will bring fresh Leaderboards to Operaton: Eyes of Blight. 


Please note this does not affect your personal Battle Points (1 per Fomorian). 



Honorary Leaderboards:




Thank you for your patience and understanding. 


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"The event has 2 weeks remaining and having tainted leaderboards from day one would discourage too many Tenno."


And not punishing obvious abuses fails to discourage exploiters from trying again in the future. If someone had some amount more than the theoretical maximum for a given run (say 10x) then just disqualify them. Their scores should be struck from the event and they can try again next time. Virtually every event has a problem in this vein and exploiters and cheaters inflating the score makes it so legit players just look at it and say "well.. screw it."

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Highwinds rank 3 ? Psh, we're supposed to be 2, pls to update, on a side note, I just wasted a ton of resources since DE's resetting the leaderboards.
GG no re.
Edit : This almost feels like Breeding Grounds over again : punish the ones working way harder than others to make it on top of the Leaderboards, no wonder Tenn Os got sick of it.
Edit 2 : To the uhm, I don't want to use the word "dumbass", but I merely see another one to qualify the person that answered me, Tenn Os didn't use exploits, they were theorycraft gods. It consists in using what you're given at it's best potential, for maximized results, and they did a hell of a job at it. That's not exploiting the game, because you're not "cheating", you're using the tools that DE THEMSELVES gave you.

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DE, I wish you were stricter on exploiters. You are trying to be too nice to everybody no matter what they do, people will always take advantage of you because of that. Control your game please!


Just wipe the "old" leaderboards and hand out warnings and maybe a temp ban if you find that they are continuing to exploit in the future.

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So instead of punishing the cheaters your going to give them an honorary win? Are you kidding me?


Why the F*** not cheat if your going to do S#&$ like this? @(*()$ punish those scum bags. Its really clear who cheated

cheating and having lagg is not the same.

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What was the exploit anyway?


At first i thought people just found a way to make the mission endless and keep poking at it. doesn't look like so tho.

Either the clients or host slowed host's computer down by spamming abilities and particles, which in turn lengthened the timer because the host was slooooow.

Hence the mentioning of low-end PC's timer. :P

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