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Hotfix 16.0.2

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PSA: Excalibur Radial Javelin


We understand there is some confusion regarding Radial Javelin’s recent adjustment.  Our original version of the power had built in Line of Sight, and was never intended to push through terrain.  As such, Radial Javelin as it currently stands is functioning as it was always intended to.  We apologize for the confusion this has caused and will do better to communicate these refinements in the future.


Please see here for revised PSA: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/422796-psa-radial-javelin-unlisted-changes/?p=4692175#entry4692175


Conclave Changes

·         Reduced the HP of Rhino’s Ironskin in PvP.

·         Reduced the damage of Paris Prime in PvP.

·         Made various lighting lighting improvements to Cephalon Capture’s Orokin tileset.

·         Improved textures of Cephalon Capture objectives.

·         Teshin will now speak a little more quickly in Cephalon Capture.



·         Chroma’s alt helmet will no longer appear in player inventories after completing The New Strange Quest.

·         Removed exits from Vay Hek boss fight in Law of Retribution.

·         Improved audio quality on Grineer hacking minigame.

·         Made various audio adjustments to silenced weapons.

·         Reduced Ordis’ conversational tendencies when in the Liset.

·         Updated Mod and Market icons for Transmutation Cores.

·         Updated various materials to PBR quality.

·         Rescue Missions will now provide more experience at higher levels.

·         Reduced the level of ambient noise in Relays.

·         The Manic Grineer will now disappear after killing a player in Solo mode.

·         The Manic Grineer is no longer affected by Bladestorm.



·         Optimized matchmaking server code to handle load better (may fix some invitation failures).

·         Reduced memory footprint in the Relays to avoid some crashes on 32-bit systems.

·         Fixed issue where players could enter Conclave with no valid PvP gear during a Host migration, causing a crash.

·         Fixed default PvP loadout containing non-PvP items.

·         Fixed Chroma’s Spectral Scream not equipping a weapon once deactivated if the ability was used while holding a scanner.

·         Fixed some instances where players could move out of bounds on Relays. 

·         Fixed auto-target abilities accidentally targeting player Sentinels.

·         Fixed Limbo being able to trigger pressure plates while in the Rift.

·         Fixed various exploits in the Law of Retribution encounters.

·         Fixed rain particles looking pixelated.

·         Fixed Arcane Enhancements appearing with Prime part in the Inventory.

·         Fixed error that would occur when trying to equip a scanner while unarmed.

·         Fixed ‘Logout’ button not bringing players back to Login screen.

·         Fixed material on Steel Meridian Medallions not displaying correctly.

·         Fixed various texture issues in Relays.

·         Fixed additional ammo clips showing on Soma and Soma Prime.

·         Fixed issue causing the Manic Grineer to become stuck on objects.

·         Fixed mind controlled targets not becoming immune to Mind Control when granted immunity to powers and abilities. 

·         Fixed an ugly white line showing up on the floor of Grineer tilesets.

·         Fixed Ogris charging effects and firing animation not displaying properly.

·         Fixed players not being able to unequip Sentinels after removing primary and secondary weapons.

·         Fixed Ordis’ ‘idle’ Liset transmissions interrupting other communications.

·         Fixed Sentinel NPCs, voice acting, or animations showing for Clients in the first mission of The New Strange Quest.

·         Fixed Chroma’s Elemental Ward buff showing as 1% off in the HUD in some instances.

·         Fixed melee finishers adjusting the player camera in an unusual way.

·         Fixed visual issue with Gammacor where weapon would open while holstered after melee or a quick roll.

·         Fixed Huras Kubrow’s Stalk not properly applying to Players.

·         Fixed Vay Hek still broadcasting his threats to Relays.

·         Fixed Codex and Library scanners still showing as being equipped during a Host migration.

·         Fixed both Ordis and Teshin transmission not matching corresponding subtitles.

·         Fixed pistol and melee slots not being auto-equipped for default PvP loadouts.

·         Fixed an error that would occur with Grineer Shipyards cranes.


March 21 9:14AM:

Small patch just went out this morning with exactly one change: fix for contact list and invites with certain types of router.

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Added Excal PSA link

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oh, and there's no preview on weapon selections in the arsenal

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Nice fixes, but there is still no fix for not being able to hack with controllers. Well, I only tested it for grineer hacks, but it doesn't work with a XBOX Controller anymore.

Also, there is still no fix for helios scanning everything (even if the codex entry is already finished) after you had to revive.

And there is a little bug with the icons of collected items (from the floor). If you found a colour piece (mutalist red for me), some icons in this match are showing their own icon and the colour icon in front of it (I would post a screenshot, but i don't know how) 

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That moment when they hotfix when you're in middle of a raid...


Hotfix inbound in 5 minutes. After a long conversation with Ordis, he has agreed to stop talking as much in the Liset. About time if you asked me.

Hotfix inbound in 4 minutes. Fixes Vay Hek still blabbing his threats in the Relays. He also needs to stop talking so much.

Hotfix inbound in 3 minutes. We also fixed a bunch of other sutff.

Hotfix inbound in 2 minutes. And things.



(Sorry, I ate the missing red text.)

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Darn, I thought I was being quick about getting a spot for this.

Good update though, dissapointed about Manic and Bladestorm.

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Megan with the black text again -___-


Re-nerfing Excal after the overwhelming response from the community, which inevitably had it reversed.

DE apologising for the way it was handled, admitted that it was a panic move but was as intended for the future of some powers (back to the drawing board).


Answer: Wait a few months... re-nerf in a massive update and hope it gets swept under the rug?


This is lazy.


Maybe we need a "Year of Communication" instead?

Edited by fractal_magnets

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so you will just keep nerfing excal until its completely useless huh? whats the latest improvement on excal? a visual upgrade? keep it and gve me a good frame that can actually be reliable.

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Because it was Unfair.


tbh, it should just be removed.

It wasn't though, it is a skill based weapon, the TTK of every other weapon just sucked.

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Unfortunately for Radial Javelin, as it stands the ability is laughably weak compared to other ultimates. If its not going to go through walls, it needs to do something more.


However, with that said, we all liked Excalibur the way he was, when he was going through walls!

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Okay wait, so if LoS was always intended forJavelin then why the hell did you intentionally remove it in the first place? It was part of his balance changes, stated in the notes when it came out.

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That moment when they hotfix when you're in middle of a raid...


When the first hotfix came out I was just imagining all the people raging...

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