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  1. Frames keep getting given away or unvaulted randomly. They tanked Prime Chamber a few days ago just for the lulz. There's no safety net for expensive goods.
  2. I thought New War was the umbrella term for the new focus on sentient enemies? And Duviri will probably be delayed till Tennocon like they do with everything else released around Tennocon.
  3. Ok, there goes Primed Chamber. Last thing on the bucket list is Excalibur Prime for all Amazon Prime owners on Twitch and the circle will be complete.
  4. They're enjoying Mexican beer? I hope to my monotheistic deity that they have enough limes to cover them in this harsh summerlike winter.
  5. Kobe is synonymous with doing a freethrow or getting off the hook like in Dead by Daylight. Other than that, there's a real palpable air of....I dunno. Muted sadness? I was expecting some sort of outrage over something but everyone is just plain sad. Tragedy is really on the nose. Pilot made an error and that was that.
  6. As the most Leetest of the E's, I only play with mastery rank 30s. It guarantees I'll have more fun because I'm playing a different game.
  7. I'm going to laugh so hard when Revenant Prime turns out to be a werewolf with glowing royal purple fur.
  8. My main issue with nubs is how they spam the revive button. Like bruh, give me a chance to travel over 500 meters to come get you in 30 seconds.
  9. I'd believe it. Scaling is all over the place. Cruise ships are tiny in archwing then suddenly get bigger when boarding. Clown car paradox.
  10. Hold the action button down, kill everything in a 360 degree radius the moment it spawned. Check occasionally to see if your energy ran out. Rinse, repeat. Oh, and also do a lap around the perimeter of the map to collect all the loot. Actually had people fall asleep while playing her on comms. Also, is everyone talking about auto-turrets? Because they're technically already in the game as an air support item....they just really suck like all air support. Well except for Lisets sweet alarm reset.
  11. Maroo as co-pilot. She nopes outta there when we get swarmed then tries to sell the ship. Cy manages to stop her every time. Script repeats every mission because Warframe.
  12. A friend of mine stopped playing after he stopped getting intrinsics and was locked out of the veil as a result. I stopped because no one is playing and I'm not going alone. Not with how crappy dojo t3 equipment is in that area. And every mission is "kill 100 zippy ships and hack 20 tanky bois then do third thing" which is a slog when the game decides to not let you leave or even get credit for your effort when it's all done.
  13. Update where? Her kit is solid for mobility, defense, and offensive capabilities. And if you favor explosive weapons she's a real treat. Just charge her 1 and rain down hell. Also that huge tornado idea will become a new Warframe lol, just like all those ideas people had for Vauban.
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