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Devstream #51 Overview


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Proto-Excalibur and Nemesis Nyx are out now... what's next?
• Not sure... but we're not done with these yet
Any chance of cutting Nemesis Nyx's tail?
• Nope, it's part of her design
PS4 Update
• Sorry it's so huge (11GB) it won't happen again!
• Testing the Vay Hek Trial on PS4 to make sure it's running ok
False Profit event
• We've had a few problems/oversights on launching the event, fixed some, working on fixing others
• Scoring is going to change; there will be a score multiplier for higher level Bursa to reduce grind
• The different levels of Offering have no effect on the event score, only the time it takes to transmit, and the amount of credits received from hacking
• Going to tweak the spawning of random mobs as well
• The Riot MOA will be tweaked further based on feedback; blinding attack already will have greatly reduced range, and telegraphed more
Nef Anyo
• Nef Anyo won't arrive as a boss for a while (beyond U17), but expect more appearances from him until then
• Nef Anyo and Derf Anyo are still going to be a duo, in the final boss encounter with him


• The sound team is working on boss battle music
• Click
to see the sound team getting underwater sound samples
Underwater Tileset
• Designed to be very "vertical" 
• Will feature many parkour areas
• Will debut Sabotage 2.0; initially exclusive to Underwater tileset, will expand later
• Click
to see a pre-view of the tileset
Underwater Enemies?
• Grineer Frogman is the basic "Lancer" enemy
• Frogman is a Sharkwing enemy with a speargun


Tyl Regor
• Release within 2 months
• Click
to see Tyl animations!



Kela de Thaym
• Release date is beyond U17
• Grineer women are the most intelligent and scary enemies; expect her to be a real threat
• Although her graphic design is done, still working on her actual boss fight mechanics


What goes into making a boss fight (invulnerability phases, knockdown, etc)
• The damage in Warframe, dealt to bosses and to players, is "too spiky"
• Nobody (devs included) enjoy anything that denies damage, but it's currently one of the few ways to combat the inflating damage economy in Warframe
• Always discussing possible changes to address this, but the scope is too large for a devstream
• The newly implemented "diminishing returns" is a possible way to not render players helpless while extending the boss battle
• In the future, it would be nice to implement resistances, such as "boss is resistant to CC" 
Parkour 2.0
• Was hoping to show it off, but it's not quite ready
• Expect to see some more next stream (Reb demo'ing)
J-3 Golem
• J-3 Golem is the next Trial (Raid)
• Archwing/normal gameplay transition
• Like Law of Retribution, there will be multiple stages, as you travel inside it
• Click
to see lots of J-3 animations!








Orbiter Compartment
• Click
to see a short clip of the orbiter compartment


Warframe Nexus (mobile app)
• Will be able to check foundry and craft things
• Minigames that will allow you to earn things in the main game
• Access clanchat
• Deploy Extractors (might be something else you can do in U17 with them)
• Will not be able to alter Warframe colour schemes


New Syandana
• Working on in still, got distracted by Trial optimization
From Design Council: Hints and Tips are coming!
• Might include things like elemental combinations and other useful tips
• These tips are from players, so will be of actual value
Dark Sectors PVP
• Will get a big overhaul
• Probably not coming back until the next major update
• Expect more on this next devstream
• Not worried about Syndicate bosses until the current bosses get re-worked
• Syndicate assassins drop Specter blueprints (I guess this is live on PC now? News to me)
• Armour coming
• Tweaks with Stabilizers, Stasis, and Genetic Foundry coming
• Looking at balance versus Sentinels in general
• There's a new breed of Kubrow coming
More Archwing content?
• Yes, there's stuff coming
• Also, J-3 is coming
What will make Sentients unique?
• When they land in the trailer, you can see they are linked together, they share experiences
• When one dies, it transfers that experience to the rest
• That's all for now
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thanks for this! EXTREMELY looking forward to the nexus additions!


I know! I never thought I would, but I've totally bought into mobile gaming and app usage.


The recent Mortal Kombat X mobile game is a really fun addition to the console one that similarly unlocks console for the main version. I would like to see that level of interactivity, but it has received pretty harsh criticism...


Perhaps as long as the nexus doesn't give out anything *exclusive* I doubt anyone would complain.

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• Syndicate assassins drop Specter blueprints (I guess this is live on PC now? News to me)


Also can someone confirm this for me? Rebecca mentioned it so offhandedly, is it something old that I never noticed?


Can I get Roller Specter BP after I wipe them out?

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Also can someone confirm this for me? Rebecca mentioned it so offhandedly, is it something old that I never noticed?


Can I get Roller Specter BP after I wipe them out?

Yes now they drop specter bp.


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Um, Nef Anyo... DE is really making me not care for this guy. I think he needs to be redesigned again. That's all I'll say. Not sure what the art team is thinking with that one. Toaster boss.

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