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  1. So devstream 132 shed more light on the kuva liches and Steve stated that the kuva liches will have their own weapon variants which will grant a one time mastery just like all other weapons in the game. What potentially worries me here is the addition of a whole new chain of weapon variants. We weren't told if its only some Grineer weapons that are getting a kuva variant or if its all of them. I did notice that all the generated liches only had primary weapons so perhaps they are restricted to just that at the moment but that still leaves the following weapons up for a kuva variation: Argonak Buzlok Drakgoon Gorgon Grakata Grinlok Harpak Hek Hind Ignis Javlok Karak Kohm Miter Ogris Quartakk Sobek Tonkor Vulkar Zarr Twenty weapons (Sorry if i missed one.) not counting variants (Wraith, prisma, Vaykor EC.) could be eligible for kuva variants and to be honest if its this many then its starting to touch a sore sport that Warframe have suffered from since the release of the first primes. The problem of redundancy. Most of the time a variant weapon have been a direct upgrade rather than a sidegrade and the problem with this is that it render previous catalysts or forma spent on a weapon moot. Of course we dont know if kuva weapons are going to be sidegrades but Steve used the word "bonus" and that's what have me worried. Its annoying having to spend forma or catalysts on a new weapon that is essentially the same but with better stats, a new model and sometimes a special function (Tiberon Prime, Ballistica Prime ETC.). Imagine having built Atlas and then spending hours polarizing him to get the build you want just for DE announcing his prime two weeks later ruining your effort. Not a literal example but it gets the point across. This is a problem that has been with Warframe for years and DE have done little to address it. Im not gonna be talking anymore about any of the prime frames/weapons and their other variations anymore because this post is focused on the Kuva Weapons. Instead of making a new variation of kuva weapons why not turn them into a extension of the Arcane system. It could be a unique form of Arcane that only have one rank and add stat changes to a weapon similarly to how a riven mod does. The arcane could be called Kuva -insert weapon name- Modification and could of course only be used by the Grineer weapon its generated for. This way we could keep the Grineer weapons we have already upgraded with Formas and catalysts relevant without having to replace them with a upgraded version. Of course, im no programmer so i wont know how hard this would be to make or what problems it could cause but its just my two cents on the matter.
  2. Question: What are the plans for the Leverian and will frames that have no lore associated with them such as Garuda be given an entry there?
  3. Someone said they saw dead people.
  4. You dont set the standards for what Warframe is. DE gets to do that since its their game. The primary focus is on the horde looter-shooter gameplay but it has secondary elements of PVP. Warframe became a PVE/PVP game the moment DE added conclave. The irony here is that you claim conclave isnt Warframe yet you wanna take away the very elements that make up Warframe from conclave and have it changed to elements from other games... Conclave does have issues but the majority of those issues lies in the match making and the standing gains, not general gameplay.
  5. 1. Getting standing in conclave became alot easier when DE introduced the daily and weekly conclave standings. I think tweaking the existing numbers for those challenges could help a bit. Both for the standing earned and for the numbers required to complete certain challenges. A problem some people have with standing in conclave is the competitive nature of the game mode itself with the winners earning more standing. Mabye adding basic standing gain just for participating in matches could help? 2. I dont think universal medallions should work for conclave. PVE is PVE and PVP is PVP. Why even have conclave in the first place if we introduce other means of gaining standing other than PVP related ggameplay. Its not to say that conclave doesnt have its issues but letting universal medallions give conclave standing is just taking the low hurdle. Both for players not wanting to play conclave and for DE slapping a band-aid fix for the game mode instead of fixing some of the more glaring issues.
  6. Mach Rush feels kinda cumbersome to use repeatedly on a keyboard. Especially if you move your finger away from the 1 button too quickly. You end up with a broken Mach Rush dash that is of no use. I think it would work better if Mach Rush was a toggle and that the sprint button when pressed triggers Mach Rush. This builds on existing muscle memory and would eliminate the quick tap issue.
  7. Mucho graticious DE. Keep up the good work!
  8. During the Tennocon trailer for railjack just before the attack on the Grineer crewship, Some Grineer pilots talked about the twin queens in what sounded like a reference to the outcome of The War Within. Will Railjack be affected by the world in Warframe such as progress of the story quests or actions that we take in the game such as the assassination of certain bosses?
  9. I hope that DE will also consider adding different animations for air casting. Many of the current abilities that can already be used in the air dont match the flow of the animation that occurs during the jump which results it looking very awkward. Trinity becoming able to cast Link in the air is already a example of awkwardness.
  10. Balefire could use a change in that it only slow you down if its half charged or something. At the current moment its really hard to fire the Balefire repeatedly without being unnecessarily slowed.
  11. World building is important and its really awesome that we have been given a few glimpses into the lives of the people through the background chatter in the relays or Fortuna but is it possible that we could gain a option for subtitles if standing near the people chattering? Alot of the dialouge can be hard to interpret due to background noises which is especially rampant in Fortuna.
  12. Is there a story behind the twisted Nef Anyo portrait that the Solaris United uses?
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