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  1. we...pfff...are o-on.pfpfpfpfp....war..........?bwahahahahahaha, just because jerkiny is going to become free or f2d (free2download), it doesn't men it's going to be a real f2p game, yeah, you can download it for free, but then, you have to spend money to get the real game's content....pfff warframe making war with...that game, lol.
  2. corrupted vor replacing ordis, forcing me to do the old draco, with 3 old limbo that keeps spamming the-world ability, and i don't have any melee.
  3. So, you're telling me, in order to become and be a true veteran, you have to spend 30/35 min at day, doing tricks nonstop by spamming spacebar/right click until you lose one of your fingers, back and forth, on a giant metallic pipe? who would be crazy enought to do that every single day? <---------------------------- this crazy guy
  4. you can't, their love is invincible....no really, they literally are indestructible
  5. awwwww, proof that everyone can love, even cleaning drones
  6. then use the penta, with the augment mod. problem solved.
  7. nobody is forcing you to do the nightwave... you hit rank 30? good, you got all your rewards, and if you continue the nightwave, you get wolfcred, and with wolfcred you can buy nitain/helmets/ and reactors, you don't have a reason to continue? then stop. " no useful rewards" ,... weapon slot/formax3/20 K KUVA/unique mods/acranes, all of this is useless? "until you've sunk a massive amount of time and effort into it"...dude, it took me like, 2 hours or at worst one day, to complete 3/4 of the weekly missions of the nightwave, yes, some missions are long and hard(1 h surv/ 1h kuva surv/ 40 w of defence), but...weren't the players that asked for some challenges? if you don't want to do these missions that requires "a massive amount of time and effort", then don't do it, you can do other missions and still reach rank 30.
  8. De releases nightwave- people: omg, nightwave are too grindy!/ it feels like i'm forced to play the game/ nightwave are trash and unfun! / too much grind with unsatisfactory rewads/ i rather play some other games, rather than spend hours at grinding nightwave!/remove the nightwave, i want the old allert system back! De temporally removes nightwave(one week at worst)- people: general panic! mass hysteria! concern! everyone getting mad because nightwave is gone, false accusation about "incapacitated to farm nitain, because nightwave was the only way to get it" lol guys, make up your mind.
  9. what i expect? 1- good rewards, not super rare and leggendary stuff, just, good stuff, that's all. 2- a fun fight, i don't care if it's long and challenging or with the archwing, unit it is a fun(and working) fight, i'm ok with that.
  10. please, when there are "De" and "bungie" in the same sentence, do not put such horrible words like "De should follow/should be like" thx.
  11. it's the "pax seeker" arcane, for kitguns....mhe, i prefered the old 3.
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