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  1. his 1 is just dumb, it has no AI, and that's bad, it's should atleast target nearby enemies when you're not aiming(the ones that aren't yet debuffed), and i don't get that "spin around" mechanic...what's the meaning of that if the shadow can deal damage and debuff just 1 time?, also, the recent change (hold 1 to make it faster) is stupid and nosense,...just set it as the standard speed and add a new mechanic when holding 1(why would i even make it go slower?) sevagoth shadow si very sloow, has goofy movements,some issues with energy refill, and ability 2 is clunky... not to mention the ani
  2. still no buffs for sevagoth? or changes to his 1? nothing besides fixes?
  3. yeah, indeed,..... the minority. like it or not, sevagoth is mediocre, and a lot of people do not like him. sure, gloom is useful,...but what about the rest of his kit? -gloom still has some issues -ability N1 is clunky and kinda "clumsy", and if you start spamming it, you will run out of energy very quickly. -ability N2 has a mhe damage and the synergy with ability N1 isn't that great or convinient(due to energy consumption). -and what about his ability N4? usually the most useful ability of a warframe?, ah yes, to quote you:
  4. it's your opinion, i (and a lot of other people think as i do) don't like sevagoth, it's mastery fodder, it's not even fun to use.
  5. it's a mess, great potential, good design, bad execution. hope De is going to "adjust" him with changes and fixes, for now he will gather dust for me.
  6. 100% this. sevagoth right now is a mess, and De seems to not understand that, the new changes are more an harm than a solution.
  7. to be honest, this isn't what reap needs, just increase the base speed, and add a new mechanic while holding the ability, like, if you target an enemy and you hold the ability, reap starts spinning around him, and please, for the love of god, make reap able to damage the enemies multiple times, right now it just deal damage on single time and to deal damage again, you have to recast it...
  8. reap: needs an AI asap, even a simple one, like, if you are not pointing/aiming, reap start looking by himself for nearby enemies, also i think that it should deal damage more than just one time because right now after reap hits an enemy, it stops dealing damage to him, even if it keeps spinnign around. sow: the damage is really bad gloom: energy drain is monstrously high, and the gain isn't even that good.. shadow: i think that this is the most bugged and less performing ability for sevagoth.. the animations are really bugged, the damage is...mhe, consume is really clunk
  9. After De updated/upgraded/whatever they did to the servers( correct me if i'm wrong), i started having issues with the ports...and i can't find people to play with...so....what's going on? before you ask, i have a really good connection, 60Mb download and 20Mb upload and the router is new, so, it's not my problem.
  10. yes and no. yes, he's somewhat right, De most of the times just tend to listen and make changes, around new players/new players feedback, that's bad, vets are importants because they know a lot about the game(sometimes even more than Devs themselves) and can give improtant feedback to improve the endgame/lategame content. no, some "veterans" tend to act childish and feel entitled as if the game is owned by them, that's also a bad behaviour, they should know taht the game can't be balanced only around their will.
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