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  1. it regens shields, it just stops when they're broken for the first time.
  2. and it never has counted, you have to do the main node and always have, it used to be you couldn't do alerts until you cleared the main node
  3. prime accessories has boosters, access has plat
  4. location: in the Deimos bounty stage involving Latrox Expected outcome: shield drone's shields start to regen after being broken Actual outcome: shield drone's shields never regen for the remainder of the bounty stage, or until it is killed reproducibility: literally every time you do the bounty without exception
  5. When you sell a "universal" weapon skin, how about you don't make it unusable on half the weapons in the game. Literally none of the weapons I use can equip the skins, hind, trumna, stahlta, primary kitguns, nukor, all unable to equip these so called "universal" skins.
  6. the only problem i could see is that there's no model for the larval state, but that shouldn't take too much work since the larva model doesn't seem to have any animations.
  7. radial blind or petrify, both give cc, petrify increases damage, while radial blind leaves enemis open to finishers
  8. looks at 16 frames sitting in foundry, waiting to be subsumed why would you subsume your only copy of a warframe
  9. ripkas, twin grakatas, maybe some sort of original minigun
  10. radar and vacuum are working for me in larva
  11. while sly vulpaphyla only gives 20% dodge while in larval form, it's infinitely more useful because you can actually use it since it doesn't get cancelled immediately if you accidentally shoot one more bullet or melee one extra time, not to mention the cooldown that exists for seemingly no reason when larval form buff gets reset on subsequent kills.
  12. you could say what the bug is, what weapons it applies to, what frames it applies to. you know, something useful
  13. Tempered Bapholite requires Adramalium instead of Bapholite
  14. get rid of this mission success screen and give me my ship back
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