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  1. @(PSN)Silverback73 You’re not wrong, but I feel those are two separate issues. 1. Yeah, power creep has gotten so out of hand that I honestly feel the core system of damage, enemy activity, weapon and Warframe stats, and weapon and Warframe mods and multipliers, the whole thing would benefit from being shut down and rebooted. There’s ‘power fantasy’ and then there’s ‘braindead button mash make the numbers bigger’. 2. Look man, lore consistency is gone. It’s dead. DE are fundamentally not interested. They make things up thinking one quest ahead, taking reference from
  2. Eh. The context for that exact statement was Bonewidow launching in a state which wasn’t ‘unusable’ so much as ‘functional but kinda useless’. Like, on release, the most powerful thing that Bonewidow could do was carry a Mausolon. The mech has been improved considerably, but the role of ‘clunky, inflexible deployment platform for temporary godlike damage output’ still firmly belongs to the Voidrig.
  3. Aye, that’s a thing which needs to be pointed out: The Operation punishes you for trying to use your Operator to reset Sentient resistances. After the first few Orphix kills, the Voidrig lives and dies by its shielding buff, and when the Operator gets out the ability cancels. That is...look lads, that’s dumb. It is not clever.
  4. You can, but I certainly hope you at least have some mech mods and a good Archgun, because otherwise you are going to have a Bad Time.
  5. Hmmmm. How easy was it to understand the new Operation and what you have to do to succeed? No problem at all, had the hang of it after the second run. How was using a Necramech in a “normal” tileset? Clunky, but that's to be expected, and is weirdly charming? How did you find the pacing of the Operation missions and rewards? Seems ok so far, although... What was it like fighting the new Sentient enemies? Point Mausolon, pull trigger, very satisfying. Were you able to reach 36 Orphix Solo or in a Squad? No, because of the next point! Any other thoughts on gameplay, difficulty
  6. Engineering 10 basically means you can solo maintain a Railjack in combat anyway. What I'd appreciate is an engineer whom you can set for certain priorities, i.e. if Forward Artillery charges = 3 or fewer, make Forward Artillery charges, if Revolite falls to half full make Revolite, etc.
  7. I'm sitting here with a little bowl containing half a dozen boiled baby potatoes, and a salmon fillet rolled in paprika and garlic, wrapped in tinfoil, and done in the oven for a little over twenty minutes. Basically zero effort besides keeping an eye on it and taking it out of the over/off the heat when it's done. What's your go to for "I gotta cook, and I wanna have a nice dinner, but I don't want to put in effort,"?
  8. There will be a uniform. There will be a grooming standard. There will be inspections. Also, I only have one converted Lich, good old Asili Udip, cold hearted murderous she wolf that she is. I wouldn’t change a thing about her, except maybe to have a horrible argument trying to persuade her to dress in black and ivory while she’s on my ship. Oh, should we have to occasionally provide a kickback of pure Kuva to a Lich ally?
  9. On a practical level, there will be salvageable mechs for Operators to bring online, probably. I wouldn’t mind if the Op required a mech, tbh, and I do hope that having put in the effort to have a built, modded mech will be rewarded.
  10. You have done nothing wrong, ever, and I love you for this.
  11. I'd like to see Stalker mode implemented, with an opt-in function and some safeguards to prevent griefing, and, on the upside, maybe a nice drop table with some relatively unique and/or evergreen rewards. Gonna preen for two seconds and note that I'm one of the people who's experienced Stalker mode, soz Pablo! Pls no nerf Ember.
  12. Yeah fair. I'd revise that to: - The Tenno have killed several important figures in each organisation, and the surviving leadership are reacting to that.
  13. As always, I figure gameplay =/= lore. Jim’s Dumb Theory (how does that guy keep getting in here anyway?) - There are probably no more than about ten thousand Tenno. - Each individual Tenno does not perform multiple missions and kill several thousand Grineer/Corpus/Infested per day. It’s probably more like one raid a week, with a lot of prepwork and downtime in between. - Our Orbiter probably does not flit from the inner system to the outer system and back in minutes. - Arbitrations are probably sim tests or exhibition matches, ditto for Conclave. Like, seriousl
  14. Remember, go totally berserk. Killing at all times. Every second is cut. Kill. Do not stop. Slice and kill. Use abilities to support kill. If cannot kill, move rapidly to where kill. Execute kill at maximum intensity. The strategy is to hit them with sword until kill. Use '3' to strip armour to accelerate kill. Use '1' and modified '4' to create powerful damage buffs to intensify kill. Use Operator to protect warframe and heal her so that she may return to kill. Your hand must be a hand that is cutting. Your mind must be a mind that is cutting. You will see the world in your next cut, and see
  15. Bring Ember and go absolutely berserk. Just totally apes#!t. Nikana Prime 95%. Savage. EDIT: Sod it, builds. I can absolutely guarantee you that this works and is funny as hell. Use Naramon for the sweet combo extender.
  16. Nah, 150 is fine I feel. I feel like an Umbra Forma taking either a week of relatively 'intense' farm, or multiple weeks of casual farm is basically ideal.
  17. Ways in which Jim is a jerk: Whenever I'm in public Spy and someone else enters a vault before me, I wait outside the vault and I do not enter unless and until they trip the alarm, at which point I immediately trigger the security hack air support to delay the countdown and buy some time.
  18. Do we consider Railjack stuff to be clan content, seeing as one can't build a Railjack without a clan? Also, excellent Orokin Steve.
  19. Well, DE are taking a bit of well deserved time to spend with their families, so we’re probably not getting a look at what is honestly a niche cosmetic until the new year. That’s fine, I’ll always be pretty firm on the position that overworking devs (at any company, not looking at anyone in particular Bioware, EA, CD Projekt, ahem) is counterproductive and just deeply crappy practice. That said, in the New Year I do think it would be cool to get a review on this armour set.
  20. Yeah, DE occasionally shoot themselves in the foot over stuff like that. They try to balance newbies getting access vs veterans having the ability to unlock everything right away, and (yes, this is an old complaint, but I'm right) DE frequently don't have a good handle on what a veteran account is capable of. So, yeah, I'd put even odds on DE trying to do some sort of systemic shift which puts vets and newbies on the same footing with Focus, call it a 50:50 chance. And if they do that, I would not be surprised if they get it wrong. If their calculations were off, and in their haste to 'defeat
  21. Good call. Honestly, anything major can definitely wait, it's been a hell of a year. Take care of yourselves, take care of your families, don't rush anything out. You did good getting Deimos out and then expanded on, and the signs of the work going on behind the scenes for the Corpus empyrean are pretty cool. For now, I hope y'all have a great winter vacation, seriously, please relax!
  22. You know what? I wouldn't mind if Plains of Duviri is done at a slightly slower pace. No archwing, no instantly zipping across the entire map in ten seconds. HORSE.
  23. I think that I could armwrestle Steve. Rebecca's pretty hench though, I wouldn't try her. Anyway, according to the Mastery Rank system, we already know what the final boss of Warframe is. It's a level 150 Leech Eximus Nox with an Arbitration Drone.
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