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  1. Ah. Understandable. Yeah, I'll be honest. I waited until there was a holiday double credit booster weekend, and then I spent 40p on a credit booster in-game to get quadruple credits. Then I ran 2 waves of High-Risk Index before exiting. 1,000,000 credits per run. Repeated that like 15 times. Never had to worry about credits again.
  2. But that's the thing. No one is forcing you to do anything. Of all the loot in this looter-shooter (which, yes, I admit, can get a little out of hand at times), you're complaining about the one loot that drops most frequently out of literally anything anywhere. Caches from every endless mode in this game, a 100% chance to drop a few credits from any enemy killed, credits earned for completing a mission, EXTRA credits earned for completing a sortie mission. What are you buying that requires this many credits? Pedestal Primes?
  3. My apologies, Komi-sensei, but I'm afraid this change would be too little of DE's concerns to be fixed immediately, if not in the near future, if not ever. Their resources are better left elsewhere. Just imagine that Umbra actually sacrificed something. On a proper 9x9 board.
  4. There are a few "signature weapons" that haven't gotten a perk from being used by their respective WF yet, so I figured I'd add a few suggestions of my own just as a starting point. Euphona Prime - "Banshee Prime's signature shotgun" : Double base max ammo (80 instead of 40) Skiajati - "Forged of steel grafted from Umbra's flesh" : Either a) Umbra's weapons are silent while invisible after finishing someone, or b) Invisibility after finishing someone lasts twice as long Scourge - "Harrow's signature speargun" : Either a) Increased fire rate, or b) more enemies are affected by Bullet Attraction bubbles when Scourge is thrown Hystrix - "This versatile sidearm is Khora's signature weapon" : Alternate Fire allows secondary element procs to become available to the user Dual Keres - "The signature swords of Khora" : Enemies hit are "marked", marked enemies take double damage from Venari and Khora's abilities Akzani - "The choice weapon of Mirage" : Double base max ammo (800 instead of 400) And now for a few suggestions on which weapons to make "signature" for other Warframes. Most of these are based on bundle inclusion and opinion: Nidus: Hema - Headshots restore 15% of damage dealt into health, as opposed to 10% Hirudo - Status chance from 5% to 10% Titania: Sarpa - Critical chance from 5% to 15% Mesa: Akvasto - Four consective headshots allow the Akvasto to automatically reload its magazine Frost: Sibear - On melee slam attack, creates a slowing aura kinda similar to "Ice Wave Impedance" effect Valkyr: Venka - Double base attack speed Inaros: Mutalist Cernos - Toxin clouds deal more Toxin damage procs per second Dual Toxocyst - Frenzy buff lasts 6 seconds instead of 3 Lesion - Attack speed buff upon landing status proc lasts 12 seconds instead of 6 Nekros: Ether Reaper - Finishers with this weapon grant 10% lifesteal
  5. I'm expecting Fallout 4-speeds of abandonment. Maybe even Anthem-speed.
  6. LMAO. Apparently, Google is trying to appease to the gaming community or something like that, by making their own... i don't know, online gaming subscription service? Or something? No idea. My first thought was wondering how Warframe would run on a Chromebook, Pixel or a tablet that has Google Chrome on it. I just find the idea hilarious. What do you guys think?
  7. Nah, you need that one image with him wearing the Gauntlet, the Lantern Rings, the Omnitrix, and a lightsaber. Oh, and Mjolnir.
  8. That too. Out of all the stones we've seen the Marvel characters use, the Soul Stone is literally the best useless rock in the entire series. It only exists to kill off a beloved character. The Power stone, you can do energy blasts with. The Reality stone, you can turn your enemies into cute little butterflies, or bullets into bubbles. The Space stone, you can make portals to transport you anywhere and everywhere. Name one thing that the MCU has done with the soul stone.
  9. I just bought Marvel's Spiderman yesterday. Best. Singleplayer Game. Ever. Instant captura mode, does open world better than Warframe does, and is basically my go-to pit stop in between updates.
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