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  1. I really wish when enemies with a parazon option die they get stunned or go down on 1 knee or something, staying alive for 3-5 seconds. it would let us kill without having to worry and let us parazon enemies to get our bonuses.
  2. yeah I am a big collector too. I had to take all my warframe articula out of my living room are so I could fit in all the unique items and 2 of every floof, as well as 1 of every warframe noggle, and 1 of each boss articula. Also DE when are we getting more warframe noggles? non of the new warframes for the past few years have a noggle and the other warframes are getting lonely :(
  3. She is perfect for pretty much every mission. Her motes make her extremely tanky and hard to kill for endurance missions, super fast for capture/ exterminate missions as well as open world, and adds to her crowd control. Her breach surge makes any kind of defence mission easy by completely stunning all enemies around her, as well as giving her a massive DPS boost. her will-o-wisp makes her great for traversing, adds to her survive-ability, and makes her breach surge lock down an even bigger area pretty much wherever you want it to. Her passive makes her invisible while in t
  4. only time a lawsuit would actually stand for something like this is if it was essentially a 1 to 1 comparison, and it was proven DE used the copyrighted character for reference while making the character. Its actually very easy to get away with almost completely ripping off a character design and not getting into any legal consequences.
  5. I wish that there was railjack objectives that had to be done while the regular missions were taking place. instead of everyone having to go into the ship to do the mission. Like the regular mission is active right from the start and is happening while the railjack objectives are also active Would be cool if during an exterminate the doors were locked and your team mates had to destroy something on the outside of the ship for you to get through the door, or on defence/ survival missions something happens in space that makes the mission way harder so you or your team mates need to take car
  6. hard disagree. Umbral mods are already capped due to their high cost and how hard it is to get umbral forma. If new umbra mods come out I should be allowed to put 5 umbra mods on my frame if I want to spend 5 umbra forma on it. Would it be a little OP? sure, but what isn't at this point? and since it would be super expensive most people would only have 2-3 frames that they could go all out with.
  7. Devs from pretty much every game nerf or change things that are meta because something thats meta is either powerful, or it becomes stale if left unchanged for too long. Im not saying that's the proper approach for warframe or anything, but just look at any hero shooter/ moba that's out there. Take overwatch for example. pretty much every season theres a meta comp that every team will use. if the devs didn't change things up with the heros then there would just be a permanent meta comp that every team would be using for the last 2 years, which becomes both boring to play, and to watch
  8. 325 if DE is being generous. but id gladly pay 500p for everything in the bundle.
  9. Wisp is by far my favourite and most used frame since she came out, and I can confidently say that empower is my favourite Helminth ability to put on her to make her motes stronger. I always replace Sol gate because while it is a cool ability, I can kill enemies just as fast with my weapons and it cost too much energy to use effectively.
  10. The devs did say last dev stream that they want to buff up guns by giving them stronger mods, so I guess this is just the tip of the iceberg
  11. being able to hold tailwind and hover indefinitely makes it extremely useful with her new passive and mods like aviator. Airburst was a garbage ability, IDK how you ever had any use for it when all it did was make enemies fall over in the general direction where it landed. It never actually packed enemies together. Tornado never really did much either. Every time I used tornado on something like a defence mission id sit and watch as the tornados slowly chased after enemies, and most of the time not even fast enough to actually pick them up. Being able to put them in one single spo
  12. Vauban vortex can pick up enemies from half way across the map and clump them together. Zephyrs tornados are more for controlling a small section of the map. And small QOL changes was all she really needed since most of her abilities were good in concept but poor in execution, which made it so turbulence was her only helpful ability (except in open worlds where tailwind made you go fast). Now all 4 of her abilities are useful in most situations.
  13. I just wish the jacket sat flat on her back instead of it for whatever reason being flared out like that.
  14. I just want to know why her coat is sticking up like that. would look way better if it sat flat against her back.
  15. Im really excited to play her again. She'll feel a lot less clunky than she did before. There's a few things I will most likely want tweaked once shes out, but ill keep them to myself for now until I get to play her.
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