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  1. i love when you actually listen to the community, really good change i don't know if you touched the animation, but please change that, change the animation because that's the real problem, remove that forward movement that starts everytime you use the ability, btw, good QoL changes. i like the changes, but please, consider to increasing the shield size model(just a bit), and also consider to increase the health, because it doesn't feel like a shield at all. again, good changes, just improve the "grab" of the ability because most of the times, ene
  2. i've already tried with 3 different cables, still not working, i've also tried the speed-douplex thing, by forcing the connection to 100mb, but nothing....i think it's the modem that is causing this problem, because the pc is new, and worked perfectly fine for like 9 months, then had to change the old modem because it broke and the company gave me this modem, it worked fine for 30 days, then all of a sudden.... this happened....ethernet speed capped at 10mb, and i'm forced to restart the modem 2/3 times a day because after a while, even the wifi speed gets halved for no reason, and every singl
  3. the pc is new, and has good components, so, it's not a toaster :)
  4. So, i have a question, how much upload do you need in order to be considered a good (or at least tolerable) host? i usually don't host games and i avoid being the host, but....it's... complicated, let me explain. Right now i have like 9/9.4 mb upload and download (on the speedtest) and an average ping of 6/8 (speedtest) with the ethernet cable, but if i use the wifi, with the speedtest, i can easily reach like 56 download and 16 upload with the same ping,( i know, it's strange, and it's weird, but i have this issue right now and i can't solve it), i've tried hosting very few games with et
  5. i tryed bonewidow, and, well, aesthetically is beautiful, but on the technical side is....awful.. meathook: not only it's extremely hard and tedious to hook enemies(due to the weird animation it has, that forces you to go forward) but it's not even dealing any damage, even when landing( assuming the enemy you hooked will landing, because most of the times, it will not even be thrown) shield maiden: it's a shield that isn't shielding.... normal melee shields can 100% block incoming damage, but this one has.... an healthbar? whats the point of this shield? especially if t
  6. i'll 100% agree with you, hyping the liches and the railjack( or whatever they hype too much) it's all their fault, i hate what they did i'll agree on that, there are no excuses for that behaving, and people have the rights to complain. But the problem is that, besides those mistakes, whenever De tries to do or releases something new, people start whining and complaining and every update, they start using the same phrase "warframe is dying", nihil boss fight is an example, people say it is catastrophic...., they just overreact every update, in their minds, whatever De releases, it is b
  7. how do you know that? no thank you, i'm not the one who should unistall. To be honest, I'M TIRED of this community(the toxic side) i understand and I accept the criticism, but what I have witnessed over the years, it's not criticism nor constructive feedback, but most of the time it's an dumb meaningless-endless ranting and whining over and over, people every day feel more entitle to treath warframe as if it is THEIR personal game, and the devs HAVE to do what THEY want!. De isn't perfect at all,they have their own flaws, but, my god, we do not deserve them, THOSE pe
  8. Players: "we want some variety!, try something new!" De: adds some kind of variety Players: " EEEEEEEW, WHATS THAT! why there is something different in MY looter-shooter game!!!! i'm here to slash , farm and oneshot things, not to do [insert something different than the standard gameplay] bullc*** Gosh, seriously.......... unistall at this point...
  9. To be honest, Nihil design is so damn cool!
  10. sorry, these 2 words can't be put together, unless the word "your wallet" is involved.
  11. -better companions A (not a super smart one, just a less dumb one) and definitely some improvements to the enemy AI or variations in their behaviour(atleast give an unique AI to the special units) -corrupted orokin/void update, the void right now is almost useless, beside argon farm, it has no purpose, not to mention we still didn't get new corrupted units for years, even tho we had a lot of new grineer/corpus/infested units.
  12. "They tested", apparently De tested only strong abilities, while weaker ones got unchanged or completely avoided, if they nerfed the meta abilities, couldn't they also "adjust" or buff weaker ones? why just nerfing?(like they usually do) Like i said, the nerfs aren't catastrophic, it just pisses me off that they didn't even try to buff non-meta/weak abilities such as tempest barrage/ mind control/deco/spellblind etc etc. I'm not against the nerfs who bring balance to the game and avoid powercreep, i just hate when they act like this.
  13. Why it is so hard to people to just...have fun? "You have all that power?" Well, try to have some fun!, try different things!, change your builds in different ways you ordinarily wouldn't, use weapons/frames you never use/used and and try to see if you can make them likeable for your playstyle, try to mod companions, especially if you don't like some of them(like sentinels,kavat etc etc), try some fashion farme or dojo decorations( trust me, it can be surprising how fun and entertaining it could be), set your own challenges like......."can i survive 1 hour of steel path ?, and if i cou
  14. mhe, nerfing abilities like cosmic armour or larva, was dumb....they could have tweaked some other unpopular/not so appreciated abilities, to make them more "appealing"for the players, yet again, De opted for the fastest and simplest solution: nerf stuff. the nerfs itself aren't such catastrophic, but, the mentality behind these changes is the problem.
  15. 50/50 it's a drama? yes, but it's also the truth, let's be honest.
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