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  1. Damn, my bad,don't know how but i managed to completely miss the " unique abilities are being reworked for the system." line. I thought it was weird that De wasn't going to do anything for some special abilities.
  2. and here we have a little problem, so, you're saying that signature ability or ultimates canìt be shared? ok, so, what about grendel? his 1 it's the only ability that can be shared because every other ability can't work without using feast (2 can't buff and 3 can't throw enemies because there can't be enemies in your guts without the first ability, and same for 4 + it's an ultimate) and the first ability it's obviouslys his signature ability, hek, not even the passive can work without feast.
  3. ....they just reworked a lot of warframe, and even told us that every warframe is going to get a rework, including the reworked ones that might get a second rework or QoL changes.
  4. "Athodai is acquired by watching TennoCon 2020 on WARFRAME's Twitch with a Twitch-linked account for 30 consecutive minutes, between 12:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. ET, on August 1st, 2020." google--->type athodai hand cannon pistol---> first result of the research. it wasn't that hard.
  5. the real strange thing is that they really might release another update this soon.
  6. meanwhile, the corrupted units are crying in a corner. the grineers units already received a lot of updates, i think De should focus on the rest, like the infested(hope heart of deimos will add something new for this faction) and the orokin corrupted units, untouched from years
  7. whaaaaat, ***checking the wiki,ok, lol, for real? it's called Nourish ARMOR, ok, that's weird... i'm surprised, well, i though it was strange that grendel could get extra armor with the n2+passive, well...i fell dumb and betrayed at the same time,....the more you know
  8. ability N1 can easily kill almost everything grendel eats(tryed that in the steel path and my build wasn't even focussed on strength), and if something survives, it dies from the toxin Dot, also can be a good cc, press 1, look around and you just wiped the whole map. ability N2 can heal you, deal damage, increase your damage and + it has this unique buff that can multiply the energy you get overall, also, you can even buff your teammates ability N3 has a good damage output( it has scaling damage if i'm not wrong) and let's say you find a very strong unit( maybe a level 241243 eximus nox), you can eat it with the 1 and then throw him into the space/sky/some pits and they 100% die regardless of their level ability n4 is...ok, a lot clunky, but it's extremely fun, especially if you use the augment, the damage overall is good, i still manage to kill high level enemies(steel path) in 2-3 hits, but even if i don't, it's hella fun to play. summary: he has and can share buffs(damage/energy), can deal a lot of damage(but you have to aim, noooo 😞 ) with all his abilites, it's fun( subjectively my opinion), can survive at high levels and disposes of various tools to do that, can CC(in a weird way, but still, he can), self heal, inique kit and every ability works.
  9. esthetically? absolutely , 10/10 functionally? absolutely not, boring and lachlustre, gameplay almost non-existent, no need to press anything but 1, not fun, just go afk and stay still, 2/10. a rework is needed.
  10. i super-duper-uber agree with you. i'd rather spend resources and traces on the new prime weapons, inaros prime isn't worth anything for me.
  11. ugh, hope de will rework him, he's...not bad, ok,...yes, almost unkillable, but his kit is just passive and sooooo booooriiiing!
  12. people: "too muc grind for the new stuff" *de proceeds to lower the grind* also people: "got everything in less than 1 day,there is nothing left to do!" always the same old story..
  13. to put it simply, overwatch 2 is a dlc, but blizzard call him "new game/sequel" and they will surely sell it at fullprice. example: immagine if De one day, decides to make warframe 2, and warframe 2's base is the PvP. it's kinda what happend to overwatch 2, it's just a Pve mode with the pvp incorporated.
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