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  1. all it needs is to be able to jump and for the attacks to scale with weapon mods like landslide already does and it would be probably my favourite augment
  2. the only change I'd like to see for rivens is the ability to improve the numbers on rolls through a valence fusion system, because there's nothing worse than getting cd/cc/ms/-zoom but having every stat be the absolute minimum
  3. it could be an apparel option, but i don't know if that would work since all of those are belts
  4. last time i checked, sentinels don't have randomized stats
  5. my full health and shield modded helios prime gets two shot by the electric procs
  6. both incorrect, you just need the same manufacturer
  7. shotgun mod for rifles that reduces base damage and status chance and increases base multishot, so no increase or decrease in status or dps
  8. it's more like going to gamestop and looking in the new game section to get doom eternal and accidentally buying doom instead because why the hell is a 4 year old game in the new game section
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