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  1. Wat? Jokes? Half of that described DDog from Metal Gear. Pupper was a force to be reckoned with.
  2. Max out 2 arcanes for extra lives. Death is lifes pause button.
  3. Simply fail? I mean some of those bounties need a few competent people working together. If they're collecting butterflies while the objective self destructs that's on them. Then restart the bounty after they leave. Hopefully after a long rant detailing exactly why their teammates were so bad.
  4. Now that Ember and Vauban are done, who will be our next lucky Warframe to get the rework spotlight? My personal pick is Loki and Trinity. They're functional but are ancient and could use some quality tlc to make them interesting again. Oh and Limbo because Limbo.
  5. Does this mean no more fire ring art for Ember? Once had a whole squad all different colors spamming them. Was glorious. And no more pentagrams from Vauban either. The Oberons are safe....for now.
  6. Fans: Please buff Ember, her kit needs to be meatier! DE: Her kit needs METEORS?!? Fans: 😮
  7. The only decent thing it did was the instanced areas where you could walk into utter chaos with random players. Otherwise its a poor man's Halo. Raids are stupidly broken and a single persistent glitch can result in hours of wipes or make it brainlessly easy, nothing matters because the sequel will wipe your inventory because lol sense of accomplishment, and level design is a glorified hallway.
  8. That change was so stupid. It's because they wanted you to shotgun your allies into the rift as well, alleviating the 'i can't hit anything' issue but it solved nothing and is basically useless compared to casting cataclysm once and trapping everything. Old Limbo it was used for sniping targets and removing dangerous opponents. Limbo had a better niche back then compared to 'durrrrrstasis everything and call it a day thing' we have now.
  9. They should just go full time wizard with him. His current iteration is a compromise and doesn't work well at all in terms of team synergy. Here's how I imagine it: Rift mechanics gone. If an ally gets rifted, it's an energy regen buff. Banish is back to single target but completely freezes the enemy. Cataclysm doesn't block outside damage but does massively slow down enemies within and slows or stops bullets mid-air like stasis used to do. Now that two abilities already do what stasis did, replace that with a new ability. Rework done, everyone loves him now.
  10. What are the pitfalls of having my own clan, and how do Alliances work? Is it a clean sweep or do I keep some perks from my previous clan? We have the Ignis Wraith bp for example. I'm in good standing with my current clan but very bored and want something to do. Everything is researched and I feel I don't have much control over decorating.
  11. And important objective items that enemies drop don't get stuck inside the roof. Learned the hard way on Disruption.
  12. Grineer were easily shown to have risen above their station as slaves. And indoctrinating workers is easily done by shipping them in from worker colonies. The whole clone rot is a result of their reliance on cloning labs for conquest after the collapse because Grineer are sociopathic a-holes with the exception of the Pacifism Defects. And Vor managed to immortal himself. Ordis's origins are still filled with vague details here and there. And it's unknown if Ballas just swapped one poison for another. He could have been introducing the helminth strain and turning him into a Warframe in that story.
  13. I was under the impression that Orokin was a status and not necessarily a race. And the upper echelons just had better access to technologies that rendered them immortal. Unless we're going with the idea that subhuman races exist to be slaves because they're genetically inferior. Which doesn't sound very pc.
  14. Some lady turned herself into a tree. Unless that's another perk of being upperclass. Also Tenno are Orokin? Thought they were more space slaves sent in to uh "test" things.
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