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  1. I wouldn't call those people impatient. If you don't know about this bug then you have no reason to think you're doing anything wrong by just queuing up the next mission ASAP (and not starting the countdown). I agree with you otherwise though, this should be a high priority fix.
  2. Great. Please also look into the Plains of Eidolon Assassinate -- the spawn rates of enemies does not seem to allow enough time for the bounty goal of drawing out the target within 1 minute to be possible. Also I've seen it reported that you actually have to kill the assassination target within the 1 minute time frame to get complete the bonus objective, which if true means that bonus is nearly impossible. Similarly, the Plains of Eidolon Capture mission has the bonus objective of not killing any other enemy. Besides the fact that this bonus is just wrong-headed and can be spoiled by
  3. Another tip: while it is usually most efficient to head back to Fortuna after Phase 1 of the third tier bounty, some of the Spy and Cache Recovery missions can be done very fast, particularly the mountain/outdoor cache recovery and the "garage" Spy mission. It is worth doing those if they come up since they can be done fast, even though the chance of getting debt-bonds is somewhat lower. The ones that take place in the Enrichment Labs take a bit longer though, especially cache recovery.
  4. I encountered this bug twice today in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. Following a failed host migration (or something like host migration which had the same loading screen -- I don't know if it was an actual host migration attempt) the mission concluded with the usual mission summary screen except that none of the rewards or progress from the mission was listed or recorded -- neither affinity nor the drops from completed cycles. There was no "mission failed" or "mission suceeded" succeeded flash. The second time I encountered this issue, it was during a hotfix deployment, so maybe that was the
  5. To be clear, you do not want to ABORT -- aborting will send you to the orbiter and forfeit your rewards. What you want to do is return to Fortuna after completing the first phase. My girlfriend recently started playing and we ran pretty hard into the Medical Debt-Bonds bottleneck. I don't think the drop rates are bugged as we seemed to get about the expected amount, but that's still roughly an expected 2+ hour grind to reach rank 3 with Solaris United to meet the sacrifice requirement for Medical Debt-Bonds unless you get some help from Ticker. And of course you can get unlucky so it coul
  6. I fed my Helminth today, and afterwards decided to sell a few weapons out of my inventory (via the Equipment space). Each time I sold a weapon, the resources I had earlier fed to my Helminth popped up as if I'd just looted them. This appears to be just a display bug -- when I figured out what was happening, I checked my inventory count for one of the items and sold another weapon, and the item count remained the same after selling and getting the loot notification.
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