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  1. step 1- wait until they burn out all the free content D2 has to offer until they inevitably crash against the "pay-to-play" wall(you will not have to wait that much) step 2-take a break from warframe and wait until the big stuff get released step 3-have fun again in warframe with your friends.
  2. thanks for the fixes, are you planning to do something about the awful murmur farm?
  3. p..PRETTY DECENT! awydkwvwgkahvgadya ***crying in I5-gtx960-8gb ram. i have a medium decent pc, do not dare to understimate your pc! 😠
  4. As from title, the secondary fire of the railjack(in this case, the galvaric) is not working at all, it doesn't damage the enemies, simply clicking or pressing the secondary button does nothing,... doesn't work at all.
  5. nha, sometimes the fix broken sh*t just in time, a lot of players said the same thing about the catchmoon, but it is still strong and viable, same story for the tonkor and synoid simulor, but hey!, now those weapons no longer can effortlessy oneshot 250 lv bombard, so this mean they are no longer viable right? wrong! If kuva nukor is really that broken, then, i'll prefer them to fix it as soon as possible, if not, we will have a tonkor/synoid situation 2.0, and the forum will riot again.
  6. mmmmm, well, you got a point,..mmm then, what about extend the endless mission time/waves at least 20 mins/waves? not a real endless, but still better than 5 min/waves.
  7. eeh, zorry, ain't an English native speaker,i'm just a dumb pizza and pasta eater. i'll try my best to correct. little help prof?
  8. Il Clan I Moschettieri recluta nuovi membri, ossia persone interessate a giocare e divertirsi con altri! Il Clan (vincitore del dojo contest) è completo di tutte le ricerche. Rifatevi gli occhi con la sala principale del Clan realizzata da un nostro Membro(io): I pochi requisiti che servono sono: -Avere Discord ed un paio di cuffie con microfono -Aver voglia di giocare con altri e cercare di stare su discord con gli altri quando si gioca, ma ricordatevi, non siete obbligati ed entrare ogni volta su discord, ogni volta che giocate a warframe, non siamo in una dittatura, a tutti prima o poi, capita di voler stare da soli per un po' di tempo, non ci sono problemi, vi chiediamo solo di non isolarvi completamente dal resto del clan. Semplice e facile no? bene, che aspettate? Se siete interessati a entrare nel clan rispondete a questo Topic, o contattate -Setsuzoku- DeadGodEater TheKurtiStryke in gioco.
  9. "Is this guy, going to complain about the kuva lich systems?" nope, i'm here to say some suggestions that could help improving the system(ah, you thought i was just going to complain, but it was me, standard-person-with-suggestions) But first, let me tell that i really appreciate the new changes made for the kuva liches, too bad the murmur system farm is...well...ugh..boring,tedious and unfun.. i'm kinda ok with doing non-stop standard missions to quickly gain murmur(although this system should be improved), but the endless missions doesn't have many sense to me, i mean, we have this"endless" mission,but we are forced to leave after 5 mins/waves....not to mention, that sometimes, if one lich spawns at the beginning of the mission or in the middle, and someone kills him/her, then, sometimes(too many times) the thralls stop spawning, and the missions turns into a standard mission. I have 2 suggestions. 1- The one that i prefer, reworking and drastically change the murmur system 2-Make the endless missions..real endless missions, after 5 mins/waves you can choose to leave or stay, if you leave, good, you leave, if you stay...well, you stay, and the thralls keep spawning, and, let's assume that the lich spawns and you fail to kill him/her, you get extra murmur as always, then, after that, you use a system just like in the fissures, you have 30 seconds to customize your parazon and change your requiem mods, and try different combinations, then, after choosing, you keep playing, and the more you play, the more the % of finding again the lich will increase( alongside with the difficulty/level/damage/healt of enemies ofc).
  10. from what i heard, they are going to get a full planet soon or later, made only by infested mass(or i'm confusing this info with the new stuff for them coming along with railjack?). well, i know 1 thign for sure, they said they will reworking all the old tilesets, right now, all the crewships are going to get a rework, next probably will be the corpus planets, and after that, the rest of the planets in the starchat, i know that "soon or later will happend" has been said too many times, but the good thing is that this is a certainty. i also heard they are working on the void tileset.
  11. i love the atterax, but it's already a good weapon, i'd rather prefer to see an uncommon and weak weapon turned into an interesting kuva-weapon-variant.
  12. good thing the anti-leechign system is already live, they will get nothing.
  13. loki's decoy and teleport. decoy is...useless, and teleport is good foooor........trolling players?
  14. for hydroid, not sure where they said that(probably in the last devstream or in one of steve's tweets) but i'm sure that they're working on him right now.ù fotr nyx , i'm just supposing, because i saw a lot of threads about how bad nyx is right now and about loki, again, i'm just supposing, usually, De starts reworking oooold frames that nowadays have no place or purpose in the game due to their old-lacklustre concept.
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