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  1. it's more like going to gamestop and looking in the new game section to get doom eternal and accidentally buying doom instead because why the hell is a 4 year old game in the new game section
  2. peacemakers have their own additive damage increase which scales with ability strength, so the more ability strength you have, the less benefit you'll get from hornet strike.
  3. There is not a single non-cosmetic in the game you cannot get for free
  4. The best part has to be that I completely scanned them during the event, and the progress was removed AFTER the event ended.
  5. sorry, I just woke up and read it as 150 slash, my bad
  6. if you added 100% slash damage you'd have 100 slash damage, IPS mods are based on the amount of that damage type
  7. uh, last time I checked, cars don't get tired, people do
  8. just to be clear, you are aware that you get back everything it stole after defeating the lich, right?
  9. Since heavy attack has its own separate button, can we have the option for holding melee to just keep attacking?
  10. not only does it work with devolution mods, it also works with tek assault.
  11. Why are trade bans even a thing? Has anyone ever actually managed to hack drops? Or is it intended to ban people for farming in a game revolving around farming?
  12. >Ironbride >pretty good does that make Arquebex the second coming of Jesus?
  13. No, the game decays half of your argon crystals at a fixed time every day
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