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  1. I hope that DE will also consider adding different animations for air casting. Many of the current abilities that can already be used in the air dont match the flow of the animation that occurs during the jump which results it looking very awkward. Trinity becoming able to cast Link in the air is already a example of awkwardness.
  2. Balefire could use a change in that it only slow you down if its half charged or something. At the current moment its really hard to fire the Balefire repeatedly without being unnecessarily slowed.
  3. World building is important and its really awesome that we have been given a few glimpses into the lives of the people through the background chatter in the relays or Fortuna but is it possible that we could gain a option for subtitles if standing near the people chattering? Alot of the dialouge can be hard to interpret due to background noises which is especially rampant in Fortuna.
  4. Is there a story behind the twisted Nef Anyo portrait that the Solaris United uses?
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