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  1. i cna't believe you still didn't buffed yareli...it's not like you to behave like this...everything ok De?
  2. i personally didn't enoyed them really much and i do not miss them at all. -Law of retribution was literally an afk mission, you just had to spam vauban 3(pre-rework) and killing enemies was a "must not"otherwise you screw up and new ones start to spawn....not to mention the puzzle part, that was a nightmare, and yes, i know, "play with your friends on discord/teamspeak" bla bla, but not everybody has the luck to have 7 friends onlyne at the same time. -Jordas golem was more interesting(and a bit fun), too bad it was full of bugs and the final part was a big bugged and unfun mess.
  3. yep....seems like she's now officially stored in the "we forgot about this stuff"" room.
  4. ah yeah, sorry, forgot about those mission, sinc ei barely play them. as if ther earen't weapons that can do the same or even better, right?( kuva ogris,tonkor,kuva bramma,acceltra, etc) please, there are much more broken weapons in this game that can outdamage voidrig. kinda agree, bonewidow is a good tank, voidright is a bit lacklustre, because it can't regenerate health, well, yes, he can, but the quantity is pretty limited and low. well, let's check high damage? yes limited range? hek yes, not ba dbut still limited fast combo? nope, it's slow you can spam E while running? absolutely not, you're almost stuck in place. strong indeed, but with limitations, it's not op, neither bad, just good. dunno, i dont' think they are op unlike certain warframes/weapons., i just find them to be fun to play, so, i can't see all these problems?.
  5. yeah, i mean that necramechs are available only in open worlds, and that's a shame. "balance" isn't the problem, i mean, what balance issue do they have? -too weak? maybe a bit, but i don't think ti should be a valid reason to not make them available in other missions, nay, if they are weak, let the playes test them and correct the flaws. -too strong? please, we have nuke frames lsuch as saryn,mesa or equinox, or other frames that can deal abnormal damage with a single ability(like sevagoth's shadow), the only op ability for the mechs, is voidrig 4th ability, yeah, strong indeed, too bad it has no mobility, so the "it's too op to be implemented" isn't a valid reason(bonewidow 4th ability is balanced btw). the gameplay will not change too much, and even if it does, is that really a bad thing?, on the countrary, it will add more variety to the gameplay.
  6. yet, they still are locked in open worlds, and no, the "they get stuck" exscuse doesn't work, that's nto the problem. what a shame and waste of fun gameplay.....such potential...wasted in few missions...
  7. no buffs/changes for yareli? anything in store for her?
  8. saryn 4, ember 4(after the rework) lavos 4, equinox 4, vauban 3, mirage 2(with the augment).... please, these abilities are a much better rooms-nuker and they can easily wipe out tons of enemies in few seconds with low effort.....,yet, having aquablades able to scale with range mods(with a mediocre damage), would be a problem? please.
  9. everyone: De please, allow aquablades to scale with range mods De: increased duration... it can deal 10000000 damage, but if the range is garbage, it's just useless. please, make us able to increase the range of aquablades...
  10. unfortunately, it's not.... rebecca long ago stated that scattered justice is available just for the normal hek, because.........vaykor hek would be too op with that mod( she said that at the time, before kuva hek existed)....so, rip, it was this way for the vaykor hek, it will be the same for the kuva hek..
  11. sadly, from what i've heard, De has no intetion to rework him because it's considered (and they themselves consider him )a "meme", and it will stay as it is......
  12. his 1 is just dumb, it has no AI, and that's bad, it's should atleast target nearby enemies when you're not aiming(the ones that aren't yet debuffed), and i don't get that "spin around" mechanic...what's the meaning of that if the shadow can deal damage and debuff just 1 time?, also, the recent change (hold 1 to make it faster) is stupid and nosense,...just set it as the standard speed and add a new mechanic when holding 1(why would i even make it go slower?) sevagoth shadow si very sloow, has goofy movements,some issues with energy refill, and ability 2 is clunky... not to mention the animations, that are extremely buggy....most of the times the claws don't move or match the model animations at all and it's extremely annoying. his 2 is, a bit weak, but still kinda ok(mabe just a little buff on the damage it deals) the only thing, is that i would like to see it's actual range(like gloom) and better understand what enemies are affected by it(yes i know, there already is a graphic effect).
  13. his other abilities(especially 1 without AI) are weak.
  14. still no buffs for sevagoth? or changes to his 1? nothing besides fixes?
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