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Umbra Scarf and Details Toggle

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On 2019-07-26 at 9:17 AM, Geostalker said:

Hello i think its very good we can "remove" scarf from umbra but i really liked umbra's prime attachments. i think it would be better if we can choose to left prime attachments or not, we can remove scraft in attachment secton like nidus nekros or valkyr have extra slot for special cosmetic item for them umbra excalibur should have same. its means we can turn on or off prime attachments and remove scarf in attachment section. i hope DE will read this.

That's a hard pass from me. The attachments near the elbows had major clipping issues that were driving me nuts. Not to mention that the chest flap itself had a piece of scarf fabric that meshed well with the scarf in general. I appreciate DE simply acknowledging the issues Umbra had, no way do they need to add a more dedicated change than they already have.

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