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  1. The one thing I want for raids is the ability to public queue for them. Of course, this works better if they don't design raids that are optimized for a particular combination of frames.
  2. I've been that guy. Gunning down zanuka. All three team mates are around him, not a single shot has landed on any of them. I'm sure I'm not procced. Zanuka is running behind a box. Might get him down before he gets out of LoS. Defintely not procced. All is going well. His foot disapears behind the box. BLAM BLAM BLAM. .. I guess I was proccced after all .. Now I always go as Rhino, but I'll have to try Revenant out. For some reason it always seems to be Volts who get me.
  3. Well, the patches have improved the situation for me. Now I can actually get a random group in Orb Valis, and even get halfway through the exploiter fight before disconnect/host migration/mission failed. Progress!
  4. I read the perfect description of nightwave on reddit today: FOMO chores.
  5. Maybe she should be like Hyldrin and come with a giant space bow. .. I do want an attica prime, though.
  6. I would say that it is an otherwise best-in-class game (to such an extent that other games only vaguely even try to be in the same class) that for inexplicable reasons has worst-in-class trading and new player experience. The chat moderation is a sideshow at best. One that, at this point, is probably best handled by hiring a consultant to touch it with a 10 foot pole. Oh look, that's what they're doing ..
  7. The Liquidator The Binding Arbiter Orbtimus Sub-Prime
  8. I'm fairly sure at this point that the answer is something deeply pathological.
  9. It makes sense. I mean, why would they came to Cetus, if not for the fish? Early lunch for hemocyte.
  10. At the moment, phase 3 seems to be: Operation Host Migration.
  11. Also, there's a 4 page version of this thread in the matchmaking subforum.
  12. See what three weeks of solid complaining can do.
  13. I am experiencing precisely the thing described here. Tried uncapping matchmaking ping. Tried bounties. Same result.
  14. You can auto-block him, but it's still going to interrupt what you were doing.
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