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Your Favourite Sigil?


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Highest level New Loka sigil. Can't remember what it's called.

^ Humanity I believe. I also like it.


My favorite is probably either Baro Ki' Teer's sigil, the above ^ sigil, the new loka clarity sigil, the base cephalon suda sigil, or a certain hexis sigil that I can't remember the name of.

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I like both Stalker's and Zanuka's sigils but my perssnal favourites are the unyelding steel meridien sigil (4th rank) and the 3rd rank Arbiters sigil (can't remember the name, it's the one wich sorta looks like a vertical Arbiters emblem on a diagonal cross).

Oh, and i loved the idea behind the Rift sigil, but it's so tiny! Almost invisible :(

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Humanity (New Loka) 


Mastery ...which I liked more with MR 16-18



... now with MR 19 it looks like this Tiger.jpg :(

Agree with you, the current MR sigil is ugly, can't wait to rank up and make ti change to "Sage"; it will be a long time, though.

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