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  1. if the lights flicker you need to kill enemies. the way the game is built there's a spawn cap, and enemies don't despawn, they just teleported in front of you. So if you dont kill enemies theres no room for the larvling to spawn
  2. It does seem like something is buggy with the RNG. And even if its not a 1 in 16 chance per run to get the weapon you want is a dumb system anyways. If our frame we use to spawn the lich determines the bonus stat on the weapon, the weapon we use to kill the larvling should influence what weapon the lich has. Want a primary? kill it with your primary. Want a secondary? kill it with your secondary. at least that way we can cut the grind in half just to START the actual grind.
  3. Just because it is to you, doesn't mean it is to everyone else. Besides, my entire point was that at no time during a valence fusion it explicitly says you will lose everything you've put into weapon B. You have to infer that on your own, or look it up online. There's no harm in making something clearer and easier to understand. They already did it when you consign a pet you own where it says "you will no longer own (pet name)." Its clear, and direct, with 0 chance of someone misunderstanding whats happening.
  4. Players shouldn't have to go to external websites just to understand basic functions of the game they are playing. You shouldn't have to read every patch notes that gets posted because you're afraid you'll lose hours of time if you don't. When you do a Valence fusion it should be made 100% clear that you will lose all forma, catalyst, exilus, etc on the weapon you are consuming, but its not. "Dismantle a matching weapon to transfer a boosted version of its innate damage bonus to this weapon." Dismantle doesn't even imply you will lose everything you put into the weapon. If anything it implies the opposite. "Replace [ELEMENT] 50% with upgraded [ELEMENT] 50%? This will consume [kuva weapon] (1 Forma) and is irreversible." Again, no where is it implied you'll lose everything. And again, "consume" only implies you're getting the forma in that weapon. That is the ONLY info that's displayed in game. At minimum "dismantle" and "consumed" should be replaced with "destroy" and "destroyed" so the wording is clearer, and there should be another sentence that says "Any forma, catalyst, or exilus, that is applied to [kuva weapon] will not be transferred." One of warframes biggest problems is that the only way to get any useful information about anything is to go to the wiki, or the forums, or youtube. Its a problem the devs know about, and have admitted that something needs to be done about since day 1, but still make no effort to change.
  5. i made the suggestion that when you kill the larvling it becomes the litch you will fight, but with a kuva effect, waiting for you to parazon it.
  6. while I like the idea of being able to tell what weapon your lich will have, I think just having a window pop up with the image of the weapon is really lazy and immersion breaking. I think it would be a lot more interesting if once you down the larvling, it turns into the Lich you will get with some kind of kuva effect. Then if you choose to take it on you parazon it, turning it into a an actual Lich. Not only would this let you see the weapon you would get from beating it, but it would also let you see what it would look like and if it had any ephemera. Something like this:
  7. This is not cool, and a dumb way to increase the grind on new content. Saying " there's a 100% chance it will drop 50% of the time!" is complete and utter nonsense. You guys might as well be trying to sell Sex-panther
  8. I'v spent around 5-700 if I had to guess over the last 6 years, and I thought that was crazy. but that's chump change to some of you guys, Jesus.
  9. Thank god. I gave up on pub lich runs because so many people just ignored their lich while the rest of the squad spent 3 min keeping its health down, asking in squad chat "whos lich is this you need to kill it" "its not my lich" "hey (player name) is this your lich?" "yeah" "you gonna try and kill it!?" "no" so infuriating.
  10. The lich missions are designed to be hard and challenging. These missions are some of the most fun iv had doing regular star chart missions because I cant just turn my brain off and let the mission finish itself. Like for the first time ever its actually possible to lose a mobile defense mission if you don't deal with enemies. Do you know how hard it is to lose a mobile defense mission? you have to put the key in and then run away from the terminal into another room, and even then there's only like 10 seconds left on the timer when they do manage to destroy it. If anything these missions are a good litmus test for what players have been asking for since the begging of warframe, which is a difficulty option for missions. after farming these liches, and getting a taste for picking any kind of mission I want to do and have it start at level 100, I want to do the entire star chart over again starting from earth. But instead of level 1 enemies they're level 100, then Pluto and Sedna start at 130.
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