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  1. Yes, I always used zenurik. And now it is even better with a tiny crowd control support and a LARGE operator energy pool. I am delighted with zenurik. Perfect combined with Quick Thinking and a large energy pool frame (volt)
  2. Zenurick is awful now

    I loved zenurik at its beggining..... and i ALSO love zenurik now. Its not zenurik's fault you dont know how to use it. zenurik is f*cking amazing now. They added some supportive Crowd Control to it which makes it amazing. Playing as volt, I dash towards the enemies and, as they are electrocuted by the lightning ball, I have enough time to cast discharge to stop them all. Also zenurik stealth is amazing stunning nearby people. Why does it sucks? just because it is not "activate and do nothing" anymore? come on man...... sorry but.... you have to "git gud".
  3. Mass Vitrify Possible Bug

    I agree. Its a bug
  4. something like Mag's bubble or Trinity's energy waves but more transparent and a bit electrified texture? Please
  5. Why cannot I disable experimental flight like in normal archwing missions???? THIS REALLY SUCKS. Why am I pushed down when I try to get some height? I am always forced to fly just a little bit over the floor, cannot go into the air. come oooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope these details to be fixed soon. Thank you.
  6. ¿se puede pasar la cuenta de ps4 a pc?

    tu español en este post ha estado impecable. volviendo al post, yo lo investigue en su dia pero no se puede por culpa de sony (o microsoft segun la consola que tengas), no quieren fuga de usuarios. es decir.... puedes entrar (migrar de pc a consola) pero no te dejan salir
  7. Volt is a great frame, if you know how to use him. I detected some wrong things and I just wanted to report them. So, please, avoid talking about other things in this thread.
  8. Bump. Sorry for doble posting. I wouldnt like this to be forgotten.
  9. Bump. Sorry for doble posting. I wouldnt like this to be forgotten.
  10. DE, we want the Void Demons - My take on why some hate Operators

    I hope the operators can do big things with the void in the future. Like an epic magic/strike according to the school you belong to. This would mean they mastered void channeling. I mean an epic attack combining warframe and operator. :-D
  11. It is supposed flamethrowers doesnt pass through shields anymore. Please fix when possible. Thx
  12. it happens many times I cast discharge, it passes through a single enemy and it doesnt get electrocuted or affected. Im not talking about a crowd of enemies, just only 2 or 3 enemies in the room. that happens many times at kuva fortress for example. Also if im on a high platform over the floor (or below it) and I cast discharge, enemies on the floor doesnt get affected (and electric wave clearly PASSES THROUGH THEM) I think something is wrong here because discharge can affect enemies behind walls with no problem.
  13. Prime weapons buff

    I am also an orokin themed player. I like orokin style (not orokin people, they are awful hehe). with vectis, soma, akstilletto and galatine you have your orokin stuff for all situations
  14. literally unplayable

    and who cares? dont forget closing the door as you leave.
  15. i will go with my vectis prime with my nice riven mod hehe