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  1. This is not what I had imagined....and tbh it does not sound like a good idea either.
  2. Oh wow I cant believe I never noticed this, Thank you :D Its so much easier on my eyes now
  3. I dont see why it could not be a toggle after all you can toggle prime details on tennogen....
  4. I had to look it up... Is possible they overlooked it
  5. I just purchased the weapon skin even being aware of the limitations and yet I'm still surprised about them...
  6. I'm just waiting for her lore, her kit looks interesting but as far as looks goes my kids spotted her from a mile away and instantly were drawn to her lol. So she will prolly be bringing in a new gen of players with her cuteness and while her looks do not interest me they will some. I apologize for grammar and punctuation errors I had a rough night and am a bit tired still.
  7. This also has been happening on switch periodically
  8. Looking very forward to her PA and Accessories
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