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  1. Of course i do. I have 25+ rivens, some of them with 10+ rolls (and with couple passing 50 rolls). I understand the amount of work that goes into them. Problem is: rivens were NOT meant to make good guns better. They were made to make bad guns good enough to compete with their naturally better brothers. So Rubico Prime and Tigris Prime DO NOT deserve good rivens. Tiberon Prime? Meh, 2/5 riven dispo would be good enough. Lanka? I honestly dont know. The only reason its became a thing is because its electricity only crit-focused sniper rifle which makes it perfect against radiation-weak enemies (eidolons). That's just accidental niche monopoly by accident. Should rivens suffer for that? Shruggity shrug. As for envy: maybe... But i dont think you understand. Remember the times when tonkor was meta? During those times... I didnt used it. I didn't wanted to. In fact: i SOLD it during those time. And i sold it after i bought a nightwatch skin for it (although it came in discounted bundle, so i'll delusion myself that it was free...) not to mention a catalyst and couple (?) of formas. Then they nerfed it. Then i got a riven for it... And so i rebuild it. With a happy smile. Because i don't feel dirty about using it anymore. Hopefully that gives you an insight into my "envious" character.
  2. And they call ME toxic... Jesus Christ... Farewell to you too.
  3. If DE will allow people to just keep their rivens unhcnaged im afraid it will just cause secret power creep among the elite chosen community of people. "Here's a very good riven for Tenora. Here's Tenora Prime. That riven works on Tenora Prime. That Tenora Prime is now #1 most powerful weapon in the game and only 3 guys have it". Perhaps someone doesn't have an issue with that, but i do. As for your personal plasmor situation - i think i understand you completely. But plasmor is simply not the patient the rivens are aimed for since its a very strong gun even without the rivens. In your particular case.... Perhaps the question of balancing should be shifted to stats themselves. Damage, multishot and crits are clearly way more popular than stuff like punch through. So, perhaps punch through should simply be stronger on rivens across the board? Although im afraid this would create a possibility for some other insanely overpowered builds... The ones that just ignore the walls and burn it all around the player. It'll be tonkor 2.0 all over again... So i dont know wether its worth it or not. Should we balance it out on invidividual level? Like, check every riven for every person for ever gun personally if its not breaking the lmits? That would be nice. But... its impossible to do. So... I just dont know. Did plasmor deserved it? I think yes. Did YOUR plasmor riven deserved it? Maybe not. How do we account for that? We probably cant. At least i cant think of any carefully sophisticated way to do it properly...
  4. And that's FINE that they like it. I just dont think its intended by the riven system, so i simply think that the outrage is misdirected because people misunderstood the purpose of rivens (partially due to DE's fault at communicating that purpose properly).
  5. 1) Cant be bothered, but im sure there are some. And half of them are probably super-rivens. 2) True. And that 0,1% of people is the ones i have issue with. 3) Instead of bringing lanka to eidolon hunt i brought my own personal favorite - Vulkar Wraith. Or on some days - my Prisma Gorgon with +CritChance +Electricity riven. They work fine, just do not oneshot the damn thing. Because i just like those guns better... I give my opinion on riven thread because i have 29 rivens right now, out of them i dont care for 2-3, others i actually like and intend on using. I invested quiet a lot of time on them too, with at least one riven being in 60 rolls by now (Quartakk one i believe?). I simply used rivens for their intended purpose - making bad guns better, not making good guns godly. I had couple of rivens that did that and frankly im okay with them being nerfed because it was justified (a rubico riven and a sicarus one. Also ignis). 4) Because i dont necesserily like new guns? Power isnt my #1 requirement. Well, it is, but there's a whole bunch of things that come as #2 and in numbers overweight the #1. I'm also interested in fashion, in how it feels to use the gun. Opticor is quiet powerful (even without the riven, which i dont have), yet i stoped using it because it just doesnt feel right. There's barely any recoil, the shooting sound is meh... YOu know... The trivial details. Yet the ones i care about as much as i do about power. I like Kraken. I like Vulkar. I like Karak Wraith. They feel good. Yet they perform very badly. They are EXACTLY the guns that riven system was MADE FOR. And that's exactly how i look at rivens. If people saw the riven system as a way to push the limits of their power - then they can blame only themselves because they misunderstood the point of rivens from the start.
  6. Well, i did put time and resources too (only no platinum). I have like 25 rivens that i honestly like, out of them like 5 were nerfed (and it was justified from my point of view) and about 10 were buffed (also justified). Your definition of rivens is right. Only its only half of definition. Yes, rivens were meant to be overpowered hybrids... But only for underpowered unpopular weapons. Not for weapons that are already top-notch. I have a riven for tonkor, for example. I got it AFTER tonkor received self damage treatment (so, after it stoped being popular and only a few people still use it - if any). Yet riven was absolutely worthless because it was balanced from the times when tonkor was god. But with this change it was buffed grealy, which is something im quiet happy about. That reminds me that i still havent used it on the battlefield, so that's someting on my to-do list... Now if only i could get a riven for kraken... I miss that gun.
  7. Because i believe in the concept of a balanced game where actual raid bosses cant (and shouldnt) be literally oneshoted by unintentionally overpowered game mechanics. that's all there is to it. And unfortunately rivens have the potential to do just that. We have enough power creep already within the guns themselves, there's absolutely no justification for rivens to get involed into it too, because that's when things get pushed over the line.
  8. I'm not trying to be toxic, im just trying to be honest. I simply said - yeah, i dislike players who manage to push the limits of game's balance and create something so powerful - DE probably never intented for it to be the case. That's all i tried to say. And i'm fairly happy when i see DE put a foot on it. When i mentioned a theoretic "100% efficiency maniac" i didn't say that i was abandon effieicnecy completely. Just some of it... Like im 85% efficient, while he's 100%. Yet that small difference is absolutely gigantic. And not just because im not being super efficient - its simply the fact that not a single weapon in my arsenal can reach same levels of power. And i have a huge arsenal. Also if you think i'm 11/10 toxic... I'm scared to imagine what rating you would give some people i've met in the past. 20/10 probably.
  9. Fair point... So why the outrage then, if there's not much difference? Well... I know why. Because this was but a step. If DE are ready to take these steps - in the exact same direction - it means that sooner or later the lanka guy will feel it for sure. However a big question here is what logic - exactly - DE apply to the statistics involving guns and rivens. In other words: if a weapon is underused and then rivens buff the popularity of it - do DE start balancing disposition based on that? Or do they ignore it because that was directly the intended result of the riven system? As far as lanka goes - we all know why it gained in popularity - because it allows for radiation-only sniper build, which is perfect against eidolons. Rivens are just a cherry on top. I would imagine its very hard to separate popularity gained because the weapon found its' niche and because rivens make it godly and adjust disposition accordingly. Lets be honest here: even without rivens Lanka would still probably be the go-to weapon against eidolons just because its Lanka. That is, until DE will introduce a better electricity / radiation focused crit sniper (it'll be worthless if it'll be status focused).
  10. Oh yes, i absolutely agree with that. The reason why riven changes are so painful is because they stay around for way too long and cause people to fall into false sense of security. If riven disposition system is dynamic - it should be as dynamic is it goddamn can. I already called that these adjustments should happen at least once a month. I also already created a thread where i ask DE to add a disclaimer in the game itself that directly brings it to player's attention that anything involving rivens has an element of risk to it and all decisions made around them should be treated with responsibility on the player's side.
  11. Yes - it does. I dislike power creep and i dislike power elitism. I hate being the guy who has nothing to do because i decided to - oh god - have fun instead of being 100% efficicnecy maniac. Its annoying to see eidolon's tendrils to get literally oneshoted by some people. Don't get me wrong - part of me is grateful for grinding efficiency, but i also find it way more pleasurable to see tendrils get anihilated by a combined firepower of the team, not to live in a shadow of one guy who brought 150%+ crit chance lanka.
  12. Yes they are. And i'm goddamn satisfied with this change. 90% of changes mentioned are justified, save for few exceptions. Thank god riven disposition is dynamic, so there's a possibility they will take care of those exceptions properly.
  13. I never said they are to balance something. There is a clear power progression of weapons through the game. A weapon that MR1 uses is not a weapon a MR25 would use. But what if MR25 actually liked that weapon in the past? Maybe it looks badass, maybe it feels good, maybe it has a special nostalgia value to it... That's what rivens are for. For all those forgotten weapon that you liked, but left behind because they are no longer good enough to compete with the likes of Rubico Prime, Tigris Prime, Soma Prime and others.
  14. Ask the guy you bought it from? Also ask past you, when he made the decision to buy it with platinum - when he clearly (should've) knew its a fairly risky investment. DE are not responsible for your decisions with your money in this particular case. Its a general knowledge (i hope) that riven disposition is dynamic. Therefore any investment into it is a risky one, and you are the one taking that risk.
  15. Btw - that's kinda hypocritical to call me selfish. Arent you are selfish too for wanting your greatly overpowered rivens for already good enough guns? This reeks of power elitism - something i despise in any game.
  16. Serisously this. "Oh no i lost 10% crit chance on my Rubico Prime" - like jesus christ. I understand going from 150% to 90%, but its only -20% at worst.
  17. Rivens were made to support weak weapons, not to create overpowered monsters. Unfortunately, exactly that happened after the massive rebalance of primary and secondary weapons which caused a lot of them to be fairly strong, while rivens were still balanced after their outdated underpowered state. Then same thing applies to releases of improved versions of weapons such as Rubico Prime which received rivens for normal rubico, which resulted in quiet the power creep because rivens were not adjusted then and there. Same happened to prisma gremlins too. Riven disposition was always meant to be a dynamic system that helps unpopular weapons to see the light of day, not to make fairly strong weapons even stronger. Unfortunately that's exactly what's happening way too often because the power dynamic of weapons shifts more often than riven disposition, which causes dysynchronisation (as shown by Rubico Prime). If you make a decision - against all odds, signs and advices - to put a LOT of effort into something clearly overpowered (rubico riven for rubico prime, when its obvious that its going to get changed for all the right reasons) that's absolutely on you. I put 60 rolls worth of kuva into my Quartakk rivens which i have 2 of. And this change gave more value to all that grind i went through. I would argue that this would be a victory on my part because i treat rivens the way they're supposed to be treated - bandaids for underpowered good-for-nothing weapons, which i actually secretly love. Like Quartakk, Stuba, Magnus, Viper, Twin Vipers, Kraken, Vulkar... The list goes on and on.
  18. You knew what you were signing up for though. Isn't it a general knowledge that its not set in stone and DE always said that they will adjust it when needed? I understand that losing stats on good rivens kinda suck - i had my share of hits as well, but rivens were never meant to create power creep monsters. This wasn't a perfect adjustment, but i'd say its a move in right direction. Half of my riven arsenal was improved with this.
  19. Please dont, i got half my riven arsenal buffed with that
  20. Thank you for this. I've been waiting a long time for riven disposition to get defibrilated. Frankly you should do these montly, so that people didn't get too comfortable. I mean, sure, this barely hit me in any negative way - almost all of these changes are a + to me. Maybe except for Sicarus, but that one was completely warranted. So yeah. Looking up to rebuilding some of the forgotten weapons. Once i get rivens for them that is...
  21. One question for clarification: how "rude" are we talking about? Example: i drop couple of F-bombs there and there, just in general sense as emotional exclamation or emotional enhancer (to show that i feel emotional about it), but its not directed at anyone? Something like "Its so #*!%ing inconvinient and bad... Here's why: ____ and here's how it could be improved: _____"
  22. Considering that DE keeps giving us more and more unique guns - i would say a lot of people. And im always happy for free slots, means my plat is safe.
  23. I see you finally noticed that i (and probably some other people) just do not play sortie when there's Interception in there. Now do something similiar for Defenses. For that matter, i think the entire gameplay of defense mode should be reworked. Its one of the most slow-paced modes in the game, mostly because enemies come in very spread formations and waves go on forever. Either enemies should spawn faster, or they should be less spread around. Or maybe there just needs to be less enemies per wave... But in return all of them will be only heavy units. Maybe themed waves? Like: an assault wave, a heavy wave, an exilus wave, only robots etc.
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