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Valkyr Graxx cosplay


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Helmet making of video: https://youtu.be/rUJnbiQmKAw



Skin: Graxx (Faven)
Syandana: Due Volpi (Liger Inuzuka & led2012)
Front sigil: Stalker
Back sigil: none
Chest armor: none
Shoulder armor: Targis Prime
Leg armor: Imugi Prime
Shoulder emblems: eventually ?
Weapons: yes, but I still haven't made a choice

Current state of the different parts:


Syandana: finished, needs proper attachments


Chest/back: need all the straps on the sides


Head: complete


Arms: missing details, unpainted


Shoulders: missing details and paint


Legs: far from done

The feet:


The knees:


The thighs:


Undersuit: needs loads of adjustments



Frequently Asked Questions (ok, more like "Frequently Given Answers"):

  • I cannot provide a link to the patterns because the whole thing is freehanded
  • It is made mostly out of EVA foam 
  • It is not for Tennocon, as I cannot go there (the trip from France would represent a significant expense)
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il y a 45 minutes, LordDarthDan a dit :

It surely looks pretty nice, I wonder how well can you move in it though. From your description I understand that the pieces are not interconnected, so that's something to think about IMHO.

Keep up the good work!

P.S. Slightly higher resolution would be nice too)

Thanks ! It's all EVA foam (most of it is 2mm thick) so it's flexible, plus the different pieces aren't glued together so they can...move independantly (I do not know how to explain it in English). That's why I used a fabric base instead of a foam one to be able to move freely. I'm used to making full armors and the mobility is the same.

Sorry about the resolution, when I upload something from the mobile site it automatically lowers it :/

il y a 39 minutes, MagPrime a dit :

Man, I wish I had skills like this so I could cosplay.

Looks great!

Ow, if you could see my old Valkyr...it was a mess. Thank you !

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This thread (originally about my operator cosplay) has changed (a bit). I recently got selected to be a finalist in a cosplay contest in France, and it changed my plans. All the finalists are asked to create something new (and high-level) for the occasion. I am no longer working on ùy operator, but on Valkyr, because she is better suited for the kind of stage performance they ask for. This contest is really important to me, and I'll try to do my best. This is also a long-term project (compared to what I usually do, I mean): I have 9 months.

So, here we go again:

I started by making a few 3D models for Javlok's barrels and spikes, and some of Valkyr's...things on her feet and hands. The scale is totally wrong, I inserted my components in a single file just for this screenshot and didn't adjust the dimensions...

I also made progress on the chest, all made out of foam. I made a pattern on myself with tape so the pieces would fit me perfectly. For the moment, the different parts are attached together with tape (and missing a fair amount of details). They will be articulated so I can move easily.

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il y a 5 minutes, Anavi_Ivy a dit :

I've been following this thread for quite some time, and boy, it looks great! I'm always excited to see some updates on this!

Thank you ! Yes, the thread was dead for quite some time (and the imgur links were broken so it was even less interesting to read...). Now I'm trying to make as much progress as possible on the "armor" parts while thinking about more problematic things, like the metal arms... I found some interesting mirror-like pleather. It looks pretty good, but I think it's still a bit to stiff for the joints (the parts I'm having trouble with are the elbows).
I also tried some golden spandex, it's not reflective enough. However, I found some promising stuff on the Internet, I'll order some samples soon.

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Hello again ! I've been away from home for a few weeks...
I found shoes and started detailling the heel (the dots were burned with a soldering iron and the lines cut with a scalpel).
I also decided to 3d print the syandana, instead of making it out of foam like I had planned. 

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Ok, so here's a little update on the feet. I started making the "armor" part out of foam (it's gonna be fully articulated, don't worry). As for the front part, I'm still patterning, as you can see on the pictures. Since Valkyr's feet aren't exactrly shaped like a human's, I have to add padding to get the right shape.

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