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Octavia's Anthem: Hotfix 20.2.2


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Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.2.2


  • Changed Duplicates tab to have every instance of a Mod type. Before it would skip past the first Mod of a type if it was upgraded or a raw stack of 1.
  • Companions are now invincible in Captura. 
  • You now have infinite Ammo in Captura. 


  • Fixed Gear Wheel icons taking an inordinate amount of time to load in during gameplay. 
  • Fixed the Mods list not scrolling properly as per: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/650w9u/mod_screen_is_not_scrolling_properly_leaving_too/   
  • Fixed camera collision for Operator in Captura.
  • Fixed Ratel’s appearing in the Hyena boss cinematic if they spawned at the same time. 
  • Fixed areas in the Grineer Forest tileset terrain where certain Warframe abilities would not function correctly (Nidus’ Virulence for example).
  • Fixed a large amount of particles exploding when leaving Limbo’s Cataclysm.
  • Fixed some UI anchor points not taking menu scale into account. 
  • Fixed being able to multi-purchase Syndicate items that don’t need to be purchased more than once (Simulacrum Access Key, etc). 
  • Fixed various clipping issues with the Centuria Syandana. 
  • Fixed using a controller in Steam Big Picture to view Mandachord songs displaying a string of text beside the song named.
  • Fixed quest marker/dialogue appearing in Suda's Datascape Scene.
  • Fixed Chroma's Effigy sometimes not doing anything in Captura.
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Pets still die instead of going into "revive me" state while you are in operator mode.


More bugs:

  • Operator and pets: if pets get downed while you are in operator mode, they just die and you can't revive them for duration of the mission. In kuva flood kuva guardians oneshot my kavat with 611 armor and 8974 health, so once I'm entering operator mode, I can say farewall to my cat;
  • Index UI: time left indication is hidden if "Overlay map" is chosen or if you just press "M" to switch mimimap position;
  • Minimap position (Overlay map) resets to top left after "leave/stay" screen to default position. I find it more convinient for me to use minimap in right side of screen and has appropriate setting on, so why does it reset? Same for UI in "infested salvage" mode: stations health gets lost after "leave/stay" screen and player usually needs to reset it by pressing M (changing minimap mode) twice;
  • Quick rewards screen (Tab) does not work for AW mode and Titania's Razorwing;
  • Missing booster icon from rare containers for non-host;
  • Kuva amount is hidden in mods section until one selects riven mod. Either show it or hide endo too.
  • Crafting: reduce amount of owned blueprints by one after crafting process has been started. (ex. I have 2 BPs of forma, I craft it and when it's built it still shows I have 2 BPs. I press "claim" and suddenly it becomes 1 BP. It's confusing.)
  • Mirage and Zenistar. Aren't Mirage's doppelgangers supposed to copy all things she do? When Mirage releases Zenistar's disk, then casts "Hall of Mirrors" and then does charged attack, Zenistar's disk returns to player, while doppelgangers throw 4 disks.
  • Sprint detection: holding shift while standing still will break Ivara's Prowl;
  • if you're holding sprint key as operator and you jump, you need to press and hold sprint key again after jump to "continue" sptinting.
  • Bald operators: if you hold 5, operators spawn as bald. Same when they return to warframe.

As per https://forums.warframe.com/topic/765831-pets-ui-operators-sprint-detection-bugs-annoying-as-fieldron/#comment-8460615



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No fix for:

Atlas and Wukong having switched javelin stances

Large primaries such as Opticor or Tenora having improper left hand placement resulting in broken wrist

Limbo's agile stance looping incorrectly

Corpus Tech being affected by Supra buff

Pet companions dying with no chance to revive while in operator mode

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5 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Changed Duplicates tab to have every instance of a Mod type. Before it would skip past the first Mod of a type if it was upgraded or a raw stack of 1.




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Periodic reminder:

Could you also look at the chat bugs? Having to alt-f4 5+ times a day when it locks up is getting old.

And overlay map scale/bounds?

Door bugs..

... and the ability to disable ambient sounds in dojo/ship without turning off sound effects and chat notification?



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I'm just happy the update didn't make me have to restart the 20 minute survival alert.

27 minutes ago, jabsterclaw said:

anyone else getting the feeling that DE is going to F*** something up really soon?


That's needless and unproductive.  What do you honestly expect DE to do with commentary like that?

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