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  1. they can be earned in cetus bounties, otherwise you'll need a taxi to jupiter
  2. sometimes I want the option to sell something I don't want
  3. In the steam overlay, the drop table webpage (https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html) appears with a black background, which, coupled with the black text, makes it unreadable.
  4. title, needlessly taking up space in the foundry now that 100x are here.
  5. Make enemies killed in his 2 give stacks, and if all the enemies are killed before it expires, it refunds half the energy.
  6. That was before the scaling fix, it was just the actual speed x4. Nothing has changed, it's just listed correctly now.
  7. (61(1.253)+121)*(2(1.396)+0.2)= 590.7 m/s while boosting is the maximum possible boost speed
  8. it went from 90% fall off to 30%, so it's a nerf from what it was before, but a buff from before this hotfix
  9. Tank frame, with an arm or shoulder mounted cannon, and looks like a literal tank.
  10. I didn't say I had a problem with the changes.
  11. I solo gian point just as fast as being in a squad, as well randoms don't waste my resources. You do realise you're just pointing out reasons that eidolons being squad exclusive is undesirable right? Over exclusive matchmaking, or risking randoms. Edit: I thought you were the person I quoted, your comment makes more sense to me now.
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