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  1. ho la vaga impressione che qui, qualcuno ha utilizzato google traduttore. comunque sia, migliorie e buff? si, sono sempre i benvenuti, atlas inutile?.......nha, c'è di peggio. il suo rework lo ha reso piu' divertente ed utile,non capisco come la gente possa dire che ha abilità inutili quando: la 1 scala con la melee e arriva a fare danni molto ma molto alti la 2 blocca i colpi nemici, ed ha dei danni buoni la 3 è un ottimo cc che non solo blocca le orde di nemici in 1 secondo, ma ci guadagna pure un sacco di armatura che lo aiuta a diventare molto piu' resistente la 4 evoca due golem pressoche indistruttibili(no, seriamente, io sti due golem, non li ho mai visti morire, nenache contro i livelli 130) con danni tutto sommato buoni anche contro i livelli alti, e che aiutano a sopravvivere perchè oltre che danneggia i nemici, li distraggono e attaccano loro al posto tuo.
  2. definitely loki or trinity or both. trinity is "usable", she can heal the teamk, ok, but hek, she's so boring to use, while loke...his only purpose is his second ability, thats all. they feel old, and they are surclassed by other frames.
  3. volt: i'm speed gauss: b*tch pls grendel: i'm going to end those men's whole careers
  4. grustrag 3 and zanuka: "are we a joke to you?", no seriously, both stalker AND especially zanuka with the grustrag 3, needs a rework, long ago they used to be scary and strong, now they all are just a big joke for almost every player in warframe(only newbies, may have troubles with them).
  5. cool idea, but it would probably end like this: De does this(or something similar)-----> then people will start complaing and scream stuff like" De is forcing us to farm, and they put this giant grindwall on purpose, just to make us unconfortable"-----> then, De, due to the rants, will decrease and make the grind easier------> then, people will start complaing that this isn't challenging anymore. it always end like this...
  6. restricking movements in pvp would and is a good idea, they should put the old parkour into conclave, but this alone isn't enought to save this mode, tha's why i proposed the pve in conclave. like i said, conclave is dead, hek, even lunaro, that despite beeing the less frustrating and more enjoyable mode in conclave(for a lot of players, same for me), it's...dead, i tryed to play it, i waited 5-10 minutes but i couldn't find a single player.
  7. 1) i think conclave would be better if part of it would get a pve mode(or a 100% rework), it doesn't matter how many fixes and changes it gets, pvp in warframe doesn't work, especially with the parkour 2.0, aim at players that keeps bulletjumping everywhere isn't fun at all, it's just frustrating, and it's not a fact only about your "aim", a player can bulletjump in Every direction, it's an hell to predict his movements. if de would entroduce a new mode for conclave that instead of players, we get to fight against an AI which can be defined as such, then maybe, a little part of the overall playerbase, would get an eye on it. "but conclave it's only pvp, it shouldn't get a pve mode", ok, then, let it die....when was the last time, De made some changes or updates to conclave? 2) medallions are rare, and most of them give very few standing (1000 min, 5000 max), so, they are fine.
  8. that's pretty normal, almost everytime a warfarme get released, he/she get a lot of fixes the next days. khora was afwul at the beginning, then they have improved her a lot, thanks to the player's feedback. if you think that gauss needs some tweaks or changes, go in the warframe section and express your thought, De will take note.
  9. yes, i'm satisfied. I know warframe has some problems, and it isn't flawless, but i like they way De is leading this game. -People asked for endgame, De released sortie, but people still weren't satisfied, so De changed the sortie, making them less "frustrating" and with better rewards...but still, people are complaing. -people asked for more endgame, a true, challenging and hard endgame, since they got bored pretty fast with the sortie, De then, released the arbitrations, but still, people started to complain about how too hard that mode was, and how bad the rewards were( i guess, people hate having a lot of endo/unique and interesting mods) -people asked for more stuff, then, they(De) added the sanctuary, a good place to mass-murder a lot of stuff, fastly exp your weapons, get tons of focus, and some good rewards, but still this wasn't enought for poeple,so,they started to cry, and blame De for putting such annoying and not fun mode -people asked for more challenge, so De introduced the nightwave, a new event that gives purpose to a lot of old and forgotten modes, giving you a valid reason to do them again, plus, the rewards are good, and not that hard to get (1-2 hours per day, and you almost finish them all in about 2-3 days at worst) , but, guess what, people complained and still complain that this event is too grindy(even after halving the total grind),and the rewards aren't worthy the such "awful" grind(1 freee arcane energyze/grace/formas/catalists/free slots/unique mods and much more, are bad rewards, right?) -people asked for more challenging units, so De introduced the bursas, and, after few days, they got nerfed to the ground, why? ofc, because people have been complaining that the new units were too powerful and op -people asked for a revival of the old content, bacause warframe is 7 years old, and a lot of stuff "smells" old, comparated to the new stuff, and,...you won't believe me, but..people complained........yes, they complained about De focussing on the old stuff, instead of the new stuff....... -people asked for new gamemode, so De introduced the new amalgam game mode,..and then.....well, you know...people bla bla bla, complained bla bla bla. Now, now De is working on the empirean update,because they promised to the players, to bring new, unique and fun stuff to play, they were ambitious, and from the trailers, they are doing a very good job,but let me guess, people will complaing after the uptdate drops on live, right?. I understand tha De isn't perfect, they made a lot of silly mistakes, but, are they a bad company? no, are they not listening to the community? no!, is, maybe, the community that always keeps pretending more and more? definitely yes.
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