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  1. So i know ultra wide monitors are a little rare, and super ultra wide monitors even more so, but the way warframe handles rendering on these aspect ratios is very distracting while playing because it stretches the image the further you get from the centre of the screen. The doorways in these images show off what im talking about very nicely. I don't know if there's anything I can do to fix this, or if its something that needs to be addressed by the devs, but it honestly makes using wide monitors very annoying.
  2. I think it would be cool if the sporothrix was a status spreading sniper. so give it a big AOE and make it so headshots increase the range and damage of the AOE.
  3. The Sporothrix needs a massive buff in some way. Its for too underwhelming for it to be very annoying and hard to farm, be mastery rank 13 to use, and have so little polarities that you need to invest 4-6 forma into it. It just doesn't do any job that weapons are supposed to have. Despite being a sniper it doesn't kill single targets very fast. And even though it has an AOE explosion with a big status chance, the AOE is so small that you almost never hit multiple enemies, which makes the status chance rather useless. All that on top of the small max ammo pool, small mag size, lo
  4. I remember this being suggested on a dev stream a while ago, but id love to see a new tab in the warframe appearance tab for movement. Could choose between different sprint animations, dodge animations, bullet jump animations, etc.
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