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  1. Thought we were going to talk about his uncanny valley mouth and skull shape. Eating large slabs of building material leaves you looking like a sewer mutant or an evolved Chihuahua.
  2. Dunno why people are saying they're some oddity when Railjack, Necramechs, and Orb Vallis all revolve around archgun use. Main issue is they were intended for their own isolated content and now need to have a broader useage. Doesn't help that it's broken half the time. The loss of functionality bug began when they introduced it as a deployable. Another issue is a pistol can out DPS a heavy minigun and is faster too. If archguns ignored armor or some enemies invincibility mechanics that'd be a start. And archwings are stuck in a rut of all being useless except for Amesha. Haven't used Itzal ever since they gave it a crappy grappling hook and called it a day. Elytron is underpowered. Odonata I don't even know why you'd use it. But as for why they don't just prime one....how do they figure what to prime in the first place? Did anyone want Strun Prime? It has 2 other versions already which are now useless unless the bonuses on Rivens boost them that much. And Lich weapons are better than everything else in the game.
  3. I find it odd his cloak isn't in the auxiliary slot and counts as a syndana. He's weirdly naked without it.
  4. People are awfully adamant about singling people out and isolating them in a co-op game. Reminds me of that game Monopoly, where all your money goes to charity. Or Chess, where the kingdoms come to treaty before any awful wars breaks out.
  5. Makes sense for the headshot ones at least. The stacks for that are gone by the time I get another headshot kill. And crit chance is useless without crit damage. I remember using Amprex way back and had nothing but red crits constantly all doing 5 damage each tick. But my concern is with the variants. Alone it works fine. Another Tenno running around disrupts you easily just by doing their own thing. Other players should always be taken into account.
  6. Alright so this has been bugging me awhile and now with Nidus Prime around the corner might be a good time to bring it up again? I haven't been reading posts lately so I don't know what the consensus is. So here's the issue: mechanics centered around securing personal kills. Nidus needs living enemies to build his stacks, Fatboy can't use 3 of his powers if he can't suck in a single enemy, Harrow the next Prime has a very useless ability if he can't get a shot in. These issues probably drop off the more you play higher level content, but the higher level content suffers the same issue. Primary arcanes demand sacrifice to maintain their killing prowess and are constantly losing power. It's like using a manual crank flashlight. Constantly dull. Should team mechanics be taken into consideration more? Auras buffed? I mean Limbo still hasn't been deleted so I doubt it. Even story mode depicts a lone Tenno.
  7. Never seen an obnoxious Wukong. Limbo on the otherhand can send a mission to a screeching halt. The comparison is extremely poor. Limbo needs a rework, badly. Wukong is a credit to his team.
  8. Most used? Probably Golden Instinct since I need to repeatedly mash it even if I actually DO detect a collectible in the area. But besides that I guess Molt when I threw it on Vauban so he'd stop getting one shot. Results are mixed.
  9. Most energy weapons function exactly like rifles. I don't see it as necessary. Explosives on the otherhand could use a category. After all snipers and shotguns have their own drop pools. And AoE weapons are much more prevalent.
  10. Kela did a backflip through a closed door and just stood there. I did not have any weapons with punch through. Guess I "failed". Then there's all my "failed" missions on Railjack because half the level didn't load after 20 minutes of waiting. Only real "failed" missions I have were where the Mobile Defense terminal got Rad Proc'd.
  11. I don't believe I can see it as anything but sarcasm when two of her abilities shoots her straight into the fray, guards damage from only one direction for her torso, and her 4th freezes her mid-air. She's meant to be a scrapper. Her design choice was heavily compared to Valkyr. Difference is Valkyr can't randomly die while using their power. Blood fountains and Adaptation and Arcanes can only do so much. Quick Thinking is worthless. I don't think standing in the back and being useless was the intention. Limbo already fills that niche.
  12. So I was toying around with Garuda and her whole shtick seems to be low health, high damage. Ok cool. I'll put on Quick Thinking because she will always have energy and no health. One problem: you get hit by a viral proc and you instantly DIE. Skips bleedout straight to death. And this has been an issue for.....years. So if that's never gonna get fixed, how bout she get something like shield gating but for health? Really makes it difficult getting any use out of her when she's constantly being bodied.
  13. How can you be confused by such a clear cut continuity? He created Valkyr while making Zanuka, but that was actually a 1000 years ago because she was Primed and Primes for every Warframe were always a thing, wink. He died three times and is now being terrorized by a flying sentient monster that is already contained and being dissected inside a Corpus lab.
  14. This game is literally filled with Saturday morning cartoon villains. Nobody really dies and they're back to their old tricks on next weeks episode. Most recent cast of villains features a Southern Belle Capitalist Karen. Yareli absolutely fits.
  15. I used Helios to fill in my codex and to randomly give enemies weakspot damage. I assumed other people were too till I heard it was only for this random exploit. It's honestly pathetic latching onto things like this.
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