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Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]

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Clan Name: Ex Tenebris Vita

Clan Tier: Mountain

Platform: PS4

Clan Role Warlord

Main Builders: Dorian-Hawkmoon , ALABOY1973 , Jattarosaria


Many thanks to all my clan, they are my 'peeps'. Special thanks to Steelergurl33, our alliance leader and my friend.

 A couple of notes, I am current founding warlord, but owe much to Sawisfamily, who got me hooked on Warframe, and gave me the opportunity .

The last segment is Alpha Project. we hope the video shows the effort and over 600 pieces that go into it. Many awesome entries, we just wanted to show a bit of ours.

Stalkers of Hunhow Alliance PS4



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Clan tier: GHOST 10

Platform: PC

Founding Warlord: Badless99

Decoration architects: Badless99 and Z_ytex



Notre clan est axé sur le recrutement de joueurs de paliers inférieurs à 10 pour pouvoir faire passer notre expérience du jeu, vivre de nouvelles expériences avec eux

et ainsi enrichir notre gameplay.

Notre clan, notre logo et notre dojo ont été conçus pour que nos membres soient fiers d'être des Yamii no Senshi, des "Guerriers de l'Ombre" en français.

Notre décoration est basée sur le mélange de la nature et de la technologie toujours sur le thème nature, zen et japonais de notre clan.

Nous sommes fiers de pouvoir vous faire partager notre travail à travers votre concours.

Bonne visite et bon jeu 😅



Our clan is focused on recruiting players under 10 to be able to pass on our experience of the game, to live new experiences with them

and enrich our gameplay.

Our clan, logo and dojo have been designed to make our members proud to be Yamii no Senshi, "Shadow Warriors" in english.

Our decoration is based on the mix of nature and technology always on the theme nature, Zen and Japanese of our clan. We are proud to share our work with you through your competition.

Good visit and have fun 😅



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Clan: The Real TTA

Tier: Shadow

Platform: XBox One

Role: Founding Warlord 

Only just realised there are new items in the decorating menus a couple of days ago. :sad: So no chance of competing against you guys, your dojo creations are out of this world.



So we will have to get our act together for the next one, (if there ever is another one).

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4 hours ago, (PS4)jademsladecogley said:

 Clan Name: NEWerakilleraKING

- Clan Tier Storm clan 

- Clan Platform: PS4

- Clan Role Founding Warlord 

Here is a video instead of images going thru the dojo, my inspiration comes from many things but, most on the characters, bosses, animals, beats from the game itself. 


Youtube link to the video and warframe dedicated channel:



I think I should mention there is some copying going on.

i was given a tour of this dojo about a month ago




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Clan name      :  The Doggs Denn
Clan tier          :  Shadow Clan
Clan platform  :  PC
Your Clan role :  Founding Warlord/builder

Clan overview video! 


Clan members participating in video: beatboxingfetus(founding warlord/builder) NeonDerezzed(warlord/builder), Firesworth, Gorthak


Some images of rooms that didn't get any video coverage: 



I just want to add as a small note, me and NeonDerezzed spent hours and hundreds of thousands of resources to make our dojo pretty, we're happy with what we have but were even more excited to build on into the future, thank you so much for viewing my submission, and good luck to those who are entering!

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Clan Name: Auroral Silhouette

Clan Tier: Ghost

Clan Platform: PC

Clan Role: Founding Warlord

Here is the entire album link, as well as a few random photos for whatever that are already in the album. I may be lazy with other things like posting on forums... but I most definitely don't believe I was with decorating. I've been playing for quite some time as you can see and was able to fund the beauty before you. The theme is obviously nature/relaxation. The dojo is where we chill out between murd... endurance runs. Enjoy the tranquility of our Dojo.

Quicky Grotto Room Gif ~ https://imgur.com/IcEneHL

Gazebo Room Photo ~ https://imgur.com/DQ7ctsR

The Album ~ https://imgur.com/a/iPpKhv4

Peace be with you. ✌️

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- Clan name: Taciturn Ronin

- Clan tier: Ghost Clan

- Clan platform: PC

- Clan role: Founding Warlord


Hey guys! Super stoked to take part in this event, it's been brilliant to see the phenomenal pieces people have created.

None of our dojo would've been possible if it weren't for the efforts of our co-founders Nocturn and Denetric; their creativity and ingenuity is what really brought our dojo to life. Especially Nocturn who worked on this tirelessly for the past month and a half.

We had a total blast creating the rooms and lore, but at the end of the day all of us just wanted to share the things we love in games, movies and stories by building them in Warframe.

Hope you enjoy and good luck to all the other competitors!

Link to album: https://imgur.com/a/jHB73gN

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This is our submission for the Dojo Remaster Contest. The dojo was decorated by myself and my friend X3nu2.

Clan: Tempest Panthera
Clan Tier: Ghost Tier
Platform: PC
SaschaSnowstorm, Founding Warlord

Areas Showcased | Primary Decorator
- Basement & Cavern Depths | Sascha
- Xenus' Hydroponics | X3nu2
- Upper Plaza | X3nu2 
- Exoplanet Biome | Sascha
- B.A.S.T.E.T. Hangar | Sascha

Our concept for decorating was to design large natural and organic looking gardens based on various themes. We also have a pantheran mecha, because who doesn't love a mecha?  ;3

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more details
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5 hours ago, (PS4)wackyfunbun said:


I think I should mention there is some copying going on.

i was given a tour of this dojo about a month ago


I decorate that dojo i was asket to decorate it i am architect . Aquarius-Future is a leader . I decorate it 

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  • Clan name : VOID WARRIORS
  • Clan tier : STORM CLAN
  • Clan platform : PC
  • Your Clan role : Architect


Hello Tennos,

On the behalf of my Clan, i am honnored to present to you our dojo.
All Clan members participated in the project in many different ways, ressources, ideas, chek up, Rp event ...

Our clan do not reject our Orokin heritage, You will see a lot of Orokin style structures in our Dojo.
We tryed to be as inventive as we could ^^ and focused on volumes, spaces, and  logic.
We have a vaults room, garden, place to live and relax, gaze at the void.
We really tryed to elaborate a real fonctionnal Dojo.

We also have secret passage ways to secret super hidden room. ^^

The video is quite long( my first attempt at editing), but we hope you will enjoy it






An Avant gout 




















Thanks you all

Thanks DE (guys/girls I love you all too ^^)


From France with love

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Clan tier MOUNTAIN

Clan platform PC


I've entered the clan for not so long ago and decorated not yet that much so all the honor to people who have build the dojo from scratch and made so interesting and beautiful decorations there. Personally I'm fond of natural theme and would like to add more nature to rooms that I have taken a responsibility for. 

Architect number one Drifter312, Decorators TheFlow49, ivarion, W0lfieAGR

The main theme of the dojo is the intelligent mix of robotics and nature. 

Pics here https://imgur.com/a/zB8A1lQ

Video here 


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