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  1. As a wise man once said, "Why you have to be mad? Is only game" Take this to heart, and you will live a happier life.
  2. Did one mission. Took awhile. Team liked dropping what little reactant there was on opposite sides of map. Would not do again. Maybe if kuva.
  3. I was hoping it would do something slightly more interesting. Failing that I was hoping it would be constructed entirely from new materials instead of just being another wrung on the same upgrade path. Oh well, you can't always get what you want.
  4. I'd still say FOMO chores is a net negative for me. On the plus side, it's gotten me to do some things I would not have done otherwise, like hoard unsocketed sculptures and level my mote amp so I have an emergency gildable item. So that's nice.
  5. I knew this was going to be a good thread just because the title did not specify what "it" was.
  6. Plz finish 3.0 so I can sell all the melee weapons I've been hoarding just in case they become decent.
  7. Because rivens are bad and they should feel bad.
  8. Having given mostly negative feedback for nightwave recently, I probably better speak up when I have positive things to say too .. There are clearly some bugs and interface issues, but I am really enjoying melee 2.nines so far. Combos are now accessible without a slow weapon swap. Stances now matter all the time. Life strike is much more accessible. (Please don't nerf it too much going forward ..) Archwing dismount is much less clunky.
  9. Why 3rd party tools instead of making price history data available in your own game client?
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