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  1. Cortege. Larkspurs big explosive secondary is clunky to switch to while Cortege just launches it ez.
  2. I have boosters and playing in a full squad too so definitely something busted. Maybe next console update will fix it. But moot point since the event will guarantee I'll be using them enough. Still it's been a pain in the ass this last month seeing all my work amount to nothing.
  3. What are you guys doing to your Railjacks? I get a breach every blue moon in the veil and that's only if I'm forced to leave the pilot seat. People sticking to their roles in it is stupid too. I join a game and some poor fellow is forced to wait in the foundry being a sweatshop munitions slave while the pilot spams tethers. Then we're knee deep in Crewships because no one is allowed to wander off. And harkening back to the old days of afk frames? Just say you don't want to play. I wouldn't revert anything, but to say nothing can be improved would be naive. Rivens and modding i
  4. What event hasn't been a test? My only issue with mechs is their leveling. Kill a million enemies that spawn in hordes in the isolation vault and you only get bumped up half a level. Then lose it all with host migration. Wtf is this S#&$?
  5. May have been a fluke as it doesn't seem to be doing it anymore after swapping around mods. But I had Volatile Parasite, Infectious bite, and Paralytic Spores equipped all at once. Will update again if I can reproduce the results.
  6. I think I've found an issue with the Razorback. It goes through the first damage phase then never again. I think it was from my Medjay Predisite as I was able to progress again once it was unequipped.
  7. The reason to hate Limbo is in the starting statement. The fact he has the ability to mess with other players so absolutely even accidentally means he is a bad frame. You needing to promise people you won't use half his kit is a huge red flag. DE needs to go full time wizard with him. Stasis related abilities that buff ability damage and regens energy. Throw away the flip flop dynamics of the rift.
  8. I like his kit. Just needs tweaks here and there. Unreliable 1 and 4. When i use them they seem all over the place and don't hit a thing. A faster rate of fire on his barrage would make it more useful in my opinion. Tentacle swarm needs different conditions on what the tentacles do. Flailing around just makes killing enemies slower. Different effects would be nice. Some grab, some knock enemies down or holds them in place. Feels worthless after the initial cast too. I see enemies running past it ffs. His tidal surge could use more of a vacuum to suck enemies into it and ma
  9. I wouldn't mind the option to launch them in Railjack sessions where the objective is completed. Or give them more flexibility by bringing them along in certain missions. Resource raids should be a thing. My extractor/distiller primes are a sad sight.
  10. I want to see more out of their jets. Thought it would allude to something similar to bullet jumping in terms of mobility but they seem to have removed that. Used to double tap jump for hover but now it doesn't do it anymore.
  11. I've noticed that everything that needs a nerf is always loud, annoying, and spammy and literally every player is using it to be loud, annoying, and spammy. Maybe they can start there.
  12. Most accurate review I heard was TotalBiscuit(?) I think? Said it was like a sandcastle built on another sandcastle built on another sandcastle.
  13. Can we be real here? Orbiter doesn't exist outside of concept art. If they want to flesh out your home base more, it needs an outside model. Even your friends only see other drop ships instead of an Orbiter. Railjack feels more like a base than the Orbiter ever has. More livlier with an npc crew as well. The switch should have happened in War Within when it actually gets shot down. Oh wait, that's right. It was all a dream. Regardless, it needs more superfluous rooms that make it look like an actual ship like cargo holds or the engine room. Maybe meet Ordis face to face.
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