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  1. Really, the "trade" chat tab should have 2 buttons when you first click on it: 1. Open a web browser to warframe.market (recommended) 2. Enter the cesspool
  2. Now we just need Little Duck to sell atmo systems at rank 2.
  3. It should have just been a mutalist cernos augment. Even better if it had been called 'Split Blight' and sold by Red Veil.
  4. If it walks like a mutalist cernos augment, and quacks like a mutalist cernos augment, Then just call it a mutalist cernos augment.
  5. I dimly remember liking the one with the grineer balloons.
  6. But groundframe is fun. Space needs coercion or no one would go.
  7. Part of the charm of warframe is the realization that all the horrors are our own fault.
  8. It could be another coordinated squadlink thing. Sharkwing team damages it underwater. Fishing team hauls it up to the surface. Railjack team nukes it from space. Only way to be sure.
  9. Disco Dervish Sentient Vampire. What's the problem? I mean .. isn't that a reasonable archetype?
  10. I just still don't feel like farming index. I check in every once in awhile, but no point in worrying about any post-railjack content until I actually feel like an index marathon. Which .. I dunno, maybe next year.
  11. That feeling, though, when you had the prime junk, but not the cash, and didn't feel like running index, so you were about to say "oh well" but checked your inventory just in case .. .. and you had enough harrow chassis blueprints.
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